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What is Cilek Kokusu about?

Turkish serie with the scent of strawberries is a romantic Turkish series with a happy ending, it's a beautiful love story between a millionaire and a restless boy together with our protagonistwho is a hardworking, proud and humble pastry chef.

The story begins with the introduction a beautiful protagonist who works in a pastry shop and makes incredible cakes and pies.

The protagonist of with the scent of strawberries is called Asli and at the beginning of the series she wants to prepare a delicious strawberry cake that she has to take with her on a birthday.

by the way She comes across a car that scares her and almost runs over her, but worst of all, the cake flies through the air and shatters because of the vehicle.

Asli gets all dirty with cake and We can watch that the driver of the car is our second protagonist named Burak. is, a famous apron boy with a wealthy family.

Burak doesn't care that Asli got dirty and the cake was broken and that makes the protagonist very angryThey both wish for the worst and never watch each other again.

It is very similar to other Turkish series in English that we have on our side, however it has a different note, it has a very nice youthful vibe, and it's one of the most beautiful Turkish TV series there is.

The Turkish series with the scent of strawberries it has a very good cast of actresses and actors, Don't miss it, because you know our protagonist from other series such as the famous Erkenci Kus: Dreaming Bird.

boruk asly and volcan from cilek kokusu

Asli and Gonca, two inseparable friends

Asli goes back to the pastry shop and They tell her she's fired when they watch she couldn't deliver the cake and above it it is destroyed.

The protagonist he is desperate because he has almost no money and he has no job and no way of paying for his house.

then is when we meet Gonca, an old friend of Asli, They met while they were working together in a candy store.

Gonca offers Asli to take a trip to a hotel, where they look for work together during the high season in summer when there are many tourists and job vacancies are increasing.

But unfortunately the hotel was closed and they were left without work, Since they have no accommodation, they try to stay in a nearby hotel to pass the day before returning to his village.

At the hotel they find that they are understaffed and they decide to ask for work.

Asli and Gonca are very lucky because they find work in the hotel where they stayed.

The reunion between Asli and Burak

Asli and Burak they meet again at the hotel, where Asli and Gonca have finally found a job.

As? Yes indeed! Burak is in the same hotel as Asli and Gonca they stay the night and find the job they need.

Burak does not go through he is the owner, Director and manager of the hotel where Asli and Gonca rest and have decided to go to work.

From this moment Asli and Burak start arguing to avoid each other and a constant confrontation arises.

Although, at first glance, it looks like they'll hate each other over time a feeling of affection and love will arise, they find out that they are more alike than they thought, even though Asli initially falls in love with someone else ...

Does Asli want to be with Burak or with Volc√°n?

During the Turkish series Asli meets Burak's cousin Volc√°n, a very different boy from Burak, compassionate, kind, romantic and sensitive.

That is normal Asli falls in love with someone like thatHe is also a very handsome and wealthy actor.

Asli and Gonca will work in this hotel, while Burak and Volc√°n will. meet, together they will have adventures full of interesting actions involving other people.

Asli's mother also works as a cook in the hotel and everything turns into chaos when he learns that his daughter is always with Burak, the owner of the hotel, and will work there.

Burak's mother and father will also take part in this Turkish story, two strict, charismatic and selfish people named Mazharoglu and Nihat, who try to give their son the best possible wife and do not accept Asli.

How many chapters and seasons does the Turkish serie Cilek Kokusu have?

The Turkish serie with the scent of strawberries premiered in 2015 and has 1 season with 22 chapters of 2 hours each.

It was never published in Latin America or Spain with which there is no series dubbed into English with a strawberry scent.

Nevertheless we have achieved the best translation with the best possible quality So you can watch it entirely in English.

If you want to watch Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 17, Chapter 18, Chapter 19, Chapter 20, Chapter 21, Chapter 22 of With the scent of strawberries in English click here and enjoy!

To clarify the theme of the chapters, our page shows in its list whether the serie is complete or not.

asly from cilek kokusu

Trailer for With the smell of strawberries (Cilek Kokusu)

This isn't the official trailer for Cilek Kokusu, but it is one of the nicest scenes in the series where we can sum up a little bit the uncertain but relevant love between Asli and Burak.

First, we can watch Burak arrive at the hotel and sit in the pool while you think about what happened that night.

To, Asli also arrives at the hotel But she walks in through the front door and goes straight to the room she shares with her mother to tell her how her day with Burak went

Asli spent the whole day with Burak making all kinds of plans They went out to eat together, they drove the car with other friends, they went with a baby, they took a walk with a puppy and had a great time.

All of these memories thought about it at the same time everyone was in his room.

Asli remembers not eating anything during the day and decides to go to the kitchen in silence to get something to eat.

Later, Burak decides to go to the kitchen and there they meet again at the destination'Burak is surprised to watch her, but it is very noticeable that the love he feels for Asli shines in his eyes.

Characters from With the Smell of Strawberries (Cilek Kokusu)


She is a very nice girl diligently and proudly she wants to achieve everything with her own hands and has always lived in constant poverty.

It's very humble, but toohe has principles that don't allow him, people like Burak. to suffer, the person you fall in love with.


He's a young, handsome, tall, rich, charismatic, cocky and misogynistic boy. who lives in the same town Asly owns the hotel where Alsy eventually works and will make our protagonist lose her temper with him.

Nevertheless, Thanks to Asly, he will begin to change his way of life transform into someone completely different


She is Asly's friend and his former employee will also work in the hotel and she will try to help her friend Asly with whatever she needs.

She'll be the one behind Volc√°n most of the time. will spendwho ends up becoming her boyfriend and she can get what she always wanted, getting married to a rich boy.


He is Burak's cousin, a very different person from his cousin, he is just as handsome and tall, but kind, respectful and very funny.

Asly will fall in love with him first, or at least she thinks, but eventually Gonca will be Volc√°n's girlfriend.

There are other characters in this amazing Turkish happy ending series like Asly's mother or Burak's parents who will try to help our two protagonists or prevent them from being together and happy.

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This Turkish serie shares many similarities with some of our most famous series, but no two series are alike. With the scent of strawberries there is something special about it and it's youth, andIt is a Turkish serie based on the story among young people.

Even if you don't like this type of topic, we encourage you to watch it. It has a lot of humor and we are sure that you will laugh a lot with this serie.

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Curiosities of With the scent of strawberries

The protagonist of Smell of Strawberries appeared in three other famous Turkish series

The strawberry-scented protagonist (cilek kokusu) Asly is played by the actress Demet √Ėzdemir, one of the most famous actresses in all of Turkey.

She is the protagonist of the most famous Turkish series as Erkenci Kus: Dreaming Bird, room number 309 or My home my fate.

You can watch these three Turkish series in English, completely and without ads, You can use the search bar above to find it.

Asly and Burak are a couple and friends in real life

Alsy and Burak become a couple within the series, but when the series ends he is ripped off the screens by the chemistry and love between the two.

We don't know if they are still together but until recently they went up Photos of you kissing together on social media and they made their formal relationship public as friends.

So you can get more motivated to watch her as their love continued after the series ended, and that makes everything more interesting!

Where can I watch with strawberry smell? On which platform can I watch it for free?

Cilek Kokusu premiered in 2015 but can still be watchn in English and without subtitles.

It's quite difficult to get as it has never aired in Spain or Latin America but somehow she crossed the continents and became very famous in Nova and Divinity.

If you want to watch it for free, in full, and in English, click above and it leads you to the list with all chapters, they come without advertising and in the best quality.

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