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Watch Turkish Serie Kalp Yarasi (Wound of the Heart) in English

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What is the Turkish serie Wound of the Heart (Kalp Yarasi) about?

Kalp Yarasi is a free Turkish series that premiered in 2021 and is a hit in Turkey and it will surely be broadcasting in English soon.

Heart wound (Kalp Yarasi) is a Turkish romance series, comedies and drama series are in the air.

Here you have one Synopsis of the Turkish serie Wound of the Heart (Kalp Yarasi):

The protagonist of our story is Ferit Sancakzade, a handsome man, well and with a life practically planned by his mother Azade.

Azade Sancakzade is a determined woman who adores her children and she is looking for the best daughter-in-law for her, especially her youngest son Ferit.

There is also in the Sancakzade family Adnan, Ferit's father and Ferit's sister-in-law and brother named Sinan. They all live together in the family villa and farm in Antakya.

Ferit and Handes wedding in Kalp Yarasi

The love story in The wound of the heart (Kalp Yarasi) begins with the preparation of a wedding between Ferit and Handethat everyone is happy about.

Hande is the daughter of a powerful and wealthy family from Antakya. She has been friends with Ferit since childhood, they have always been together.

Their families have known since childhood that they wanted to bring their children together, so their wedding will be entirely planned by Azades and Handel's mother.

Happily, Ferit and Hande were very much in love and it wasn't a problem for her.

However, three days before the wedding, a problem arises that changes everything and turns their lives upside down.

In the story it is necessary to present Yaman, the son of the farmer in the house where Ferit lives and grew up. They are like brothers, they know each other like no one else and are always together.

Yaman, Ferit and Hande have been inseparable friends since childhood. Although Yaman was secretly in love with Hande, he knew that he couldn't do anything with her.

He was always Ferit's shadow a simple clerk in a rich boy's home, full of facilities and privileges to have money.

Nevertheless, In a meeting that Yaman and Hande have alone, we learn that they are lovers and that they kiss.

To your bad luck Ferit watchs her and goes mad Pack and leave Antakya to return to Istanbul.

Ferit and Ayshe meet for the first time in Kalp Yarasi

On the other side of the love trio we have Ayshe (or Aishe), a girl from a humble family who lost her parents and trying to make a living.

Ayshe works among other things as a waitress and walking dogs and fate coincidentally meets Ferit in Istanbul.

She is walking the dogs in a park when she watchs another dog being abandoned and goes to him.

The dog is crossing the street and right now Ferit, who drove over him with anger, does not watch him and runs over him without wanting to.

Between Ferit and Ayshe, they pick him up and take him to the nearest vet so they can help, and when they're done Ayshe invites him to coffee in April where they work.

There they stay alone and get to know each other better, Ferit is fascinated by the positivity, enthusiasm and smile that Aishe brings to adversity and problems.

The next day she is walking through the dark night of Istanbul with a very close friend when she is attacked by two boys.

In a fight to defend himself against them, his friend intervenes in the attack and reciprocates by stabbing one of them.

At that moment the police come and they arrest the good boy, Ayshe gives the police his version, but it is not enough, so they put him in jail.

kalp yarasi aishe dubbed english

The deal between Ferit and Ayshe

Ferit gets a visit from his brother in the hotel where he lives, Sinan tries to convince him to come home because his mother is bad for him.

Ferit remembers a sentence Ayshe told him when she told him about the problem of their marriage: If I were you I would settle in Antakya with another girl.

With this crazy idea, which the girl said half-jokingly, Ferit convinces his brother to return to Antakya and get married.

But the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčmarrying Handa doesn't fit in his head, so he goes in search of Aishe to propose a deal.

He promises her money so she can start her own business and make your dream come true in exchange for going home and marrying him.

At first she rejects him, criticizing him for believing money can buy her, and although it was not his intention, he eventually insults her.

But when Aishe goes to a lawyer to defend her friend and realizes how much money it will cost, she decides to accept Ferit's offer.

The marriage lasts 6 months, and all of the money will then be paid out to you while you take a small advance.

The wedding of Ferit and Ayshe in Wound of the heart

Ferit calls Hande for the first time since watching her infidelity, telling her he won't marry her and that their love story is over.

