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What is Cennet about?

I will briefly summarize what Cennet is a Turkish television series of overcoming and success, marked by a familiar plot and the helplessness of our protagonist when she was a baby.

Since then, the play has become a story of revenge and redemption, full of unpredictable encounters that offer romance to this successful serie

Cennet or Cennet'in is a Turkish television series that has to do with a mother's malice to abandon her daughter when she was just a baby.

She has been raised humbly and without wealth by her grandmother, who has also been banished from the family, and since she was a baby, she raised her until she has become a successful student of architecture.

The mother of our protagonist, successful as Arzu in the series after several years trying to forget the life of Cennet continues with her story and with her other daughter Melissa, however after years and years, something that brilliantly simulates has happened.

Our protagonist has a gigantic girlfriend named Melissa, and yes, you are not wrong in your suspicions, the mom of her best friend, Arzu, she is also her mom, neither of them has the idea

Melissa, Arzu's daughter, follows Cennet to celebrate the graduation ceremony, however on the way our protagonist has the chance to meet Selim, an attractive man who will return to the holiday.

So she tries to get her first job, Arzu and Selim work together and help her by offering her a job.

During the story, Arzu and other characters will test the strength of Cennet, who will try to find everything that happened in the past. This is not going to be simple, since Selim, his co-worker, is not a stranger.

This brings a new drama to the series, in which they too slowly begin to realize themselves, and must fight and confront such new challenges full of discoveries and a rather difficult choice.

What characters appear in Cennet ?

In Cennet, one of the top Turkish series about revenge and love, there are certain interesting characters that will put Cennet to the test.

In the span of the drama she primarily involved her biological sister Melissa, who at first was her best friend, but in the course of the plot she becomes something else.

It is true that they share many things with each other, and for that reason their friendship and love for the sisters have remained constant. Even if his mom Arzu again and again aspires to poison the whole relationship.

Arzu, the mother will try to hide at all costs what she did to Cennet once she was a baby and had to be raised by Mukaddes.

In this Turkish serie, not everything is bad, since the Turkish model Selim also emerges. She will become Cennet's love during the series, who long for and have great affection for each other.

United will live all these experiences in which Selim will be the great support of our protagonist.

Do Cennet and Selim have a happy ending? Does Arzu deserve his daughter's love and forgive her for all she's done? We talked about it in our Facebook pack, we invite you to see all the chapters for free and in English on our page and then tell us if you liked it.

How many chapters and seasons does Cenent have?

Cennet has a season of 36 chapters and each chapter stiffens 140 minutes. Different platforms have divided the different chapters into numerous parts and you can find several more chapters.

To describe the subject of the chapters, our place will indicate in your list whether the serie is complete or not.

Cennet's Trailer

Initially we have the possibility to see Arzu a baby and recognize his daughter by a small original mark, any time later he leaves her.

Then we see that she has been raised by a modest older lady, and a few seconds later we are lucky enough to see a mature and newly graduated Cennet at his graduation celebration.

So far, she goes through a small calamity, where she meets Selim, the individual who nearly overthrew her. Selim invites him to bring him politely to the celebration, however Cennet refuses the offer.

It doesn't take him a long time to go back to Selim on the holiday, and any time later he gets a job offer from Selim and an unknown lady we'll quickly discover is Arzu, Cennet's mom.

The grandmother of the protagonist suffers a tragic accident in which her house is burned and has been threatened by its owner for not paying the rent.

Any time later we have the possibility of seeing how Arzu sees the original brand of Cennet and connects it directly with that of his abandoned daughter and realizes who is really our protagonist.

Cennet's characters: who are they?

Cennet YńĪlmaz

She is the protagonist of our beautiful and interesting serie, an architect with a university degree, sweet, charismatic and quite intelligent.

Selim ArńĪsoy

He is Cennet's childhood sweetheart, he emerges quite quickly in the series and shows us that behind his icy and controlling personality hides a charming and resilient man.

He will become Cennet's biggest fan and we have no doubt that he will fall in love with him and become together.

Melissa Soyer

She is initially Cennet's best friend, even though she happens to be her biological sister.

She is a girl who encourages and supports Cennet time and time again, she is a bit innocent and cowardly, however for that there is Cennet, our brave protagonist who plays the bigger sister.

Arzu Soyer

She is Melissa and Cennet's evil mum, and even though she has only been mean to Cennet as she left her once she was little, it's viable to sympathize with her.

She will show her salvation and apologise to her daughter, even if I don't know if she deserves it, there you are to judge and tell in our Facebook set.

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Cennet's curiosities

Did you know that Cennet was inspired by a Korean serie?

Cennet is not a true original story, the director and producer used a full-length Korean novel to create this impressive series.

However, even though we are talking about a small replica of the Korean novel "Tears in Heaven", our own Turks managed to improve it considerably.

The real age of the actors in the Turkish series CENNET

You want to know the real ages of all the main characters and actors in Cennet, don't you? We'll surprise you

He is 25 years old, which is incredible, because he looks even younger, don't you think? The Turkish look will constantly surprise us.

Arzu played by Esdras Ronabar

Even if she doesn't look like it, this pretty actress who plays our protagonist's mother is actually 42 years old.

Selim played by Berk Atan

Our favourite of the series, the talented Berk Atan, who plays the handsome Selim, is 3 years older than the main character, 28, and in the prime of his life.

Where can I watch Cennet? What platform does the new Cennet run on?

On our website https://turkishseriestv.org you will find all episodes of the series Cennet in HD. You can also watch this great Turkish soap opera on platforms such as Divinity, mi tele or a Mediaset variant. It is feasible that the show is broadcast on the Nova channel.

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