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What is the Turkish novel Our History (Bizim Hikaye) about?

Family Lovel or Our history (Bizim Hikaye) is a serie that explains the life of a family with economic and particular disadvantages.

It focuses mainly on one of the daughters of the family, Filiz Elibol.

She has taken over the reins of the family unit since her mother abandoned her, leaving her alone with her father.

Filiz's father and his five siblings (older and younger) are alcoholics, which causes them many problems.

Filiz is a fighter, ready to give up her studies, her history, her love and everything to defend her brothers and make them happy.

He had to leave his classes to devote himself to the search for a job, usually in poor conditions and without much pay to contribute to the household.

What he gets out of the money is how little food he can bring to his brothers.

There is not even money to pay for housing in one of the poorest areas of Istanbul.

Filiz Elibol through his brother Rahmet, a bright teenager who gives private lessons to his classmates to earn money.

In addition to their other brothers, they work together whenever they have the opportunity with money or housework.

Characters from bizim hikaye

Baris and Filiz meet for the first time

Although Filiz has to defend his brothers and try to save his father from getting into trouble.

Fikri, Filiz's father, is an alcoholic who has problems with anger and cirrhosis.

He does not overcome the impotence of his wife and pays him with one of his children, the one who most resembles him.

This is a selfish man who believes only in himself and does not help or cooperate in the shelter.

Filiz must attend the wedding of a neighbor to whom she was invited.

There, by chance or coincidence, he meets Baris, a modest, orphaned teenager with a mediocre job.

Baris will not be able to avoid falling under the spell of Filiz and will do everything to convince the girl to pay attention to him and gain his trust.

With the life he leads, an innocent lady like Filiz would never notice, so he makes up that he is an orphan and works as a waiter.

In reality, Baris is the head of a gang dedicated to the theft and theft of luxury cars.

After seeing them at the wedding, Baris orders Filiz to be invited to a dinner party where they will get to know each other better.

Baris and Filiz: an impossible love

Even though Filiz begins to feel things for Baris, he strives to leave and be excluded by the poor young man.

Filiz thinks only of preserving, defending and making his family happy.

Therefore, he believes that he does not have time to fall in love with Baris or someone else.

Baris is a persevering man and will continue to try to reach Filiz and his family and help them in any way possible.

The problem is that Baris lied to Filiz from the beginning, although he has good intentions, such a lie will lead to inconvenience.

Filiz comes a moment when he realizes that Baris is not really a modest teenager and that he is also called Sabas.

He wants to describe that the name change is in honor of his deceased brother and that he should feel better by commenting that he belongs to a modest family.

Sabas also orders the gang with whom he steals cars to focus on his academic career, medicine.

Will Filiz forgive Baris' lies and deceptions? Will Savas/Baris and Filiz be related in the end?

If you want to know the history of Baris and Filiz on our website, we offer you all the chapters of our history for free and in Spanish.

Bizim hikaye season 1

How many chapters is the Turkish novel Our History (Bizim Hikaye)?

It has 2 seasons and 70 chapters in total. There are currently no plans to renew a third season.

Chapters have an approximate duration of 2 hours.

The first season has 37 chapters and the second 33 chapters.

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Trailer of the Turkish TV series Our Story (Bizim Hikaye).

In the trailer for Family Love we see the story of the original character Filiz.

She takes care of the house and protects her siblings, who help her as they can, even though most of them are small.

This is a big family, they were abandoned by their mother, and the father has problems with alcoholism.

Filiz meets Baris, a teenager who is ready to conquer her, even if he does it with lies.

He knows that he can not afford the relationship because he has to work and does not have time.

But this does not stop Baris, who can also visit him at work.

If you want to see the whole story of Filiz and Baris on our website, we have all the chapters of Bizim Hikaye (Family Love) in English.

Where can I watch the Turkish Telenovela Nuestra Historia (Bizim Hikaye)?

This is a Turkish romantic tv series, although it was not a great triumph in Turkey and it is not even in Spain.

To see our story for free from the beginning in English, you can click on the View free Chapters button below.

The disadvantage of a Turkish telenovela already started on Divinity is that you have no way to watch the first episodes.

However, on our site, you can find all chapters in English, online and for download.

