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What is the Turkish serie Ask I Memnu about?

In this Turkish serie, they will tell the Ask I Memnu story between Bihter Yoreiglu and Behlul. A serie full of theatre, secret encounters, love, and revenge.

Our protagonist is the young woman Bihter Yoreoglu, a beautiful girl from a wealthy family who has no problem and Live your life full of luxury.

One day Bihter's parents have an argument and his mother called Fatma yoreoglu, threatens to leave him because he does not fulfill all his wishes and whims. The father suffers a heart attack and dies in front of his daughter, who has watchn the whole fight.

From that moment on, the relationship between Bihter and his mother Fatma becomes one Hate and resentment relationship, where Bihter blamed his father's death and come to hate her. She is sure that she can never forgive her.

Our dear Bihter spends a lot of time in the cemetery bringing flowers to her father's grave, and that's where she meets Adnan Ziyagil, a millionaire widower. This man begins to be interested in her, he always goes to her at the same time, drives her home in the car ...

Bihter's sister's wedding is imminent and Mr. Adnan arrives. Greedy and ambitious Fatma gets excited and shows interest in this news as she longs to be with him so that she can enjoy her happiness.

During the wedding, Bihter realizes his mother's interest in Adnan and wants to keep him from asserting himself, so he accepts Adnar's proposal of marriage.

The wedding between Bihter Yoreoglu and Adnan Ziyagil

Bihter manages to upset her mother's plans, who goes insane when Adnan officially asks her for her daughter's hand. Although she gets angry, screams and tries to stop him, Fatma can no longer avoid Bihter's fate.

At the wedding Bihter meets Behl√ľl, Adnan's nephew, whom he loves as if he were his own son. He's a young man his age attractive, immature and fearlessthat she will fall in love with her without being able to avoid it.

Desperate and uneasy about the situation, Behlul tells Bihter that he is in love with her, and without your consent kisses her forcibly. She withdraws and rejects him, she doesn't like him.

Is there a love story between Behlul and Bihter?

Since Behl√ľl is a seducer and insists on Bihter Ziyagil, In the end, she falls in front of his charms and is attracted to him. Over time, their feelings get stronger and they cannot be controlled.

Behl√ľl and Bihter begin to live their ask i memnu story, and they will not only hurt Adnan, who is in love with them and consider him their son, but also annoy Nihal Ziyagil.

Nihal Ziyagil is Adnan's daughter and falls in love with her cousin Behlul but the feeling is not reciprocal, since he has a fatherly affection for him. He could never watch her as his wife, for him she is his sister or his little cousin. Besides, he can't get Bihter out of his head.

There comes a time when you both feel bad about hurting each other Bihter makes the decision to divorce Adnar so she can live her true love.

Bihter and Behlul have an impossible love?

But our forgotten Fatma (Bihter's mother) persuades her to end her secret relationship with Behl√ľl and to continue her marriage to the millionaire.

As always, This ruthless and capricious woman just wants to profit from this money and doesn't care about her daughter's happiness.

The couple make a different decision: go away together. It doesn't end well either because of young Behl√ľl's cowardice, which Bihter can never forgive him. This leads to the fact that she ends her ask i memnu and continues her marriage to Adnan.

Behlul feels bad and disappointed in himself for not running away with the woman he loves and he is doing his best to get her back.

Although it doesn't have much effect at first because she is still angry at his abandonment, Aside from that reminds him that he is a womanizer and that he always left all women lying around.

Behl√ľl, who continues his efforts in the end, reaches an approach where they notice it his feelings are stronger now than before.

His love secretly from Adnar begins to be a little suspicious in the eyes of other family members who also live in this house and that puts them in danger.

His secret love, the ever more frequent encounters, his looks and Fatma tries to finish her off You are jeopardizing their relationship. Everything will trigger a series of events within the Ziyagil family.

ask i memnu behlul and bihter

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How many seasons and how many chapters does Ask I Memnu have?

The first season has 38 chapters and the second season has 41 chapters. The original broadcast ran from September 2008 to June 24, 2010.