She refuses to take it and tells her parents and Ferit's parents that everything is fine and that there will be a wedding.

Nevertheless, On the wedding day, when hands are drawn and everything is ready, Ferit shows up with Ayshe to marry her.

The wedding turns into a spectacle in which the entire Ferit family leaves because of the scandal, as they do not understand their son's decision.

Yet, Ferit and Ayse get married and live together on his farm.

You're all in trouble, though Hande refuses to accept this marriage and also has the help of Azade, Ferit's mother.

And it gets worse when Hande accidentally shoots Aishe, strengthening the humble girl's relationship with Ferit.

The love story between Ferit and Aise is born and maybe the six months they agreed to be together are short.

The shops of the Sancakzade and Varoglu families

Ferit's family and Handel's family are some of the most powerful in Antakya, hence they work in business partners.

When the wedding incident happened, Handel's father called Huseyin refuses to do business and breaks the agreements he made with Adnan.

But over time and Hande comes up with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčbeing friends with Ferit so that he can fall in love with her again, has a better idea.

Because Ferit works with his family, which he is half forced to do because he is actually a lawyer and is enthusiastic about his job.

Hande decides to take responsibility for the business instead of Huseyin, so she goes side by side with Ferit. workto whom it doesn't give an iota of grace.

On the other hand, Hade's mother, Zumrut, tries to get her daughter to rethink and ask her to leave Ferit alone.

Zumrut unintentionally found out the truth and the secret of his daughter and now he doesn't understand her insistence on the boy after betraying him.

He is also left alone with Yaman to yell at him and force him to leave hands alone as he is just an employee with no more and has no future with her.

Ferit and Aishe, animal lovers

What united Ayshe and Ferit and made them meet was the mugging of an abandoned puppy, but neither knew they were both animal lovers.

On the one hand, Ferit has a horse that he treats like his son and his name is Storm.

The horse was abandoned and untamed, but he patiently made it his. Now nobody can get to this horse because it only wants Ferit.

Aishe will watch it as a little challenge and with patience, love and food will try to stroke it and one day be able to ride it.

She also loves animals, and Ferit finds out when he watchs that after leaving work very late, he Aishe goes downstairs to feed the stray cats.

Also, that one of Aish's jobs is walking the dog says a lot, and when the puppy was run over she wanted to take care of the expenses.

Because of this, They are both in love with their animals and it is something that they have in common and that will bond them deeply.

If you want to know more about the love story of Ferit and Ayshe, don't hesitate to view all full chapters in English with subtitles by clicking the view chapters button!

kalp yarasi with english voices

How many chapters does the Turkish serie Wound of the Heart (Kalp Yarasi) have?

The Turkish Series Wound of the Heart (Kalp Yarasi) It only has one season and is currently broadcasting in Turkey.

The broadcast began on June 28, 2021 and the number of episodes that will air is unknown. Therefore, it is not known how long the Turkish series will last.

The chapters have an approximate duration of 2 hoursalthough it will likely be 45 minute episodes when it airs in other countries.

Given the new trend in Turkey towards making miniseries, it is not surprising that the Turkish serie Wounds of the Heart is short.

If you want to watch Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, chapter 17, chapter 18, chapter 19, chapter 20 ... of Heart wound (Kalp Yarasi) and enjoy!

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Trailer of Heart wound (Kalp Yarasi) Turkish serie

The official trailer of the Turkish serie Kalp Yarasi is subtitled in English, so we will translate what he teaches here.

Don't worry there the Turkish serie Wound of the Heart will be complete on our site in English with subtitles, not in English.

In the Kalp Yarasi trailer we watch how Ferit and Hande were in love and had a wonderful life together.

While Yaman, their best friend, held back the anger that she was secretly in love with them and behind his best friend, almost brother.

We watch the scene in which Ferit is cheating with his best friend Yaman and he runs off in his car to get away from there.

What the trailer of this free Turkish series does not teach, to my regret, is our beautiful and charismatic Ayshe.

If you'd like to learn more about the story of Ferit and Aishe, don't hesitate to read all of the full chapters in English with online subtitles by hitting the view chapters button!

