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benim tatli yalanim sub english

Watch Turkish Serie Benim Tatli Yalanim (My Sweet Lie) Sub English

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What is My Sweetest Lie (Benim Tatli Yalanim) about?

The turkish tv show Sweetest lie or Benim Tatli Yalanim (depending on which country you see it in) is a short story full of comedy, romance and a touch of sentimentality.

At turkishseriestv, we'll tell you what it's about.

My Sweetest Lie is about a father named Nejat who takes care of his daughter Kayra alone because her mother has left her.

This is the beginning of the sweet lie that Nejat tells his daughter Kayra. He tells her that her mother has gone to Africa to defend other children and that she will soon be back.

Kayra wants to be happy, but she needs her mother. On her sixth birthday, she tells her father that she is waiting for her mother to visit.

While Nejat tries to find his mother's location, he does everything to find her.

Nejat does everything he can to keep Kayra happy. He sometimes writes her letters and pretends to be her mother while he looks for a job.

Nejat is an advertising specialist and finds a shop where he thinks he can make a good advertisement, but the representative refuses for the time being.

Suna, then the managing director, is responsible for all the trouble her brother has caused the family business.

She refuses Nejat without hearing his offer. Suna saw Nejat as a real estate speculator who wanted to sell the company.

Suna realises her mistake and goes in search of Nejat, finds his location and comes to his house for a birthday party.

Yes, Kayra's birthday, Nejat has a crazy idea where Kayra sees this Lady and becomes quite happy and does not back down from anything but saying that Suna, a totally unknown Lady, is her mother who has come for her birthday.

The whole serie is based on the maintenance of this lie. Suna and Nejat stay together in a precious lie to preserve Kayra's innocence.

The Relationship between Nejat and Suna.

It is a real Relationship full of Interests, but after a while, something beautiful and funny at the same time.

We see their love come true as they work together to keep Kayra happy with a lie.

How many episodes and seasons does the Turkish serie Sweetest Lie have?

The Turkish tv show My Sweetest Lie has officially 1 season and a total of 28 episodes every 120 minutes (2 hours).

If You to Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22 Chapter 23 Chapter 24 Chapter 25 Chapter 26 Chapter 27 Chapter 28 of My Sweetest Lie in English want to see click in the button above and enjoy.

Trailer of Benim Tatli Yalanim (My Sweet Lie)

This is the beautiful trailer of the Turkish soap opera My Sweet Lie, a turkish serie full of love and comedy, I hope you like it.

The trailer of My Sweet Lie starts with a group of bank employees taking the Coffee of a family.

The protagonist of this family is Suna, the owner's daughter, who has made it her mission to defend this property.

Then we see our handsome Turkish actor and protagonist Nejat who wants to rent the land for a construction project, but Suna misunderstands him and thinks that it belongs to the bank.

Then we meet our daughter Kayra, who is criticised by her friends at school for not having a mother.

Kayra defends herself for going to Africa to defend other children.

The Turkish series My Sweetest Lie also shows that Kayra's father, Nejat, writes letters and pretends to be her mother so that his daughter does not suffer.

Later, we see that Suna shows remorse and apologises to Nejat. She stays in her flat to rest and Kayra recognises her as her mother.

Nejat asks Suna to pretend to be her mother for Kayra for 200,000 lira (turkish coin).

The love story between Nejat and Suna will develop too slowly, although we can already see in the trailer that it will not be easy and that they will have to fight in several confrontations.

Characters of My Sweet Lie

Nejat Yilmaz

He is Kayra's dad, who practices the role of a mom throughout 6 years, until his daughter is 7 years old.

Then he shares the whole journey with Suna, who pretends to be Kayra's mom in exchange for an economic pact.

Kayra Yilmaz

She is a beautiful, innocent and amazing girl who dreams of seeing her mom come back from Africa.

A lie that her dad told her so that she wouldn't think that her mom had left her.

Suna Dogan

She is the daughter of a modest family who owns a cafe, she will defend this cafe as it is her mom's inheritance.

She will meet Nejat, a commercial publicist, and with the money she will earn pretending to be Kayra's mom, she will be able to pay the cafe's debts and rescue the place.

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Curiosities of my sweet lie

Did you know that the primary character in this Turkish serie, Nejat, is an actor who is quite well known in Turkey for his seduction?

We understand that Can Yaman is the most distinguished actor, however Nejat, or rather Furkan Palali is an actor quite recognized as being loved by several admirers.

An athletic body with green eyes, a beautiful look and with his roles as an optimal responsible man identified him as one of the most precious and beloved Turkish actors.

Nejat and Suna are together?

Many photos were taken throughout and from the end of the Turkish series My Sweetest Lie and dating was seen, so it is viable that love arose in the middle of these 2 actors.

Can you watch My Sweetest Lie in english for free? Where?

My Sweetest Lie can be seen in platforms like Divinity or in the Latin American channel Telemundo, however in https://turkishseriestv.org/ you can watch My Sweetest Lie for free and in English.

We have the complete novel in english, and with good quality, and if you have any problem with any chapter you let us know and in less than 48 hours we repair the chapters and we communicate it to you through email!

So don't wait any longer and watch all the chapters of my sweetest lie in English.

The characters of the characters of Benim Tatli Yalanim.

Client Name as Nejat Y─▒lmaz

Asl─▒ Bekiro─člu as Suna Do─čan

Lavinya ├ťnL├╝er as Kayra Y─▒lmaz

Gonca Sar─▒y─▒ld─▒z as Hande Eymen

Asl─▒ Inand─▒k as Saniye Do─čan

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