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What is the Turkish serie Siyah Inci about?

Here is the synopsis or summary of Perla Negra (Siyah Inci):

Our protagonists are Hazal, a young and pretty girl, and Kenan a handsome and loving man. she they are in love and although they do not have the blessing of the girl's father, they will get married.

Hazal is young, beautiful and works as a waitress in a luxury hotel in Cesme (Aegean Sea, Turkey), a small town surrounded by the coast and very modest.

Hazal lives modestly in a small house with her mother Melek, her stepfather Halil, who does not approve of her relationship with Kenan, and her envious stepsister Ebru.

Kenan is a handsome man who makes a living as a fisherman, your goal is to find them Black pearl which lies at the bottom of the Aegean Sea.

They are two young lovers who act like lovers and dream about their wedding day.

When Kenan is going to ask his stepfather for Hazal's handor he refuses to let the girl marry poor man who cannot offer you a good life.

Melek, Hazal's mother steps in knowing the love her daughter feels for the boy and He gives her permission to marry. You excitedly decide to get married as soon as possible.

Who is Vural?

It sneaks into her life Vural, a millionaire businessman who notices Hazal on his birthday when the girl is working as a waitress.

Vural has mental health problems and is that? he has not overcome the death of his wife, whom he accidentally killed when she tried to leave his side. He has not yet got over his death.

Hazal is very similar to Naz Vural's ex-wife who died two years ago and whom the man cannot forget. Because of the resemblance to his late wife the widower Vural is sickly possessed by Hazal.

The problem begins a few days before Hazal and Kenan's wedding and is that their sister is being called Ebru, help the obsessed madman Vural kidnap Hazal.

Ebru is a bad woman, she is very jealous of her sister and can sell her to ruin her future and prevent her from being happy with the man she loves.Hazal is kidnapped because of Vural

Hazal's wedding

Hazal, who has no choice now, has to marry Vural, who just wants her to take the place of his late wife and doesn't mind that she is getting married in a few days.

Without giving any explanation Hazal leaves Kenan, the love of her life, so as not to endanger him. The girl knows that Vural won't leave her alone and looks desperate, she doesn't want this crazy man to hurt Kenan.

Kenan, who doesn't know anything about the kidnapping nor forcing his poor fiancée to leave him, it is believed that the girl was tired of him and left him for money and a better social position.

From that moment on, he focuses on becoming a great businessman who will have his own company to rise in status and to get revenge for the damage done.

Kenan's revenge

Kenan will get carried away with jealousy to watch his ex-fiancée with another man, but with a good heart he will realize that she was just trying to protect him.

Secondly, The old man Vural will even try aggressively or forcibly to get Hazal to fall in love with himBut she is already busy and could never reciprocate.

Hazak and kenan together

How many chapters and seasons does the Turkish serie Black Pearl (Siyah inci) have?

It has a season of 20 episodes with a duration of 140 minutes.

It was published by Star television from September 28, 2017 to February 15, 2018. It is a Turkish series with drama and romance genre.

If you want to watch Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, chapter 17, chapter 18, chapter 19, chapter 20 (Final chapter) from Black Pearl (Siyah Inci) with English subtitles click above and enjoy!

Our site already has the entire Black Pearl Soap Opera dubbed into English because no country broadcast it with English sound, THERE IS ONLY ONE SUBTITLE.

Black Pearl characters (Siyah inci)

Hazal (Hande Erçel)

Is a beautiful and strong young woman who is in love with kenan, a handsome boy who lives in the village. She comes from a humble familyHe lives with his mother, stepfather, and stepsister.

She is forced to marry an elderly, widowed and wealthy man who becomes sickly obsessed with her, and you have to give up your true love.

Kenan (Tolgahan Sayisman)

An attractive young man who makes a living as a fisherman, try to find the black pearl on the ocean floor. He is in love with Hazal and asks her to marry him.

If she leaves it unexplained he thinks she doesn't love him and prefers a man with more money. He will try to do his best to get revenge and he will study to become a successful great businessman.


A very wealthy businessman who was widowed for two years. His now deceased wife Naz was accidentally killed while trying to escape.

He begins to develop psychological problems with the trauma of not having overcome his wife and then she meets Hazal, who is identical to her. He can't help but be obsessed with the poor girl.

He helps himself with his money, with his violence and intimidation plans to kidnap Hazal and force her to marry him. without caring about anything.


She is Hazal's mother. She is a loving and dedicated woman who stands up for her daughter when her new husband, Hazal's stepfather, refuses his hand to Kenan.

Melek, who knows how in love her daughter is, allows her to marry the fisherman boy.


She's Hazal's stepsister an ambitious, envious and spoiled girl. He can't stand that his stepsister is happy and in exchange for some things he helps Vural with the kidnapping.


He is Hazal's stepfather. He refuses to shake hands with his stepdaughter Kenan, he considers him a young man with little money and little class who cannot offer him a good future.

Where can I watch the Turkish serie Black Pearl (Siyah inci)?

On our site turkishseriestv.org we have all full chapters with English subtitles. We remember it the series has not yet been dubbed into English.

At that time, Star TV broadcast a Turkish channel that had never been adapted by any other English or Latin American broadcaster. Neither nova nor divinity nor atresplayer released it ...

If you want to enjoy it, click the button Watch Chapter Above!

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Curiosities of the Turkish serie Black Pearl

The leading actress is the same as in Love is in the air

Hande ercel is the actress who brought Hazal to life. He's just taking one of the Most successful Turkish series in 2021: LOVE IS IN THE AIR.

Hande Ercel plays Eda in Sen Cal Kapimi, And it has been several years since the Perla negra was recorded and we can watch how our favorite actress is more beautiful than ever!

As many of you already know Love is in the air (Sen Kal Capimi or Knock on my door) is a Turkish serie that we uploaded to our site.

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