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What is the Turkish serie Love Trap (Afili Ask) about?

The Turkish series Afili Ask is a romantic and comedic serie.

Here is a recap for Trampa de Amor (Afili Ask):

Ayse is a beautiful, intelligent and impulsive girl, our protagonist is a woman with character.

She lives with her two brothers, mentally unstable men with complicated characters.

One of them is a bad man that doesn't stop making unfortunate and wrong decisions.

His life is on the wrong track and he is not doing anything to change it.

Ayses other brother is a handsome boy, however very manipulative and stalking.

Ayse's relationship with her brothers is very bad, they don't understand each other and she is manipulated by them.

Ayse and Berk

Ayse is in love with her boyfriend Berkwho is not accepted by his brothers.

She has a plan to escape and marry Berk, who she believes is the love of her life.

Nevertheless, his ambitious, presumptuous, and manipulative siblings do not accept the relationship.

You have already decided the future of your little sister, where the first beneficiaries will come out.

They have decided to marry his sister Sabri, one of the richest young men in the neighborhood they live in.

Ayse doesn't want to marry Sabri because she doesn't know him and is in love with Berk.

Though by chance and misfortune of fate, Berk outsmarts Ayse by leaving her alone.

Now the girl has no one left to protect her and where to take refuge.

But still, maintains his no to the marriage to Sabri organized by his brothers.

Ayse meets Kerem

Ayse works in the Yigiter family's textile company, one of the largest and most famous companies in Istanbul.

The factory owner has a son, Kerem, future heir to the company or not.

Kerem is a handsome man, irresponsible and very misogynistic.

His father is desperate about his attitude and he doesn't know how to make his son a normal and responsible man.

Ayse uses the commute to work to escape her homeland, her brothers and her forced marriage.

Afraid of what her brothers might tell her or force her to do, she runs away.

In its flight Ayse meets Kerem in a workshop where she sets a love trap for him.

Ayse makes her brothers believe that Kerem is her boyfriend and that she asked them to marry himwithout his knowing anything.

The brothers know the power of the Kerem family, a very powerful and very wealthy family.

Therefore, They are looking for Kerem's father to marry Kerem and Aysen and so regain family honor.

Kerem's father can't believe his son was deceived by a young girl, so he agrees to the wedding.

Kerem asks Ayse for explanations, but realizes that he too wins.

watch afili ask english

Ayse and Kerem get married and fall in love

Kerem tells his father that he wants to settle down and that he will marry Ayse to inherit the company.

That your son bears responsibility and has a family is the only requirement that Muhsin Yigitir makes for this.

Kerem and Ayse make a pact in which You will live as a couple for 6 months and then everyone will go their own way.

It is a relief to Ayse as she will withdraw from her manipulative brothers and make them happy.

What is more You don't have to be forced into marriage with a man who loved her and she didn't love him.

However, Ayse and Kerem's love story has only just begun.

They go well together and The wedding of Ayse and Kerem is one of the most important events in Istanbul.

Ayse and Kerem gradually get closer until they fall in love.

Kerem was a misogynist man, but when he met Ayse his life changed completely.

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How many chapters does the Turkish serie Afili Ask have?

It has 1 season and a total of 38 chapters. The average duration of each chapter is 2 hours (120 minutes).

Even though one of the most successful Turkish romantic comedy series, ended with a reduced number of chapters.

Turkish series that don't have a lot of drama, just comedies, tend to have fewer episodes than the rest.

Despite its success and the charisma in other countriesAccording to the producers, Trampa de Amor will no longer have a season.

In the English translation the chapters are shorter and therefore there are more.

Afili Ask with audio in English (Castilian) has a total of 120 chapters.

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Trailer for the Turkish serie Afili Ask

In the official trailer for Afili Ask we watch the funny moments between Ayse and Kerem.

Kerem's father doesn't believe his son was deceived by such an innocent-faced young woman.

Kerem only has to accept, deceived, that he fell into Ayse's Afili Ask.

Also appears in the trailer for Afili Ask. Ayses brothers force the girl to come home.

There she confesses to them that Kerem is her boyfriend and has asked them to marry him, even though it is a lie.

Kerem's father offers him the company in exchange for his sitting head and marry Ayse.

Kerem has no choice but to accept by hitting a deal with Ayse in which they fake their relationship.

What they don't know is that in the end they will fall in love

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Where can I watch the Turkish series Afili Ask?

The Turkish serie Afili Ask It is known as the Turkish series Afili Ask.

Trampa de Amor is the official name in Spain, Country in which it is issued by Divinity.

Divinity is a Mediaset channel with the Mitele app that allows you to pay for other Turkish series.

We offer you Turkish series for free and in good quality.

In its day it was televised direct on Divinity, but the series has already ended.

La Trampa de Amor is its official name in Latin American countries where it was broadcast on the Telefe network.

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Characters from the Turkish serie Afili Ask


She is a young, hardworking, impulsive and rebellious girl. She lives with her older brothers.

She is in love with Berk, a humble boy from Istanbul, who eventually betrays her.

S.his brothers want him to Sabri. get married, a rich man for money and power.

Ayse is afraid of her brothers, she does not want to get married and therefore runs away from home.

Represents Kerem. a trap, the heir to the company she works for.

Ayse makes her brothers believe she is engaged to Kerem and ends up having a wrong relationship.

Little by little, Ayse falls in love with Kerem and your false relationship will come true.


He is an irresponsible, misogynistic and very attractive man. He belongs to one of the most powerful and wealthiest families in Istanbul.

His father is the owner of the textile company that he wants to inherit at any moment.

For their childlike attitude his father doesn't think about letting him run the company until he sits down.

When he meets Ayse, a girl who works in the company, he falls into her love trap.

Ayse cheats on him and when Kerem tells her father he doesn't believe her.

He is forced to maintain a false relationship with Ayse so that she can flee from her family and keep the honor.

And Kerem will be able to win his father's trust to leave him as heir to the company.

What you don't know is that When Ayse enters his life he will stop being a womanizer and fall in love with her.

Ayse's siblings

Erkut and Melahat are Ayses older brothers. None of them treat their sister well.

One is a badly behaved bastard and the other is a stalker and a manipulator.

Both intend to use their sister against her will to marry a rich boy and powerful.

When her sister runs away from the houses, they look desperately for her and there they believe in Ayse's lie.

To regain your honor They look for Kerem's father and demand that Kerem and Ayse marry.

Although they watchm to do it out of honor, what they really want is power and money.

Muhsin Yigiter

He is Kerem's father. He is an old man, responsible, and a hard worker.

He has a lot of power and money thanks to his textile company, one of the best in Istanbul.

You don't know how to get your child to focus as they are irresponsible.

There is only one condition for it to be bequeathed to the family business: Let him sit down and get married.

One unexpected day, a company employee's brothers come and say that their son Kerem is with her.

They arrange a marriage between Ayse and Muhsin's brothers, which Kerem will not accept at first.

Curiosities from the Turkish series Love Trap (Afili Ask)

In this section we are going to talk about the Turkish series Love trap (ask Afili), its details and curiosities about the characters.

We'll also mention things about the set, the location of Mar de Amores, and everything related to the Turkish serie.

The actors of the Turkish serie Love Trap (Afili Ask)

In the role of Kerem we have the famous Caglar Urtuglur, an actor who worked on the serie: Fazilet and his daughters.

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