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What is the Turkish serie Endless Love Kara Sevda about?

Eternal Love is a Turkish romance and drama serie that you will love and won't be able to stop watching.

Here is a synopsis of Kara Sevda's synopsis:

This story begins with two young people from very different families: Kemal and Nihan.

He's a humble boy who has only one dream: to become the best mining engineer in Istanbul.

For this he has to finish his studies and continue to work in the maintenance of yachts in the port.

Kemal is a responsible, intelligent and hardworking man.

Fate changes his life so much that not even he expects it.

On the other hand, we have Nihan, a girl who belongs to a powerful, upper-class family.

She is cheerful, funny, impulsive and lives life with intensity.

When she meets Kemal while he works at the port, she realizes that he is the love of her life.

Kemal and Nihan

The love story of Kemal and Nihan is very beautiful and both make a good pair.

They even tattoo an infinity on their wrist (endless love) as a token of their love.

At first they have problems with the families there Nihan's family doesn't accept their relationship.

They think that since Nihan is of high class, she should marry someone powerful and not Kemal.

Despite the odds, the teenagers continue their relationship very much in love.

The worst news is coming soon Kemal is sent away from Istanbul to pursue his career as a mining engineer.

The couple must painfully end their relationship so that he can fulfill his dream.

Amir and Nihan

Emir is a powerful, arrogant and selfish man who has never worked.

He thinks that power and money can buy anything, but something opposes him.

He has been in love with Nihan since childhood, but his love has never been returned.

One day, Nihan's twin brother, Ozan, you're framed for murder.

Emir is so powerful that he can help him stay out of jail, but in return he wants to marry Nihan.

Without Kemal in the city and Ozan being his greatest weakness, he has no choice but to accept.

Nihan realizes that if she is with a man she hates, she will lose her happiness. and that will never make her happy.

Kemal's return

It's been 5 years since Kemal left Istanbul and continues to work in the mine assigned to him.

One day while working in the mine, an explosion occurs and thanks to Kemal, a greater evil is prevented.

Thanks to this action, he rises in rank and becomes an important engineer.

He decides to return to Istanbul to regain some of the life he lost when he left.

Upon her return, she finds that the love of her life, Nihan, has been forced to marry Emir.

He and Emir are completely different people and the two will fight for her, but in very different ways.

Nihan is shared between the love of her life and the man who keeps her brother out of jail.

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nihan and kemal kara sevda sub english

How many chapters does the Turkish serie Endless Love (Kara Sevda) have?

The Turkish serie Kara Sevda has 2 seasons and a total of 74 chapters.

The first season had 35 episodes and the second season had 39 episodes with a cliffhanger ending.

As always, being series with audio in English or dubbed, the length of the chapters is shortened.

That's why, In English, Kara Sevda has 198 chapters instead of 74 (It remains the same, but shorter chapters and a larger volume will be created).

If you want to watch Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, chapter 17, chapter 18, chapter 19, chapter 20, chapter 21, chapter 22, chapter 23, chapter 24, chapter 25, chapter 26, chapter 27... last chapter 64 of Endless love Go all the way down and enjoy in English!

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You can also enjoy the final chapter of Kara Sevda in English and the first chapter.

Kara sevda official trailer for the Turkish series

Endless Love trailer lets us know the love story of Nihan, Kemal and Emir.

First we watch how in love they are young Nihan and Kemal enjoy their love for Turkey.

The first problem arises when families find out about their relationship and hinder it because they come from different social classes.

Despite the problems, Nihan and Kemal continue their relationship and are happy.

until Kemal is said to be working in a mine far from Istanbul. and must leave Nihan alone.

She is forced at this time to marry Emir, a rich and powerful man who has been in love with her all her life.

After 5 years, Kemal returns to Istanbul and rekindles the feelings Nihan always had for him.

Emir, a suspicious and cold man, immediately suspects that there is something strange between them and investigates it.

He would never allow Nihan to date another man and will do everything in his power to prevent it.

Will Nihan and Kemal manage to end up together? What will become of Emir?

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Where can I watch the Turkish serie Endless Love (Kara Sevda)?

