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What is the Turkish serie Love and Revenge (Cesur ve Guzel) about?

Suhan: Love and Revenge is a Turkish drama serie about a powerful family.

Here is a summary of the synopsis for Suhan: Love and Vengeance:

The story of Love and Vengeance begins with Tahsin Korludog, a wealthy and very powerful man.

Tahsin lives in Korludog, a town that bears his last name, and is respected by everyone there.

He is a man who has earned respect and is feared by all of the city's residents.

Tahsin has two children, a boy named Korhan and a girl named Suhan.

Tahsin's children are very differentin personality, physique, aspirations, and in relationship with his father.

On the one hand it is like that Korhan, an evil man who is jealous of his father's relationship with his sister Suhan.

Korhan is obsessed with money and power, but his behavior and confrontations make him a great disappointment to his father, Tahsin.

On the other hand, Suhan is the perfect daughter, beautiful, intelligent and obedient. He is also capable of being protective of his family above all.

Suhan meets Cesur

Korhan son of Tahsin is married to Cahide and they try to have a child but she doesn't get pregnant.

Tahsin looks forward to his son giving him his first grandchild as he will be the direct heir to all of the family's assets and powers.

Cahide doesn't understand why she doesn't get pregnant and He initially wants to prevent Suhan from finally getting pregnant.

That would mean that neither she nor Jorhan would inherit any of the Korludog fortune.

For thisHe hatches an evil plan in which he plans to kill Suhan by faking an untimely accident.

Suhan is a woman who rides a lot. She is good at horseback riding and rides around the surrounding lands daily.

One morning, Cahide has put metal spikes under the saddle of Suhan's favorite horse.

While riding, Suhan notices that something is wrong, she has no control over the horse and doesn't know what is happening.

She walks some roads off the family farm so can't ask for help and goes straight to a cliff without knowing what to do.

At this moment, Cesur appears, an unknown stranger who recognizes the danger and approaches Suhan in his car to help her.

Just before he falls, Cesur jumps onto Suhan to grab her and force her off her horse, causing them both to roll to the ground.

Fate causes them to lie on top of each other and meet for the first time.

Suhan falls in love with Cesur

After saving Suhan's life, Cesur declines the invitation to the Korludog house.

Suhan returns home in pain and explains her accident to her father. Tahsin tells him that she would have liked to meet the man who saved her daughter's life.

Cahide realizes his plan to kill Suhan didn't work.and afraid of being discovered.

This is not the only encounter between Suhan and Cesur gradually fall in love.

However, not everything has been as nice as it watchms since then Cesur did not appear that day by accident.

Cesur is a man who wants revenge on Tahsin Korludog and knows that the only way to get to him is through Suhan.

For this reason, This Turkish drama serie in English is also a revenge serie between families.

Suhan is Tahsin's most beloved daughter and he would do anything to make his daughter happy.

Sirin is Suhan's assistant, a young, funny and smiling woman.

Suhan, since she met Cesur, can't stop thinking about him and tells Sirin about it..

She is his only support and his confidante, as he cannot count on his brother or sister-in-law.

How does the Turkish serie Cesur ve Guzel?

Cesur turns to the Korludog family to do great harm to Tahsin.almost as much as the one he caused his family.

However, Tahsin recognizes in time who Cesur is and tries to take his daughter away from him.

Therefore, Tahsin and Cesur's love story is an impossible love where she has to give up love to protect her family.

In addition, Korhan will be involved in many problems at the same time.

Will Cesur and Suhan get together? Will Cesur and Suhan get married?

If you want to know, don't hesitate to watch all the complete chapters of Suhan: Love and Revenge in English and for free

Cesur ve güzel watch english

How many chapters does the Turkish series Cesur Ve Güzel have?

Suhan: Love and Revenge has a season with 32 chapters. The average duration of each episode is 2 hours.

The English adaptation has shorter chapters, making the total number 101 chapters of Love and Revenge (Cesur ve Guzel) in full English.

If you want to watch Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, last chapter 101 of Love and Revenge in English Click here and enjoy!

Trailer for the Turkish serie Cesur ve Guzel.

