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What is the Turkish serie Atesbocegi about?

Luciérnaga is a Turkish series found in English that tells a romantic comedy.

Here is the summary of the synopsis of Firefly (Atesbocegi):

Our story has two very different protagonists both in character and in lifestyle.

On the one hand we have Baris, an educated, wealthy man and businessman who is very confident.

Baris works in the family business and has Teo on his right hand, a boy who investigates for him but was his driver before.

On the other hand is our protagonist Asli, a young, beautiful and spirited girl.

Asli has been working as a taxi driver since her father's death because she has to help her family somehow.

She feels very lonely because her brother is depressed and everyone laughs at her for being a taxi driver.

But nothing can deceive the mood of the young Asli who Nickname Firefly, for the light and joy it radiates.

Asli is not only a fun and smiling girl, but also has character and is very direct and doesn't care about anything.

The first time from Asli and Baris

Asli has information about the registration of a car because she is a very smart and very attentive girl.

Her friend Teo, a boy from the neighborhood who works as a driver for a wealthy family, visits her in the neighborhood square.

There he asks you a favor with the registration and in return He offers him his job as a private driver because he has been promoted to inspector.

She accepts that since she needs the money and works with this family, she will get it.

Baris, our businessman, is waiting in the car for Teo to speak to the girl who knows information about the car.

When Teo returns, he tells him about the deal he made with Firefly, but Baris refuses to let a woman as his private driver.

However, Teo tells him about the bad family situation Asli is going through and assures her that she is a very good driver.

Baris is sorry that everyone messes with Asli for driving a taxi, so he agrees and gives her the job.

Baris helps Asli

Baris works as a lawyer and when Asli has an accident in a taxi, he helps her.

Asli is more impulsive and confronts the person who caused the accident directly.

She is used to solving things aggressively and impulsively. because that's the only way he learned.

Baris, on the other hand, is peaceful and prefers to talk a lot than make a mess.

The love story of Asli and Baris is gradually emerging but while they leave us with some very good funny moments.

At one point on the series when Asli and Baris meet, she takes him to a remote location he asked for.

There is no one or nothing in the area, just an empty field, so that Asli becomes suspicious.

She remembers a few words her mother said to her that there are a lot of perverts in Istanbul and that she should be careful in the taxi.

Hence, at some point Asli pulls out a piece of pipe and threatens Baris while driving.

Poor Baris is half surprised and half scared and surprised by Asli's reaction.

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How many chapters does the Turkish serie Atesbocegi have?

The Turkish series Atesbocegi has one season and 17 chapters. The average duration of each episode is 2 hours (120 minutes).

A second part of the serie was never planned despite thousands of viewers.

Its producer was Banu Akdeniz and the producer is the famous Mia Yapim.

This production company watchms to love them Turkish romantic comedy miniseries since it is not the first one that they do.

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Official trailer for the Turkish Atesbocegi series

In the trailer for Atesbocegi , we watch a brief introduction to all of the characters and the Turkish actors and actresses who are working on the series.

As you can watch, is one of the best Turkish serie casts of 2017.

The story begins when Asli, who works as a taxi driver, works as a private driver for Baris.

Baris is a wealthy lawyer who is in trouble, and hires Firefly on the advice of his investigator Teo.

They are initially polar opposites, however Little by little they get to know each other and fall in love.

The Baris and Luciérnaga love story is a full blown comedy, but there are also problems and drama.

In the trailer for Atesbocegi, we can meet the Baris family, a powerful and wealthy family who are not used to dealing with people from the lower classes.

Where can I watch the Turkish serie Atesbocegi?

Atesbocegi is a Turkish series that aired in Turkey under the name Atesbocegi.

It first aired on June 29, 2017 quite a success among the Turkish series of the moment.

It only has one season that ended on October 25, 2017. It was a pure broadcast.

For now, Luciérnaga was not broadcast on any channel or platform in Spain so there are no chapters in English (Castilian).

It also didn't air in Latin American countries. How to find subtitled Turkish Novel Atesbocegi in English for Free.

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Characters from the Turkish serie Atesbocegi

Baris buka

He is a wealthy lawyer and a very accurate person with a lot of confidence. He worked and studied all his life.

Soon 36 years old, Baris still doesn't have a serious relationship, let alone time for marriage.

He is a quiet man, but his life takes a complete turn when he meets Asli and has to learn to live with her.

Fate prepared a beautiful love story for Baris that he doesn't know he's going to fall in love with his personal driver.

Asli Egilmez

She is a determined, strong, combative and smiling girl. Since the death of his father, his family has been ruined and has had a bad time.

Asli Decides to drive a taxi to earn money for his mother and brother.

That means he endures ridicule from all over the world, along with the danger of the streets of Istanbul.

Thanks to your intelligence and your observation manages to keep the registration of a very important car.

Because of this, she ended up working for Baris, a wealthy businessman who hired her to drive his taxi.

At first you will start on the wrong foot because they have different personalities and come from opposite worlds.

What Asli doesn't know is that the charm of his boss Baris will bring down his entire wall.

Asli, or as everyone calls her, Firefly, won't stop sending out the light that always makes her happy.


He worked as a private driver for the businessman and lawyer Baris, but was promoted.

Now he's devoted to finding and studying the information his boss asks, helping him wherever he can.

He is responsible for bringing Asli into the life of Baris, in addition to convincing him to hire her as a driver.

Though he worked for a rich family, Teo grew up in the neighborhood of Istanbul and knows Asli as to know her intelligence.

Handan and Hakan

Handan is Baris' mother, although she spends all of her time looking after and pampering her young son, Hakan.

Hakan, Baris' brother, with a young man who doesn't care about his life because he doesn't feel prepared.

This is all the fault of Handan, his mother who spoiled and spoiled him until he was 23 years old.

Hakan is always told that he must be like his older brother Baris, a good businessman and a good lawyer.

Curiosities from the Turkish series Ateboscegi

Next we will tell the details of the Turkish serie Dance of the Fireflies.

These are Facts about Turkish actors, actresses, secrets and gossip about what happens while recording a Turkish series.

Good chemistry between Baris and Asli

The Turkish actor who plays Baris is Seckin √Ėzdemir and the Turkish actress who plays Asli is Nilay Demiz.

Seckin and Nilay had very good chemistry on screen, which is very important for fans of Turkish series.

It was a couple who aroused a lot of passions because they really looked like they were in love.

But, They made it clear for themselves that there was no off-screen romantic relationship between them.

What if they were Nilay and Seckin is Friends on and off the screen, and their friendship existed before they were recorded.

Therefore, thanks to the good relationship between their actors, Baris and Asli have a beautiful and very funny love story.

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