If you want to watch Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 17, Chapter 18, Chapter 19, Chapter 20, Chapter 21, Chapter 22, Chapter 23, Chapter 24, Chapter 25, Chapter 26, Chapter 27, Chapter 28, Chapter 29, Chapter 30, Chapter 31, Chapter 32, Chapter 33, Chapter 34, Chapter 35, Chapter 36, Chapter 37, Chapter 38, Chapter 39, Chapter 40, Chapter 41, Chapter 42, Chapter 43, Chapter 44, Chapter 45, Chapter 46, Chapter 47, Chapter 48 ... Chapter 79 from Ask I Memnu in English Click above and enjoy!

Trailer for the Turkish serie Ask I Memnu

at Official trailer for ask i memnu we watch the death of Bihter's father right before his eyes. The broken hearted girl doesn't stop visiting him in the cemetery.

We watch the meeting with Adnan, the millionaire widower who is going to visit his wife. The man shows interest in her and eventually asks her to marry him.

While Fatma, Bihter's mother, tries to persuade poor Adnan, and does not approve of her marriage to her daughter.

Even though our favorite moment in the trailer is when Bihter and Behlul meet and they are looking at each other for the first time.

Characters from the Turkish serie Ask I Memnu (Forbidden Love)

Bihter Yöreoglu (Beren Saat)

Is a beautiful young woman who leads a perfect life full of luxury. He hates his mother Fatma because she is the culprit for the death of his beloved father.

To get revenge he will do anything even marry someone you don't love. But her life takes a turn when she meets Behl√ľl, the young man who will drive her crazy with love.

Behl√ľl Ziyagil (Kivanc Taltitug)

He is the nephew of Adnan Ziyagil. He is young and very attractive and has an attractive personality. He's always been a womanizer.

However, it is like a son to Adnan he can't help but betray him by falling in love with his wife, Bihter.

Adnan Ziyagil (Selcuk Yöntem)

He is a poor widowed millionaire who can fall in love with Bihter's beauty. There are parts of the serie where he has a hint of interest in Fatma.

He has a daughter and a nephew whom he loves as if he were his own son.

Fatma Yöreoglu (Nebahat Cehre)

She is the mother of Bihter Yoreoglu. She is a moody and greedy woman. He is able to do anything to get his whimsical.

She doesn't get along with her daughter because she is indirectly involved in the death of her husband, von Bihter's father. Now, his daughter will be the one who will do anything to get revenge.

ask i memnu wedding

Curiosities of the Turkish serie Ask I Memnu

It's been 13 years since Ask I Memnu premiered

That's right ... that turkish serie First performed in Turkey in 2008. Even though it's so old, it still is one of the most sought-after series today.

We are lucky enough to have all free full chapters in English. So don't hesitate to hit the button above and enjoy!

The Ankara Parliament has been stopped

this Turkish series was a success, reached an audience of 70% at the time of broadcast.

The end of the series coincided with a meeting in Ankara Parliament where they decided to stop working to watch the show.

Is the serie Ask I Memnu based on real events?

The series is an adaptation of the 1899 serie by Halit Ziya Usakligil. The book is set in 19th century Istanbul, while the serie is appropriate for today's city.

Does Forbidden Love have censorship?

The answer is yes. In different countries like Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Syria and Iran will be censored. This is because it was very explicit content, especially for the year it started airing.

Nevertheless in a country like Pakistan it was a successto get that more than 90 million people will watch the entire Turkish serie.


In 2012, United States of America with its famous chain Telemundo made an adaptation called Pasión Prohibida. It ended up premiering in January 2013.

Romania It took several years to make its adjustment, but in 2018 it finally became known as the. released Forbidden fruit. It was broadcast on the Romanian Antena 1 network.


In 2009 they won the Golden Butterfly Awards in the categories Best Actress, Best Actor, and Best Series.

In 2010 they were nominated for many categories and won the following: Best Supporting Actor in a Drama, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Opening and again Best Actress.

In 2015, after many years since issuance, B.Eren Saat, the protagonist, received the award Best International Actress at the APES Awards.

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