Kara Sevda aired on Star Tv in Turkey between 2015 and 2017.

Then it was broadcast in more than 50 countries, but we will focus on Spain and Latin America.

In Spain it was issued under the name Kara Sevda: Endless Love through Divinity but now you can only watch paid.

In Latin America it was also broadcast on public channels like Telefe with names like Black Love, Endless Love, Stolen Love...

Currently it is difficult to find Turkish serie Kara Sevda with all chapters in English.

Therefore at Turkish-series.org We wanted to make a list of all the full chapters by Kara Sevda in English.

The two complete seasons with their first chapter and without forgetting the last chapter.

So don't miss the beautiful love story of Nihan and Kemal in Kara Sevda!

Characters of the Turkish series Kara sevda

characters of kara sevda english

In this section we will talk about the characters involved in the Turkish serie Endless Love and their stories.


Kemal is a calm, responsible, hardworking man of modest class.

His dream is to become a great mining engineer and he is studying very hard to achieve that while working.

He met Nihan while working as a yacht repairman in the port of Istanbul.

She comes into his life and gives him all the happiness, adventure and love he needed but didn't know.

However, their love has problems because of their different social classes.

Kemal is assigned to a mine far from Istanbul that is splitting from Nihan.

After a few years, while studying a mine, something goes wrong and an accident happens, which thanks to him doesn't get any worse.

For this he is promoted and becomes a powerful engineer.

After 5 years since his departure, he returns to Istanbul but finds that Nihan is married to Emir.


Nihan is a first class girl, but she feels very different from the people around her. and even his own family.

She is cheerful, impulsive, funny and always has a smile on her face.

in the harbour She meets Kemal and immediately falls in love with him and they even get tattooed together.

Shortly after their love, Kemal is assigned to a mine outside of Istanbul and she promises to wait for him.

But her twin brother Ozan is involved in a murder and only she can help him.

Emir is an arrogant and selfish man who has always stood behind Nihan but she never loved him.

At this point, she can only accept help for her brother if she marries him.

This is like Cheerful Nihan must give up her happiness, love and life to protect her brother who has an illness.


Emir is a cold, selfish, aggressive man and he's obsessed with Nihan because it's the only thing he couldn't get.

The basis of his life is money and power, although he has never worked for anything.

He is so in love with Nihan that he offers her marriage to save his brother from prison.

His life gets complicated when Kemal shows up and realizes how he was able to lose his wife.

But for Emir there is nothing that can separate NIhan from his side and he will do anything to get Kemal out of the way.


Ozan is Nihan's twin brother. and while he's not a bad person, he lives in a different reality.

Ever since he was a child, he had an illness that made the whole family overly protective of him.

It is the weakness of Nihan, who is willing to marry a man she hates to save him from jail.

Finally fed up with his family's overprotectiveness, Ozan marries a woman who only wants to play with him.


Zeynep is Kemal's sister but they have nothing in common although she behaves in front of him.

While Kemal is hardworking and responsible, She only wants power and wealth.

She falls in love with Emir, but her dream is thwarted when he rejects her because he is in love with Nihan.

She wants yes or yes to belong to the upper class and get closer to Emir, so she hatches a plan.

The plan is to seduce and marry Ozan, Nihan's brother, and live in the same house as Emir.

Curiosities of the Turkish serie Endless Love

In this section we will talk about all the off-camera details of the Turkish series Endless Love, including its awards, actors and soundtrack.

Kara Sevda is one of the most awarded Turkish series

Kara Sevda (Stolen Love) is one of the most successful Turkish series and it is reflected in their awards.

She has been nominated for awards in 2015, 2016, 2017 and even 2021.

And since then they are not only prizes in Turkey He has won prizes in France, Spain, Korea, England...

Some of these awards he has won were for Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best International Teleseriea...

So this is one of the best Turkish series and series.

Endless Love has aired in more than 50 countries

What started out as a free Turkish series in Turkey was called Kara Sevda spread to more than 50 countries.

Including Spain, Latin America, Iraq, Russia, Greece, France, Germany, England...

Also, Kara Sevda's name has been translated into English in more than 5 different ways.

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