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What is the Turkish serie Island Story (Ada Masali) about?

Island Story (Ada Masali) is a Turkish serie of romance, drama and revenge. It is one of the most beautiful and exciting love stories.

The story begins with Haziran, a girl in love with the metropolis and her job in a successful organisation.

Haziran hates nature, does not live in the locality and has no time or interest in love. He thinks she is stupid these days.

Things are not going very well at home, his mother is a fashion designer who can't find a job or consumers because a big company steals them.

Haziran dreams of being promoted and sent to work in Tokyo, her dream job and a place where she would like to live.

Tokyo has everything Haziran likes: parties, shopping malls, lots of people and fun.

However, once with Doygun, the head of his organisation, he is refused a visit to Tokyo to go to an island called Kirlangic.

This island is a beautiful place full of nature and tranquillity, the opposite of Haziran's tastes, but it is his mother's hometown.

His company intends to send him to convince a man to sell his land on the island to build a luxury hotel.

To get Haziran, Doygun tells him that if he can convince the man to sell the plot, he will guarantee him a job in Tokyo when he returns.

He has no choice but to admit, even with some curiosity since he has been warned that the man will not sell the land to the world for nothing.

Haziran and Poyraz meet for the first time.

The tactic that Haziran should continue is to find a loophole in the olive oil factory that the human has on the island's land.

The human being is called Ali Ozgur, more distinctly Poyraz. He is a man born and raised on the island, with a great character and quite stubborn.

He is a humble person who would not sell his lot for even a fraction of the money because he is in love with nature and the island.

He does not get on well with tourists and is a bit mean and cold.

Poyraz has financial disadvantages because the olive harvest has peaked and they don't have enough to trade.

However, you keep looking for better alternatives to make your organisation work and generate the best olive oil.

The first meeting between Poyraz and Harizan takes place on the ship taking the girl to the island. He is desperate because the people who are left to do things are moving quite slowly.

Among these people is Poyraz, who complains about the girl for her local haste, but cannot help admiring her beauty.

Haziran has not been alone on the island because she was afraid to stay in such an old and isolated place, and has brought her best friend Biricik.

They have a coffee in a café in the plaza of the island and meet Melisa, a lady in love with Poyraz who receives only a negative response from him.

Haziran completes a telephone conversation between them and tells them to use it to achieve their goal.

However, Haziran remembers some sweets her grandmother brought from the island when she was a child, when she sees them in the café.

Like her, he remembers the story of how his mother and his aunt fought and stopped talking to each other. Her aunt still lives on the island, but she does not know who she is and has not been able to recognise her.

Haziran and Poyraz at first sight lovelies

Haziran and Biricik sign up for a tour with a guide who takes them to Poyraz's oil factory.

The woman seizes the moment to escape and enter Ali Ozgur's office to find a weakness or rift that will serve Doygun to reach Earth.

In his investigation, he discovers what he needed, a loan where Poyraz secured his fate to demand that they grant the loan.

Haziran takes the opportunity to photograph all accounts and numbers.

Like both Birricik and all the tourists are driven out of the factory when Ali ozgur arrives and drives them away with his annoying tone.

However, the girl is trapped in the halls and can not find a way out to find them.

At their first meeting, the two look at each other with the eyes of lovers, but not firmly enough because they begin to argue strongly, the two hate each other.

Even once they argue, Haziran asks her about the good smell in the room and Poyraz shows her his bottles of Natura olive oil, leaving her fascinated.

As mentioned earlier, the Turkish serie Island Story (Ada masali) in English is in some ways a comedy, in some ways a drama of love and revenge.

Poyraz admonishes Haziran that there is mud outside and she does not listen to him because she is in a hurry to step on it and get her heels dirty.

The dance of Haziran and Poyraz

Haziran calls his leader to tell him the data he has received and asks him to return to the office as previously announced.

On the way to the port, he is with his aunt, who recognized them thanks to the comments of the owner of the cafeteria.

The lady shows him Nehir, her cousin, and insists that Haziran and Biricik have a drink with them. There, he takes the opportunity to show him the house where he lived with his mother as a toddler.

Thanks to this conversation, Haziran loses the ship that will take them off the island, so she has to spend the night there, much to her regret.

That night there is a festival in the village where they have stalls selling food and things in the street and a dance contest.

It turns out that Idil, the mayor's daughter, is a pretentious and kind-hearted lady who should always be the most beautiful and elegant.

Idil is in love with Poyraz and as soon as the man sprouts, she clings to him by the arm.

Our daughter Haziran, Nehir, Biricik and her aunt are still waiting to see the competition when the fate situations force Haziran to dance with Poyraz to contribute a girl.

The competition is based on dancing without stopping until there is only one partner left on the floor.

During this time they get to know each other better and Ali Ozgur makes it clear that he loves living on the island and that for him it is a home he does not have to escape from.

She is already surprised by these statements because she sees the place as a prison from which everyone has to escape in order to change.

When he meets Poyraz, he will realize that this is not true and that there can be a good life.

We do not understand if the love story between Haziran and Poyraz will culminate in marriage or if they will not culminate with each other….

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How many episodes does the Turkish serie History of the Island (Ada Masali) have?

The Turkish serie "The Story of the Island" (Ada Masali) has one season which is currently being broadcast in Turkey and soon in Spain.

At the moment it has only 6 episodes which are broadcasted weekly on the Turkish channel Star TV, which has already triumphed in many other Turkish TV series.

It was first broadcast on 15 June 2021, and is already a hit in Turkey and in countries like EEUU when watching Island Story (Ada Masali) with English subtitles.

The approximate length of the chapters is 130 min, or 2 hours and 10 min.

