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What is Hercai about?

The Turkish series Hercai is a Turkish serie about revenge and love, which became very popular and won the award for the best Turkish series of 2019.

This is the chronicle of the revenge of the Aslanbey family nucleus. This revenge is directed by Miran Aslanbey, it is a revenge against Sadoglu, one of the most powerful families of Midyat.

This revenge is carried out after the murder of his father and the torture and kidnapping of Miran's mother.

Miran began to do business with the Sadoglu family, a whole operation to begin his revenge by locating the weak points of the family core.

Thus begins a story in which Miran Aslanbey has the opportunity to get acquainted with Reyyan, the non-biological granddaughter of the great leader of the Sadoglu nuclear family, Grandfather Nasuh.

Before concluding a deal with the Sadoglu nuclear family, Miran asks Nasuh to marry Reyyan. Nasuh is not entirely sure of this initiative, but he has no choice but to admit and force his granddaughter to marry our protagonist.

The love story between Reyyan Sadoglu and Miran Aslanbey

Reyyan never wanted to marry Miran, but the protagonist makes various efforts to fall in love with her, and eventually manages to fall in love with her, being quite persistent. Reyanbey's sense of revenge is not enough for him to take revenge and live without putting stones in his way.

Miran's sense of revenge has never abated, even if as the series progresses we can see that he slowly falters and begins to fall in love with Reyyan, but the patient is waiting to discover a way to take revenge.

After marrying Reyyan, they spend their first night and take their virginity. Our protagonist leaves his fiancée, thus taking the first step towards his revenge, because no other would want to marry Reyyan by depriving him of chastity.

After this revenge, Miran realizes that his suffering has not disappeared, but that he is still suffering, not from revenge, but from love. Then he begins to fight to win them back, dealing with his own family and the Sadoglu nuclear family.

How many episodes and seasons does the Turkish serie Hercai have?

The Turkish series Hercai officially has 3 seasons and a total of 69 episodes, each episode lasts 90 minutes (1 ¬Ĺ hours).

In Turkey, she won the award for best series, and now, with the current release of Hercai season 3, she is also a triumph in the West, especially in Spain and Latin America.

To explain the question of the chapters, it is indicated on our website whether the soap opera is complete or not.

Trailer Hercai (PRIDE)

He first shows a charming woman trying to build a future for herself, Reyyan from the Saglodu family, who is on the way to the longed-for independence.

After a little mishap with Miran from the Aslanbey family, he tries to help her by putting her in a car to take her to the clinic.

Miran already knows that she is from the Saglodu nuclear family, so she seizes the opportunity to appear with him as soon as they arrive at his home, so his grandfather Nasuh and his whole family are surprised.

Then we see Miran confidently enter the mansion, greet Nasuh, and Reyyan's sister accuses him of appearing with Miran since she wants to marry Miran.

Miran then asks Nasuh to marry Reyyan in order to further her upcoming journey.

Reyyan at first does not want to get married, but eventually trusts Miran and falls in love with him.

Miran constantly has his revenge in mind and does everything to get revenge. He does not appreciate the time he spends with his true love Reyyan, because she will use him to fulfill his greatest desire.

Characters from Turkish Serie Hercai

Miran Aslanbey

Our Turkish protagonist and actor will be the one to carry out his long-awaited revenge, entirely influenced by his grandmother Azize Aslanbey, and for this he will have to do unimaginable things.

Reyyan Sadoglu

Our other protagonist and great actress, she will be a victim of revenge, she will fall into Miran's clutches, but she will realize that Miran really wants her. Or not, you have to find out for yourself!

Aziz Aslanbey

She is Miran Aslanbey's grandmother and the boss of the family nucleus, will constantly influence Miran to take revenge, feed his Ego and turn our protagonist into a villain that he really isn't.

Nasuh Sadoglu

He is the head of the Sadoglu family nucleus, Reyyan's grandfather, who treats our protagonist very badly, forcing her to get married and think about the business and profits the family could make.

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Curiosities from Hercai (PRIDE)

Did you know that the Saglodu family mansion is an air museum with little dependence on Syria?

It is one of the most famous destinations in the metropolis and admission is totally free.

Did you know that the protagonist Miran has a girlfriend in real life and that his relationship after the series has been affected?

After so many romantic scenes next to Reyyan Saglodu, his relationship with his girlfriend and wife has been affected by some means, even if it is not official.

Did you know that Hercai is based on an older novel by a Turkish creator?

It is based on the novel by S√ľmeyye Ko√ß, the title of which translates as "pride", for this reason, the series Hercai is sometimes also called "pride".

Actor Nasuh Saglodu plays, is in the Hospital and the sick

Turkish actor Macit Son has a successful contagious disease and had to stop filming and creating in the Turkish series Pride (Hercai

He's already good since 2021 being monitored and leisure

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