In the trailer for Suhan: Love and Revenge we watch the two protagonists: Cesur and Suhan.

She is an intelligent, attractive and strong womanwith very clear ideas and a heart that needs love.

He is a man who wants revenge but cannot control his feelings for Suhan.

In this story, love between the protagonists and revenge between their families coexist.

The love story of Suhan and Cesur is one of the most beautiful, they have to learn to love each other, forget and survive.

There's not much of that in the trailer for Cesur Watchs Guzel in English We put at your disposal all the complete chapters for free and with audio in English.

Where can I watch the Turkish serie Cesur ve Guzel?

love and revenge is a Turkish series that aired in Turkey under the name Cesur ve Guzel.

The first broadcast took place on November 10, 2016 and it was one of the best Turkish serie premieres of the year.

The last broadcast was on June 22, 2017 with a great series finale.

A third season is not planned as it had a closed ending and several years have passed.

At the moment, Cesur ve Guzel It was broadcast in Spain so we have all the full chapters with audio in English.

The Turkish series Cesur ve Guzel It's in English, online, free, without ads and downloadable.

It was also broadcast in Latin American countries So you can find Turkish serie Cesur ve Guzel in Latin with subtitles for free.

To watch the chapters of Cesur ve Guzel for free and without ads in English, click the button WATCH FREE CHAPTER down.

Our episodes come from sites like Netflix, Optimovision, Amazon, YouTube, Mitele, Atresplayer...

Characters from Cesur ve Guzel

In this section we will talk about all the characters in the serie Cesur ve Guzel.

This Turkish series has a great cast of Turkish actors but we will focus on the explanation of Suhan's main characters: Brave and Beautiful.

Tahsin Korludog

He is the patriarch of the Korludog family and a very feared and respected man in his town.

Tahsin has a lot of power and money, but also a lot of unfinished business and hidden secrets.

He is the father of Korhan, his disappointed son, and Suhan, his beloved and favored daughter.

Tahsin hopes that one of his children will give him a grandson as he will be the first heir to the Korludog fortune.

Cesur comes across a man in his life who wants revenge on him and will try to kill him.

Korhan Korludog and Cahide

Korhan is the son of Tahsin, but he never made his father proud of him.

He is an evil, manipulative man and is married to Cahide.

Cahide and Korhan try to have a child together, but she cannot get pregnant.

This creates the fear that Suhan might manage to have a child before them and snatch the heir from them.

For this reason, Cahide devises a plan to end Suhan's life without mercy or fear.

But in his evil plan, he comes across Cesur, a supposedly unknown man who saves Suhan's life.

Suhan Korludog

She is the favorite daughter of Tahsin Korludog. She is a beautiful, strong, intelligent, powerful and powerful woman.

However, she remains cold and very protective of her family falters when he falls in love with Cesur.

The man who saved her life and whom she can always think of.

Suhan suffers a lot throughout the storyWhen she learns the truth about his actions, she feels betrayed by Cesur.

She is also happy when she is with him and sad when she has to choose her family over her love.


An attractive, mischievous man, he deeply hurts Tahsinn Korludog for the damage he has done to his family.

So he devises a plan to get close to him and end his life so that he suffers like him.

To carry out his plan He approaches Suhan disinterestedly, at least that's what she must think.

Between all the revenge plan Something happens that he didn't expect, he falls in love with Suhan.

Now they will experience the most complicated love story between betrayals, lies and revenge between families.

Curiosities of Turkish series Cesur ve Guzel

In these sections We will talk about the curiosities of the Turkish serie Cesur ve Guzel.

We will explain you every detail of the Turkish protagonists or actors participating in the serie.

Cesur ve Guzel has received numerous awards

You can tell that Love and Vengeance (Cesur ve Guzel) was a successful series when you talk about nominations and awards.

In 2016 she won awards for Best Couple, Best Actress for Kivanc Tatlitug and Best Actress for Tuba Buyukustun.

In the year of its finale, it won the Best Turkish Drama Series award, although there were other nominations.

Yes, we already mentioned that Love and Vengeance (Cesur ve Guzel) is a drama serie. Not to mention one of the best Turkish drama series.

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