If you want to see chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4, chapter 5, chapter 6, chapter 7 chapter 8 chapter 9 chapter 10 chapter 11 chapter 12 chapter 13 chapter 14 chapter 15 chapter 16 chapter 17 chapter 18 chapter 19 chapter 20… history of the island (Ada Masali) and goce.

Our page already contains the Turkish series History of the Island (Ada Masali) with English subtitles!

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Where can I see the Island Story (Ada Masali) Turkish novel in English?

Currently, Island Account is published under the name of Ada Masali in Turkey. It is broadcasted every week on the Turkish channel Star TV.

In general, it takes a few months to see the results of the auditions and for the TV stations in other countries to make a decision.

In the case of the narration of the Turkish serie of the island (Ada Masali), it could be that the purchase of the novel will be made first by the beauty and the large percentage of the audience that is already on the move.

For this reason, it is possible that Island Story (Ada Masali) will be released in EEUU as a preview in 2021 or 2022.

Although it could also be shown on platforms such as Amazon Prime or Netflix, which has already shown novels such as Love 101 (Apartment 101).

It is also worth noting that its premiere can be done through paid platforms, however if you want to save that money feel free to watch Ada Masali free and online on our page.

Characters of the island chronicle (Ada Masali) Turkish series


She is the protagonist of this turkish tv serie. A girl, beautiful and with a dream: to do good, she gives her company to Tokyo.

Haziran doesn't think about love, he considers it a deception and a waste of time.

He hates nature and the countryside and loves parties, cities, shopping centres and everything artificial.

He aspires to be an optimistic, competitive and hard-working person, but his plans are complicated when he meets Poyraz, the man he has to convince to sell his land.

Although Haziran gets what he wants, life has prepared a different destiny for him than the one he had imagined and dreamed.

When you arrive on the island, you will experience your own love story and discover that everything you hated has changed.

On your journey to the island you will make your best friend and also meet people who will not make it easy for you.

All this is in addition to the family network that links you to this place, as your mother is from there.

Ali Ozgur Poyraz

He is the other protagonist of our TV series. A serious, stubborn and grumpy man.

He has lived on the island all his life, in love with nature and the place where he grew up.

His story is a bit empty as he hates tourists, works all day and also has to defend his grandmother who is quite ill.

As he is a grouch and loves the countryside, he hates tourists and treats them badly all the time.

Poyraz has bought an old olive oil factory, but it is not doing well because the olive harvest has passed.

In addition, the plant is quite old and has major deficiencies.

It is the owner of the plot who wants the organisation for which Haziran, the young girl who arrives on the island, is working to find out everything that is causing Poyraz to lose his plot.

Although neither of you will understand the other and dislike their way of life, you will learn a lot and a beautiful love story will be born.


She is Haziran's best friend, a beautiful girl, a young man who has the same urban practices as his friend.

When Haziran is hired by her company to go to the island, Bicirik follows her with the same worries and fears.

Neither one nor the other is comfortable with such rural practices in such an ancient, remote place.

He falls in love with Poyraz's best friend and can therefore drag Haziran to the village festivals.

With her slogan "What happens on the island, stays on the island", she wants you and Haziran to have fun no matter what, because theoretically you will never return.

She also befriends Haziran's cousin Nehir and has a lot of fun at the stalls of the village festival.


She is the daughter of the mayor and completely infatuated with Ali Ozgur Poyraz. Thanks to her 2 faces, she will do anything for him.

On the one hand, she is a girl with a big heart, takes care of the better people on the island, takes care of the festivities and gets along well with the children.

The children are Poyraz's biggest annoyance, because she can not say no to anything.

However, Idil is a vindictive, cold and calculating person who is ready to manipulate and do anything to get what he wants.


She is Haziran's cousin, lives on the island with her mother, and has a different style from the girls on the island.

Since tracking her down, he has been following her on social media and is excited about her travels around the world.

Talking to Haziran, she confesses to him that she made her first trip because of a scholarship and that she could also get a scholarship to run away from there.

She befriends Biricik and has a lot of fun during her stay.

It is he who tells Haziran all the gossip and gossip on the island and tells him what is going on in the life of Poyraz, Idil and all the other villagers.


The mother, who grew up on the island, has teamed up with her sister, with whom she has not spoken for over 15 years.

She is a fashion designer and has finally organized her first fashion show, although she has neither a client nor a job.

This has kept her so busy that she has to deal with most of her daughter's annoyances and desires.

When Haziran is sent to the island, he asks her not to visit her aunt and, if she is discovered, to avoid him and not listen to his nonsense.

Haziran dictates to him to lie to him, since she does not want any trouble or quarrel, but she also discovers that her aunt treats her very well.

Curiosities of the Turkish novel Island History (Ada Masali).

Some of us are enthusiastic about the Turkish series Island Story (Ada Masali) ourselves and want to know small details that we did not know.

In the midst of these details we have the opportunity to talk about the music of Island Story (Ada Masali), the beautiful filming location or the actors who star in other turkish shows

Island Story is filmed in Sigacik, Izmir (Turkey)

One of the reasons we love Turkish soap operas so much is the filming locations and the beautiful houses and villages.

Island Story (Ada Masali) was filmed in Sigacik district, which is part of the coastal region of Izmir, Turkey. It is a very nice area with very few inhabitants.

The director of Ada Masali managed to create the illusion of an island on a beautiful beach with unique sights.

With such a beautiful island, it is impossible not to delve into the work of this turkish serie of love and drama that we love.

Even if it is not only the chronicle of the island that we love, because the characters work really well and have enough hooks to make us fall in love,

What many of us lovers of Turkish series do not know is the exaggerated makeup that the main character wears while living on a desert island.

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