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What is the Turkish serie Elimi Birakma?

The Turkish serie Don't loose my hand is available in English without and with good qualityJust look for the Show Chapters button.

It is a romantic Turkish series with drama, but very beautiful and has wowed millions of viewers with its premiere.

Tell the love story of Azra and Cenk their family problems and the obstacles that life brings.

Synopsis of Elimi Birakma

In this serie are our protagonists Azra and Cenk, two very different people with opposing lives.

Azra comes from a humble family consisting of her father, brother and stepmother.

Cenk is the heir to a rich and powerful family, despite being an irresponsible man who does not want to take over the family business.

They both studied in the US and Meet at the airport back to Istanbul ( Turkey).

Azra's university career in the USA is fulfilling her dream of studying cooking when she returns to Turkey for her father's birthday.

Cenk returns without knowing how to explain to his family that they have expelled him from university.

At the airports, Azra and Cenk collide and accidentally get the wrong suitcase, take the one that is not.

This is their first meeting, but they have to meet again to change their suitcase.

Azra and Cenk the beginning of their story

Because of him, the relationship between Azra and Cenk begins fatallywho acts like a fool.

She has to go a long way to get where Cenk is supposed to stay for him to mistreat her.

Their personalities are very different and from the start they collide, although it is gradually fixed later.

Azra's life will be perfect by then, and problems will begin in the next few days.

Azra's father gets into the troubles of some wealthy people and takes away an amount of money that Azra's stepmother wants.

There is a premature fire on the man's birthday that ends his life in an unexpected way.

Although Azra is very innocent, her doubts start with the stepmother who leaves her on the street with no house or money once her father is buried.

Azra doesn't watch herself on the street, but with her autistic brother, and his life becomes hell.

Now his dream of further studies no longer exists, he has neither a house nor money and he also has his little brother with problems in his care.

By a coincidence of fate a car almost runs over his brother and causes an accident in which he is not injured but flees.

With the nerves of what happened, the poor boy runs away, hides and disappears.

Cenk helps Azra

Azra's life has gotten very complicatedeven though she hasn't stopped fighting for a second.

Now his biggest problem is the disappearance of his little brother who is autistic and doesn't know how to react.

Cenk finds out what is happening and offers to help Azra after having a few encounters with Azra.

At first she doesn't take it out of pride, but in the end she realizes that she really needs this help.

In the meantime, Cenk's life is marked by bad times and family problems.

His grandmother comes to his house Feride, a very responsible woman and the matriarch of everyone.

Everyone tries to keep Feride happy, but the poor woman has been disappointed with Cenk many times.

They quarrel a couple of times over his expulsion from university and Feride tells him that he is an irresponsible young man.

Azra and Mrs. Feride

The coincidences in this Turkish serie (available in English) are the most common.

Ms. Feride decides to leave the family home and has an accident where it hits the head and leaves him unconscious.

As an old lady, Azra, watching her helpless, takes her home and heals her. She doesn't know this lady is Cenk's grandmother.

For a few days, Azra takes care of the woman with love and respect while she recovers.

When Feride is healthy, he decides to take Azra home with him. and help her in the situation she is in.

Together they make a pact in which they will help each otherwithout telling anyone about it.

Feride, who has lived little with Azra, realizes how special she is and doesn't want to lose sight of her.

When Azra arrives at Feride's villa and meets the rest of the family, she has to endure angry faces and looks from everyone.

The family believe Azra wants to keep Feride's legacy and treat them very badly.

Though the worst comes when Azra and Cenk are in the house and she is considering abandoning the deal so Cenk doesn't think of things that aren't.

Ultimately, he doesn't and that results in her having a very bad relationship with him.

azra and cenk from elimi birakma

How many chapters does the Turkish serie Elimi Birakma have?

The Turkish serie Do not let go of my hand (Elimi Birakma) has 2 seasons with a total of 59 chapters.

The first season has 43 episodes and the second season has 16 chapters, all of which are the same length.

The broadcast began in 2018, the year they were nominated as the best Turkish series couple.

It is currently broadcasting in Spain, so We are going to change the chapters from English subtitles to Toca mi mano (Elimi Burakma) to English (Castilian).

