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What is the turkish serie Baba (Father) about?

The Turkish serie Baba (Father) tells the story of drama, romance and revenge that the Saruhanli family has to live.

Here is the synopsis and plot of the Baba series:

The Saruhanli family lives in Odemis, a humble town where they have an apartment for the whole family.

the family man Emin, he is a religious man and has always been very strict with all his children.

Although one of his children, Kadir, the youngest son, doesn't live with the family because he doesn't get along with his father.

They had many problems because they are very different people.

Finally Kadir lived far away without his family, although he missed them very much and so did she (they always left their seats empty at dinner).

Emin Saruhanli is the brother of Mehmet Ali Saruhanli, a rich and powerful man with a million dollar business in Istanbul.

The two brothers have been separated for years, without speaking to each other and without understanding each other.

Although not even his family and children know that Emin is really the brother of this famous millionaire.

The life of the Saruhanli family changes forever

For the TV news Emin finds out his brother is planning a big wedding for his granddaughter.

The wedding takes place in Buenos Aires and they arrive by plane from Turkey.

The whole town has doubts since they share last names, but Emin is responsible for letting people know they're not family, even if it's not the truth.

In the meantime, Kadir reconsiders going home to watch his family and watch his old love again.

What he won't know is that she isn't who she used to be and that she is engaged to another man.

When he comes back, his mother Fazilet is very upset because she hasn't watchn him for 4 years.

But when he meets his father, both challenge each other and it ends in a small argument.

What the family doesn't know is this You are about to find out about Mehmet Ali's accident and Emin is his only living relative.

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How many episodes does the turkish serie Baba (Father) have?

The turkish serie Baba (Father) It has an 11-chapter season, but it's still on the air.

They have already confirmed from the production company Ay Yapim that Baba will have a second season.

The average duration of the episodes is 120 minutes (2 hours).

It is a turkish series that has had a lot of success and could be bought by Latam or Spain.

If it were broadcast internationally, the length of the chapters would be shorter and there would be more.

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Official trailer of the turkish series Baba (Father).

The trailer for the Turkish serie Baba tells us about the turning point in the life of the Saruhanli family.

They are a humble family living in a humble neighborhood called Odemis, where they are happy even when they face difficulties.

Emin Saruhanli, the patriarch of the family, is the one who has to take care of everything.

Someday, Kadir, the youngest son of the family, returns home for vacation but he doesn't get along very well with his father.

The two are very different people.

as long as he is there Something is about to happen that will change the fate of the family, and Emin has to make a difficult decision.

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Where can I watch the turkish serie Baba (Father)?

turkish serie Baba is currently broadcasting in Turkey via the show tv channel.

The first chapter was watchn on February 15, 2022 and is a very new free turkish series.

It is not known when it will end, although everything indicates that it will be dormant for the summer and continue with a second season in September.

It has not yet been confirmed that Divinity or Nova will air Baba in Spain.

No broadcast has been confirmed in Latin America either.

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If Baba aired dubbed in English we would upload it immediately with all chapters free, online and for download.

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Characters of the turkish series Baba (Father).

In this section we will talk about the main characters of the Turkish serie Baba (Father) and their stories.

Emin Saruhani

Emir is a family man who He was always very religious and strict with the rules of his home and children.

This caused him to have problems with Kadir, his youngest son, who ended up leaving home very young.

Emin has a very big secret that not even his family knows: he is the brother of the famous and wealthy Mehmet Ali.

They don't get along either and Emin prefers that neither his family nor his friends find out the truth.

One day his brother has a plane crash and He must make a decision about his family's future.

Stay in his humble neighborhood, Odemis, or move to Istanbul to live in his brother's mansion.

kadir saruhanli

Kadir is a simple, happy boy and a complete contrast to his father, Emin Saruhanli.

He didn't want to live under so many orders and left home without returning until 4 years later.

Whenever he was away, he missed his family, especially his mother and sisters.

Knowing that there are parties in his family's town decides to visit her in surprise mode.

In addition, he will be looking for his first love, although she will already be with another man.


Fazilet is Emin's wife and tries to keep order in her family since there are many people.

She is the one who remembers her little son Kadir the most and has a very warm relationship with his father Emin.

She tries to get her daughters to obey all the rules, and her grandchildren too.

Mehmet Ali Saruhanli

He is a powerful, famous and rich man who has some very important companies in Istanbul.

Everyone is celebrating at home as their eldest granddaughter prepares for her wedding.

The wedding takes place across the ocean and Mehmet Ali uses his private plane to fly to the wedding.

The plane suffers an accident in which he and his family die, leaving his brother Emin as the only heir.

They hadn't spoken to each other or heard from each other in years.

Curiosities of the turkish serie Baba (Father)

In this section we talk about the off-camera details of the serie Baba (Father), such as the soundtrack, the prices or the production.

Cast of well-known turkish actors

We know that Turkish serie Father was successful because two of its protagonists are well-known Turkish actors.

We play the character of Ilhan with the famous Turkish actor Hankan Kurhas, who has already worked on many series such as Dolunay, Ezel or Kadin.

Although his most recent and best known role is playing Doruk in the Turkish serie Mucize Doktor.

One of the participating Turkish actresses who plays the character of Munevver Sahin is also an actress in Mucize Doktor.

It's about turkish actress Bihter √Ėzdemir, who played the head nurse Selvi in ‚Äč‚Äčthis serie.

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