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Why do Turkish telenovelas have such a triumph?

Be it long or short telenovelas, Turkish telenovelas have had a great triumph and consequences in the entire European nations, especially in Spain and Latin America, for the next causes:

The melodies and songs of telenovelas are able to completely captivate you.

The Turkish landscapes, realized in the smallest details, make you enjoy the work even more and enjoy every minute of the telenovela.

Turkish actors and actresses are very good and realistic, they reflect an attitude, way of thinking and acting very similar to real life, and each character can represent us in some way.

The stories full of related plots, the romances between the actors and the point of betrayal and revenge make it the best formula for a complete and interesting series.

In several cases, the Turkish series has a happy ending, in others have the possibility to surprise with a bad ending. Each episode is full of suspense, and the story is created slowly, so that a viewer can enjoy the experience too slow and experience the whole story.

These stories represent the everyday life of all of us, forbidden or platonic loves, friends betraying each other, and the whole plot is wrapped in a constant revenge. Like it or not, they represent the life of someone like you and me, both in love and friendship.

Even when not everything is bad, as in life, nothing is black or white, and we also have the opportunity to delight in the precious details. The performances of the protagonists and passionate moments full of kisses that represent love, or sometimes the laughter and humor that create an awkward situation that could happen to any person of ourselves.

However, there is another part of the formula that we have not forgotten: the actors and actresses who appear in our favorite Turkish series, such as the talented Baris Arduc, Yasuf Cim or the can Yaman, adored by all of them. It is undeniable that they all do a great job, and when we hear their names, we have no chance to wait to see them in action.

For this reason, and for many other reasons, Turkish novels are very successful and will continue to be in the future, because they all give something different, and nothing will be able to surpass the plots of series like Hercai, Dreaming Bird or the famous Dolunay.

Where to watch entire Turkish series in English for free?

Turkish series have been made known on many platforms, especially on television and platforms like:

  • Dailymotion
  • YouTube
  • And other blogspots

It is difficult to follow our favorite turkish show chapter by chapter in tv, because the transmission is not constant and all episodes are skipped, they offer their platform on the Internet, however said are mostly paid, some examples are: ATV, Mediaset or Fox.

We can also watch episodes on YouTube channels, DailyMotion or blogs such as Blogspot and Blogger, however these almost continuously remain in another language, subtitled, do not load or the series remains incomplete.

This way we know you're tired of looking for chapters of a popular telenovela with optimal noise and good quality.

We all want the same, so we bring you what you are looking for

Turkish series with all episodes with english subtitles

This place has been prepared to meet the need of many of us, we are a place where we have the possibility to see daily free Turkish series in Spanish along with online links on different platforms that we have inspected if necessary and sufficient to ensure good quality.

We are an active place and if we can find a problem in a chapter, we will fix it in less than 48 hours. You can also participate in the comments of each novel, where you can ask questions, express your concerns, tell us about a problem, and even help others find a completely new series.

We also own our company on Facebook. You will have a chance to meet like-minded people, lovers of Turkish novels and works, we do surveys, interesting posts, inform you of the latest interesting news and as soon as we upload a new chapter, by clicking on this link you will have a chance to join our group.

Don't look for more places to watch Turkish series for free, as no one gives you more security and quality in every episode.

Which was the first Turkish novel subtitled in English?

Everything has a beginning, doesn't it? The first Turkish soap opera must have been one of those typical black and white soap operas based on true events full of passion and romance. It is true that they have evolved into series full of passion, but they also have comedies, revenge stories and of course the new plots are much more elaborate than before.

In Europe and Latin America they became quite famous, we do not have the opportunity to state which Turkish soap opera contributed to this fame, some speak of the famous Turkish soap opera "One Thousand and One Nights", others attribute it to our esteemed work "Dolunay: Full Moon", but it should be mentioned that both became quite successful and popular internationally.

Another turkish serie that had great success and even helped areas like Istanbul to increase tourism was Binbir Gece and Kara Sevda.

These turkish shows were well received and are still talked about, but according to release dates and some documentary sources, Fatmagül was the first Turkish work to be shown publicly on television.

Fatmagül is a Turkish story about an orphaned teenage girl and her fiancé Mustafa. A beautiful romance develops between the two until a rape of poor Fatmagül interrupts the interaction and sets in motion a plot of trials, suspicions, responsibility and revenge between some families with different interests.

It is a very interesting story, based on true facts according to various media. Several families of Istanbul's most important city wanted to cover up this rape and incriminate an innocent person in order to protect and defend the real culprits, who belong to millionaire families and families with high prestige.

We recommend you to watch the film because you will find that an important part of the current catalogue of novels is still based on similar acts. You can watch the film online and in English from our website by clicking on the following link.

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