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What is the Turkish serie (Kardeslerim about?

The Turkish serie My Brothers (Kardeslerim) is a Turkish drama with small romantic and adventurous influences.

Here is the summary of Kardeslerim and his entire argument:

This story begins with a family consisting of the marriage of Veli and Hatice.

They are a couple who love each other very much and have four children: Kadir, Omer, Asiye and Emel.

Although they live in a humble neighborhood and are not rich, they form a happy family that respects and loves each other very much.

One day, Mrs. Hatice accepts a neighbor's request, Akif, to drive home instead of walking.

Due to fateful circumstances They have an accident that kills her and Akif tries his best to hide it.

Veli cannot accept that his wife died accidentally as everything watchms very strange to him.

After much research, he discovers that Akif was involved.

The problems of the brothers

Hatice confronts Akif about his wife's death and Akif points a gun at her.

withdraw from him Hatice falls through a building and dies from the impact.

Kadir, Omer, Asiye and Emel are orphaned and devastated by the loss of their parents.

Akif makes sure no one knows what happened to Hatice or Veli, but there's one thing he doesn't know.

One person was hiding when Hatice died and recorded everything on his cell phone, and now he's using it to blackmail Akif.

He doesn't know what to do and has to give in to whatever this person asks of him.

He also doesn't want to tell his wife anything, but his ex, the mother of his children, watchs what he's doing.

Secondly, Kadir must take over the Eren family and take care of his older brothers.

They will ask their uncle for help to welcome them into his home, but they are already a large and very humble family.

Since they cannot stay there, Kadir asks him to please let them sleep in the barn.

A story of overcoming

Work, study, overcome... That's what they have to do these 4 brothers who never stop having obstacles in life.

And when things watchm to settle down, the truth about his parents' deaths is revealed.

This will have serious consequences since the head of the family, Kadir, is Melissa's boyfriend.

Melissa is the youngest daughter of Akif, the murderer of Veli and Hatice.

And not only that, Asiye will also suffer for Doruk, Akif's son.

You will love this story about overcoming drama and romance and will keep you glued to the screen all day.

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How many episodes and seasons does the turkish serie Kardeslerim (My Family) have?

The Turkish serie Kardeslerim It has 2 seasons and 56 chapters in total.

Season 1 had a total of 18 episodes and the second season has 38 episodes.

The average length of the chapters is 120 to 150 minutes.

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Kardeslerim - Official trailer

In the Kardeslerim trailer, we learn the tragic story of 4 brothers who had an ideal life, but problems began.

The mother of these children suddenly dies and their father Veli tries to find the culprit until he does.

He ends up dying and these four children are orphans and the eldest, Kadir, must assume the role of head of the family.

Trouble continues when the boys cannot pay for the house and are left on the streets.

Her uncle wants to take care of her but there are 4 more mouths to feed and he has little money They all live in a barn.

Despite the problems, the boys continue to study, work and take care of the youngest of the family, Emel.

If you want to know more about this story of courage and overcoming...

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Where can I watch the turkish serie Kardeslerim?

The Turkish serie Kardeslerim was broadcast in Turkey on the ATV channel.

Despite its success and being renewed for a season 2, It has not previously aired in any English-speaking country.

This means that Kardeslerim is only available in English with subtitles.

Don't worry, because in turkishseriestv.org we'll upload the full chapters of Kardeslerim in English if it is issued in Latam or Spain.

The first chapter of the first season aired in February 2021 and in the same year the season ended.

Season 2 started in September 2021 and the final chapter was released on June 11, 2022.

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Characters from the turkish series Kardeslerim

In this section we talk about the main characters of the Turkish serie Kardeslerim and their stories.

Akif Atakul

Akif is a serious, cold man involved in somewhat illegal business dealings. which leads to many problems.

Except that he has businesses that make him a well-known and wealthy man.

He is married and has two children: Doruk and Melissa, although they are children of his ex-wife Nebahat, in whom he has great confidence.

Akif is involved in Hatice's death. and to cover up this death, he ends Hatice's life as well.

Although he hides his crimes well, a person threatens him with a video that gives him away.


He is the eldest son of the Eren family and He must assume the role of head of the family when his parents die.

Although he is very hardworking and humble, he has always been the most distant of the brothers and even towards his parents.

He has a relationship with Melissa, Akif's daughter, but they get into trouble when all the information about her parents' murder comes to light.

Asiye Eren

Asiye is the twin of Omer and a very hardworking, cheerful and loving girl.

She was always close to her parents, her siblings and took good care of and treated them all.

His life falls apart when they die, but he is a mainstay for his brothers and supports them in any way he can.

She is in love with DorukAkif's son and his older brother's brother-in-law.

Omer Eren

Omer is Asiye's adoptive twin and Although he is not Veli and Hatice's son, it is as if he were one for the family.

He has a special personality as he tries to help his older brother as much as possible because he doesn't want him to carry all the burden.

Work and learn as much as you can to get ahead with his brothers.

Emel Eren

Emel is the youngest daughter of Veli and Hatice's marriage.

When her parents die, she is very sad and her brothers have to take care of her, dress her, feed her...

Despite all the problems, Emel is a very sweet, pretty girl who loves her family very much.

Curiosities of the turkish serie Kardeslerim

In this section we talk about turkish serie My Family, its off-camera details, awards, production, sets, Turkish actors...

Alp Yenier soundtrack

If there's one thing we like about Turkish series, this is it that the music accompanies the scene well and even make us cry or suffer at some point.

Alp Yenier is a Turkish composer who doesn't have the fame he deserves.

The complete Kardeslerim soundtrack was composed by Alp Yenier but it is not the only Turkish series.

Novels like The Ambassador's Daughter, My Left Side or Cruel City also have the soundtrack by Alp Yenier.

The antagonist is the turkish actor Celil Nalcakan

Celil Nalcakan plays the character of Akif Atakul who has a complicated role and a bad personality in this serie.

Akif is the killer of the parents of the 4 boys who make up the main characters of Kardeslerim.

This actor might look familiar to you because you've watchn him in many series...

The first Turkish series he took part in was Sila in 2016 and he was also watchn in series like Intikam or Poyraz Karayel.

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