The Turkish telenovela Amor de Familia should not be present on the first screen, that is, on channels such as Antena 3 and Telecinco.

An omission has already passed since its construction, and in this way it is not yet one of the oldest triumphal series of Turkey.

Bizim Hikaye's last broadcast in Turkey was the final episode of the 23rd.

At the moment it is still airing on Divinty channel, but it is not understood if they will show the first and second seasons or only the first.

If you want to save this money, do not hesitate to watch Family Love (Bizim Hikaye) for free and without advertising with us.

Characters from the Turkish series Our Story (Bizim Hikaye)

Filiz Elibol

She is the protagonist of the series. A young girl, beautiful and fiery, ready to do anything for her family.

Filiz has remained in charge of the house and his brothers since his mother left them and his father became an alcoholic.

He had to leave school and work everywhere to pay for food.

He accidentally meets Baris, whom he eventually falls in love with.

At first he refuses any relationship because he feels that he does not have time for a regular relationship.

However, Baris gains the trust of her and her family, even when Filiz discovers his big lie and drives him away from her and her brothers.

Even Filiz does not know if he can devote forgiveness to his great love.

Baris / Sabas Aktan

Baris is the other protagonist of our story, a serious, elegant and stubborn man.

His real name is Sabas, but now he calls himself Baris in honor of his deceased brother.

Baris is the leader of a gang of car thieves and comes from a rather rich and powerful family.

However, when he meets Filiz, a girl who steals his heart, he quickly imposes himself to lie to her in order to get closer to her.

He tells her that he is an orphan from a humble family and that he works as a valet.

Baris does not stop until she has won the heart of Filiz and his family, which is the most important for her.

When both are in love, Filiz discovers all the secrets of Baris and breaks off the relationship with him.

At that moment, Baris leaves the flights and resumes his medical career, ready to fight for Filiz.

Fikri Eliobol

He is the father of Filiz and his five brothers. He's an alcoholic and selfish.

He never stops getting into trouble, does not help financially or in housing and does not do the most important things.

He was abandoned by his wife and sometimes spends his anger on his children, especially the one most similar to him.

He suffers from cirrhosis and wants his nephew to become famous and get him out of poverty.

Rahmet Eliobol

This is Filiz's older brother. He attends high school and is a rather intelligent teenager, although he does not take advantage of it.

He helps Filiz with the money he earns by giving his classmates private lessons or helping them study.

In addition to the unpleasantness he finds at home, he is mistreated by a girl named Deniz, with whom he is in love.

Curiosities of the Turkish serie Bizim Hikaye (Our story).

In this section we will talk about the trivia and details of all the new Turkish series.

Each Turkish series has its own secrets and in https://turkishseriestv.org we will find out.

We will also talk about their Turkish actors, actresses and other telenovelas they participated in.

In 2018, they received many nominations at the Altin Kelebek Awards.

Although they did not win any awards, both characters and couples were nominated for these very important awards.

In 2018, the first phase of the Turkish series Family Love (Nuestra historia) was already over in Turkey.

Thus, the nominations they received were for best song and best song in a Turkish Series.

Also, the main character Burak was nominatedthe best actor and the best couple in a series together with Hazat.

Finally, Zeynep and Alp were named the best child advocates.

Our Story is a Turkish series adapted from a British series.

The inspiration for the creation of the plot and the intertwining of family love came from a British conocida series called Shameless.

Shameless aired in the UK on Channel 4 and also had a Spanish adaptation of Divinity.

For this series, producer Med Yapim chose an already well-known Turkish actor and actress.

On the one hand, we have Burak Deniz, the opposite of Hayat: Love Without Words.

On the other hand, young Hazalta from Feriha's Secret plays the main role.

Turkish series similar to our story (Bizim Hikaye).

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But in particular, here is a list of Turkish series similar to Family Love (Our Story)

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Masumlar Apartmani: Turkish drama and love soap opera where it tells you the story about two other people's lives of two protagonists with complicated contexts, the protagonist moves away from her family and her ex-partner persecuted by her ex-partner until the end where she meets the other protagonist who take care of his family full of mental illnesses

Cennet: It is a sad and dramatic Turkish series with a happy ending where the protagonist is abandoned as a baby, she fights on her own until she graduates from university where she will begin to meet other characters related to her biological family

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