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What's wrong with Mr (Bay Yanlis)?

The main character of our Turkish series is Ezgi Inal, a beautiful teenager who lives his story naturally and happily. His dream is to get married and live life with his other half.

Ezgi loves being in love, but is heartbroken when he learns that his fiancé Soner is cheating on her with another woman before the wedding.

She wants to organise a surprise party for him, but so that Soner doesn't know, she tells him that he has to travel, since his mother is very ill.

Ezgi, however, is surprised when he enters the flat he shares with Soner, because the teenager was in his flat with his lover.

When her boyfriend cheats on her, she realises that she is tired of her relationships not working, but does not miss the triumphs of being in love.

She is a strong and courageous girl who refuses to give up and lose interest in love, so in the end she seeks help from someone experienced in finding love.

Ezgi just wants to find the man of her dreams and not fall in love with the wrong man (Bay Yanlis).

√Ėzgur Atasoy, on the other hand, is a rich and attractive man who owns several restaurants and has nothing to fear in terms of love and relationships.

√Ėzgur is a womanizer who refuses to marry and who refuses to believe in any kind of relationship with women.

√Ėzg√ľrs and Ezgi's first time?

Ezgi gets drunk at √Ėzgur's restaurant out of frustration at her boyfriend's betrayal, but eventually falls asleep there.

But out of sheer kindness, √Ėzgur takes her home and lets her sleep in his bed all night.

And although it may seem shocking, by a twist of fate, √Ėzgur and Ezgi become neighbours in the beautiful city of Istanbul.

Although the two do not get off to a good start and have to make friends first, they eventually manage to establish a close relationship with each other.

Ezgi, who has promised herself to find a boyfriend and has had no failed partnerships so far, asks √Ėzgur to help her with this.

So it happens that √Ėzgur Atasoy, our man with a soul without addiction, who does not think about love, helps his fellow man and becomes a love counsellor.

Since he fails in his conquests, √Ėzgur supports him with techniques and tips on how to conquer a man without him leaving you afterwards.

Will √Ėzg√ľr and Exgi come together in the end?

Fate is sometimes quite capricious, as we learn in this romantic comedy.

In the first chapter, we meet an Ezgi who is disgusted with her "cowardly lover", as she calls Soner after the scam, is quite frustrated and unsuccessful in realising her dream: to get married.

Suddenly, fate unites her story with that of √Ėzgur, a man whose personality is the exact opposite of hers. A man who has no suspicions about love, marriage or partnership.

Will √Ėzgur fall in love with Ezgi?

Can two such different people love each other? We have already established that Ezgi and √Ėzgur are very different personalities, but they seem to be an optimal team.

√Ėzgur has promised to help her find an optimal man who will not cheat on her, but what will he give her in return?

They have agreed that during √Ėzgur's sister's wedding, Ezgi will pretend to be √Ėzgur's bride so that no one in the family, especially her mother, will tell her that she needs to find a boyfriend.

√Ėzgur hates that her mother is so worried about her future marriage because she does not want to get married. In order not to have to listen to her complaints and grievances, he manages to expose Ezgi as his bride.

The love story between √Ėzg√ľr Atasoy and Edgi Inal

2 People spending a lot of time together, pretending to be a couple in love and giving each other advice on conquests?

It won't be long before they realise that they have fallen in love with each other, Ezgi will be surprised and √Ėzgur will resist that he has finally fallen in love.

Is √Ėzgur the Mr. wrong guy?

To find out, click on the View Chapter button and enjoy! If you want to see more Turkish soap operas you can also visit our website with all turkish series subbed in english

protagonist from bay yanlis together

How many episodes does the Turkish serie Mr. Wrong (Bay Yanlis) have?

This Turkish show has one season with 14 episodes. It is a short serie as the length of each episode is 130 minutes.

Bay Yanlis first aired on Fox Turkey on June 26, 2020 and ended its broadcast on October 2, 2020. As we have already mentioned, the movie was filmed in Istanbul.

If you want to watch Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14 (last chapter) of Bay Yanlis: Mr.Wrong in English hd, click here.