If you want to watch Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 17, Chapter 18, Chapter 19, Chapter 20, Chapter 21, Chapter 22, Chapter 23, Chapter 24, Chapter 25, Chapter 26, Chapter 27 ... last chapter of Elimi Burakma in English click here and enjoy!

B√∂l√ľm 1, B√∂l√ľm 2, B√∂l√ľm 3, B√∂l√ľm 4, B√∂l√ľm 5, B√∂l√ľm 6, B√∂l√ľm 7 to watch ... final b√∂l√ľm 59 of Elimi Burakma with English subtitles click above and enjoy!

Official trailer of the Turkish series Elimi Birakma

In the trailer for Don't let go of my hand we watch the moment when Cenk and Azra meet at the airport.

Cenk returns to Istanbul on the pretext of watching his family, despite having actually been expelled from his university.

On the other hand, Azra will meet her brothers, father, and stepmother in her humble home.

Watch you at the airport and Azra accidentally takes Cenk's suitcase and they have to stay to devour him.

Cenk misbehaves with her and Both start a relationship on the wrong foot that will lead to much more later.

In the trailer for Touch my hand, we can watch the family and financial problems that Azra's family suffers from.

On the other hand, Cenk lives with his family in a villa that runs a large company and has a lot of money.

Trouble and drama will soon ensue for Azra and Cenk, united by fate.

Where can I read the Turkish serie Elimi Birakma?

The Turkish series Elimi Burakma has already been broadcast in Spain and soon we premiered it on Divinity.

As we already know, the most successful Turkish series in Turkey are always adapted to other countries, and in this case we can already enjoy them in Spain and Latin America.

That means the serie Touch my hand (Elimi Birakma) is in English (Castilian) or with Latin audio.

In Turkey, it was broadcast on the TR1 channel which has all the full chapters on its YouTube channel (without subtitles).

To watch all the chapters in English in good quality and with no ads, all you have to do is click the button Watch Chapter Above.

The length of the chapters may vary when uploading a English adaptation, So you can also change the number of chapters.

We work with dailymotion videos, optimovision, tokyvideo and private platforms such as Netflix, Amazon and Youtube series.

Although it's known in Spain as Don't let go of my hand in Latin America it was broadcast in Mexico under the name Toca mi mano.

The first episode of Toca mi mano (Hold My Hand) aired on July 22, 2018, and the first season ended in June 2019.

The second season aired from September 8, 2019 to December 24 of the same year. much faster than the previous one.

Characters from the Turkish series Elimi Birakma

Cenk Celen

He is the son of a very wealthy and powerful family, though He prefers to have nothing to do with family businesses.

He is an irresponsible man, absent-minded and, in many ways, slightly elevated.

He has returned to Istanbul after being banned from his university career in the United States for parties and trouble.

He has still not forgiven his father's death in a car accident, blames himself and cannot get over it.

His life changes when he meets Azra through a mistake at the airport.

At first they get along very badly, but then he falls in love with her, although it won't be easy for either of them.

Can Azra and Cenk end up together?

Azra weapons

She is a young, pretty girl and very excited about her project to study cooking at the University of the USA.

He lives with his father, brother and stepmother and gets on really well with his brother who has autistic syndrome.

His life changes completely on his father's birthdaywhere unexpectedly it burns and he dies.

At that moment, his stepmother, who was a mean and ruthless woman, takes the house and the money and throws Azra and her brother out.

She looks lost and finds Cenk's help that you will totally fall in love with.

Your life will change again when you meet Feride, a woman with whom he makes a deal that will cost him a lot of suffering to keep.

Feride Celen

She is the matriarch of the Celen family and the grandmother of Cenk. She is a serious, responsible and very demanding woman with her grandchildren.

She is disappointed with Cenk's behavior who does nothing but cause problems with the press for the whole family.

When she has an accident, a humble girl takes care of her, takes care of her and helps her.

That girl is Azra, a woman he will propose a deal that will benefit both of them.

What Feride doesn't know is that this sweet and good girl is in love with her most irresponsible grandson.

He also has to deal with criticism from his family for bringing a stranger into the house for fear of losing the inheritance.

Azra and cenk as couple in Elimi Birakma

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