Where to watch the Turkish serie Heart wound (Kalp Yarasi)?

For now, Heart wound is transmitted as Kalp Yarasi in Turkey. The program is broadcast every Monday on the Turkish channel ATV.

Due to its good viewer data, there is already talk of a future broadcast in Spain and countries like Italy or Latin America.

As we know today, the most famous television networks broadcast the series at peak times due to the popularity and the number of people who watch them.

It should also be said that its issuance can take place through payment platforms but if you want to save that money, do not hesitate to see Heart Wound (Kalp Yarasi) for free and online on our website.

Figures from the Turkish roman wounds of the heart (Kalp Yarasi)

Ferit Sancakzade

It is the prota of the Turkish series Kalp Yarasi. An honest, passionate and good-natured man.

He is in love with Hande, his fiancée, until he sees him hugging his childhood best friend, Yaman.

He eventually made a deal with a girl he had just met but he loved him, Ayshe, for her to fake a wedding with him.

What Ferit, our favorite lawyer, won't know is that he will fall in love with Aishe on his fake wedding day. You will love his personality and the way he sees life.

They turn out to be very different, but you do run a few bontia and your first kiss will leave us all heartbroken.


He is the son of the farmer who runs the mansion where the Sancakzade family live. von diminuto grew up with Ferit and Hande as higher friends.

He was constantly in love with hands, secretly and in the shadow of Ferit, who is always excellent in everything and is also quite rich.

His friendship with Ferit is broken once he finds Hande his lover and later starts making bad decisions.

Like both of them, his father is quite ill and with him brings a huge secret to the grave.

However, Yaman is unable to see him because of the resentment he holds for constantly raising him to judge the Sancakzade family as kings. And he treated Ferit better than he did.

Azade Sancakzade

She is the mother of Ferit and Sinan, always serious and demanding with your children, your husband and everyone around you.

She is quite a wealthy woman obsessed with defending your family, the rules and your son Ferit's marriage to Hande, the exclusivity that you accept as a daughter-in-law.

Even if the marriage has been annulled and Ferit is alive with Aishe, do not hesitate to position yourself in favor of Hande by trampling Ayshe.

Everyone respects you and abides by your guidelines except Ayshe, who puts his face on his affairs and practices and does not stand under his feet and violate any of the rules of the mansion.

Hande Varoglu

Daughter of one of the most powerful families in Antakya. She has been in love with Ferit since she was very young and even became his fiancée.

The problem came when he turned Yaman into his lover, whom he also cared about.

With ferit's refusal, he refuses to leave you and starts chasing and molesting him, even showing up in front of him with a gun.

In that fateful moment, someone injures himself and Hande goes to jail without knowing what will happen to him.

She finally assumes to be friends with Ferit so that he falls in love with you again and leaves Ayse.


She is a humble daughter who lost her parents when she was little and had to find her life to move forward.

She has several jobs as a waitress or dog walker, but neither the money to have an optimal apartment.

In a coincidence of fate he meets Ferit and the two help each other, in what you get to know you really love each other.

She goes through complex situations where your leader fires you for being late and your best friend who is in love with you goes to jail to defend you from two criminals.

So she decides to take up the offer to be Ferit's wife for 6 months in exchange for an enormous amount of money with which to afford the lawyer and start your own business.

Things are complicated by ferit's family core, more than anything with Ms. Azade not accepting it and making your story in the mansion hell.

he must also bear the anger and anger of Von Hande, Ferit's ex-fiancé, over you, and there comes a time when it seems that he can no longer do it.

Despite everything, she is an optimistic woman with character and with a lot of positivity and triumph of smiles.

Adnan Sancakzade

He is the father of Ferit and Sinan. He was a man who didn't have big things and now he's a businessman thanks to his marriage to Azade.

However, he disagreed with many of his lady's decisions, although he preferred to keep silent frequently to avoid inconvenience.

He was the first and almost exclusive to support Ferit in his wedding to Aishe.

He also keeps dark secrets about Ferit and Yaman, along with the boy's father.

Sinan Sancakzade

He is Ferit's older brother. He is married and lives in the family villa with his wife and daughter.

Everyone follows the rules of Azade, to which his wife is invisible.

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