Trailer of the Turkish TV Show Mr.Wrong (Bay Yanlis).

In the official trailer of the Turkish serie Mr.Wrong (Bay Yanlis), we see how poor Ezgi discovers her boyfriend's infidelity. She slaps him out of anger.

The restaurant where she discovered the infidelity belongs to √Ėzgur, a rich pubescent businessman who sees that the girl is starting to drink too much.

Edgi eventually falls asleep in the bar and √Ėzgur takes her to his apartment and leaves her quietly in his bed. When she wakes up, she has no clear memory of what happened.

She only sees that a handsome man is taking a shower and that she woke up in a strange bed, which is not so strange anymore when she leaves his apartment and realizes that they are actually neighbors.

The trailer is in Turkish with English subtitles, so I explained everything that happens. The full length serie is available online in high definition with English subtitles.

Characters from the Turkish serie Mr. Wrong (Bay Yanlis)

√Ėzgur Atasoy (Can Yaman).

A handsome man in his thirties, very responsible, chef and owner of a well-known avant-garde restaurant in the hinterland of Istanbul.

He is considered a free man who is not suspicious in love and society, he has lost all affectionate interest in women. And he becomes a friendly advisor to his fellow men.

Ezgi Inal (√Ėzge G√ľrel).

A beautiful, beautiful girl who is in love. She has had several failures in love, the latest being that her boyfriend cheated on her with another woman.

She never tires of fighting and believing in love and is looking for a boyfriend with whom she can share her story and get married. She asks her neighbor for help and together they avoid finding the wrong man.

Cansu Akman

She is the cousin of Ezgi. She is a beautiful and hardworking woman of 35 years. She works in the public relations department of a hospital and is very good at dealing with the public.

Her partner is Doctor Levent, a partner in the hospital where she works.

Nevin Yilmaz

She is the mother of Ezgi, a divorced woman who found love in √Āral after several failures.

She is an elegant, modern and loving woman who inherited her daughter.

Lale Basar

She is the mother of √Ėzgur and his sister Ebru. She is a positive and perfectionist woman. Since she is a widow, she devotes herself to her children and the garden.

After her husband's death, he left her a lot of money as inheritance, which makes them a rich family. She is also the owner of the vineyards.

Ozan Dincer

He is the chef of the famous Ozgur restaurant. He is considered as a good looking, smiling and friendly man. He is one of √Ėzgur's closest friends.

Soner Seckin

Edgi's ex-boyfriend. He is a small man, but a bad person. He was engaged to Edgi and cheated on her with another girl. He works in a pharmaceutical company.

He is a narcissistic man who loves to be the center of attention and changes according to his interests. He becomes √Ėzgur's opponent.

Deniz Koparan

She is a friend of Ezgi from earlier times. She had bad experiences in her last marriage, which led to her not getting along with men anymore and being an ice-cold and distant person outside her environment.

She works as a lawyer in a well-known law firm. She meets at work and strives to improve herself every day.

Gizem Sezer

She works in √Ėzgur's restaurant, her job is to make reservations and receive customers. She is a pretty girl, but her personality leaves much to be desired.

She is ambitious, direct, cunning and manipulative. She has been trying to find √Ėzgur for a long time, but has not told anyone.

Where to watch the Turkish TV Show Bay Yanlis: Mr. Wrong? On which platform was Bay Yanlis broadcast?

This Turkish serie was broadcast on Fox Turkey. It was adapted into Spanish by Atresmedia and aired on Nova under the name Mr. Erroneous.

To watch all the episodes online with English subtitles, click on the button Watch episodes above.

This series is not available on Netflix, Amazon or Youtube.

Curiosities of the Turkish Serie The False Mr. Fallacy

Can Yaman and Ozge Gurel stay together?

After watching the Turkish series Dolunay, viewers and fans of Dog Yaman and Ozge Gurel were eager to see the two together again.

Bay Yanlis is a Turkish show starring Perro and Ozge, a couple who already showed love and chemistry in Dolunay.

We are happy to see you working together in this first Turkish serie!

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