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What is Erkenci Kus about?

Here you have one Biography or summary of the Turkish serie Erkenci kus: Dreaming Bird and under the trailer:

The protagonist of this series is Sanem Aydi, a young woman from a humble neighborhood who dreams of becoming a great writer. His family let him know that if he can't get a steady job, he'll have to marry his neighbor Muzaffer. Sanem has to choose between a permanent job or an arranged wedding.

So Sanem turns to his sister Leyla for help, who gets him a job at the company she works for, a large advertising agency called Fikri Harika. Leyla is the secretary of Emre Divit, the owner's son, and is secretly in love with him.

On the other hand we have Can divit, a famous photographer who considers himself a free spirited person. Can usually travels the world and does not participate in his father's company like his brother Emre.

At the company anniversary party Can Divit returns home and his father asks him to take over the business because he is seriously ill. He also needs me to help him find a mole that will share information and help his competitor Aylin.

Given the vulnerable situation of the company and the delicate illness of his father, Can’s no choice but to accept the offer. With all of this you will get the his brother Emre, the real mole and Aylin's lover (the company's competitor), die of jealousy and envy. Emre will end up looking for a way to annoy his brother.

How are Sanem and Can Divit known?

The company anniversary is celebrated in an opera, into which Sanem, who is invited to the agency, sneaks in accidentally and unintentionally on Can's dark balcony. Without imagining what really happened Can kisses Sanem passionately, believing that she is his friend Pollen.

When Sanem comes from the balcony, he notices it fell in love with this stranger and gave him an alias: Albatros. So she decides to find out who Albatros is, the stranger who kissed her passionately.

Additionally, Emre Divit uses Sanem's innocence to deceive her. He convinces him that Can is a bad and selfish man, that he will help the company sell it. So Sanem becomes involved in Emre's lies and deceptions.

In the meantime she is torn between two men: Albatros, whom she's still in love with since that passionate kiss, and Can, whom he says he hates for not wanting to admit that he has started to feel love for him. Although she still has no idea that it is the same person.

Can falls in love with her and eventually finds out she is the girl he kissed. But love doesn't last long because Can deviates from her belief that she is engaged to another man although it's a lie from Emre who keeps trying to annoy him.

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erkenci kus: early bird in english

How many chapters and seasons does the Turkish serie Erkenci Kus have?

It has a season of 51 episodes (in the original version). On our side you have all full chaptersalthough the number may vary as it has been adapted for English audio.

The serie's Erkenci Kus aired in Turkey on July 26, 2018, but arrived in Spain in 2019 thanks to the television platform and channel Divinity.

Erkenci Kus Trailer: Dreamy Bird

This is the trailer for the Turkish serie Erkenci Kus: Early Bird, the story that blends romance, revenge and drama and has managed to arouse the passion of thousands of followers.

on the official trailer for Dreamy Bird A moment comes when Sanem avoids marrying his neighbor and gets a job at the advertising agency where his sister Leyla works.

We can also watch the arrival of Can at the company, who only attracts the attention of all workers by his presence. And finally, Can and Sanem's passionate kiss on the opera balcony. The most beautiful and romantic kiss of all Turkish series there is. What a dream kiss!

Erkenci Kus characters: Early Bird

Sanem aydin

She is a young woman from a humble neighborhood who is characterized by its innocence and her quest to become a famous writer. At some point his parents warn him that he will have to marry his neighbor and that he will not get a permanent job.

Sanem decides to put his dreams aside and show what he is capable of. He gets a job as a personal assistant at the important agency where his sister works.

Can divit

He is a famous world famous photographer. He watchs himself as a free person, likes to travel around the world and is not interested in working in the family business.

To help his father and the company that is badly doing, he decides to take the position of Creative Director. That's where He will meet Sanem, the girl who will drive him crazy from the first moment.

Emre Divit

He is Can’s little brother and his dream is to run his father’s agency. To achieve his goal, he can sabotage his brother and ally himself with the competition (Aylin).

Sanem will be the person who will endanger his target and because of this, he will deceive her and entangle her against Can Divit.

Leyla Aydin

She is Sanem's older sister. He loves to work and She is the management assistant at Emre Divit, with whom she is madly in love.

He helps his sister get a job in the agency, where she has been working for a long time.

Aziz Divit

He is the father of Can and Emre Divit. It is considered the advertising guru in Turkey. He's headed one of the best advertising agencies for many years but decided it was time to retire.

Get Can back and work for the company, and asks for your help in finding the mole that made him refuse.

Aylin yuksel

It is the competence of the family company Divit. Is a person ambitious and vengeful. She manages to find an ally within the Divit company to help her with her plan to destroy this business.

Zebercet (or Muzaffer)

He is a friend of Sanem and in love with her, however his love is unrequited. He is a shy and introverted young man, but very funny.

erkenci kus sub eng

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Curiosities of the Turkish serie Erkenci Kus: Early Bird

Did you know that Can Yaman is the protagonist of this serie?

This serie made him famous! But it is not his first acting job in a Turkish serie, he had already recorded the serie Dolunay a year earlier.

Dolunay or Erkenci Kus?

It's a very difficult question ... In the two series, Can Yaman is the protagonist, but the leading actress changes. US we prefer dreamy birds by Demet √Ėzdemir, the actress who plays Sanem.

If you prefer Dolunay leave it in the comments or on our Facebook group full of fans of all Turkish series.

Which side can I watch Erkenci Kus on? What platform did this serie start?

Erkenci Kus aired on Divinity and on telemundo. Currently lTo be found in the successful premieres of mitele, Mediaset or Telecinco.

We offer you the chapters that will be uploaded youtube, dailymotion or facebook.

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