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Orphaned Synopsis: What is this serie about?

Here you have one Summary or biography of the Turkish serie Orphans:

This dramatic story begins with Eylül a beautiful young girl still in high school. She lives with her pregnant mother and stepfather in a modest house in a poor neighborhood.

Her problems start when her stepfather harasses and persecutes her. She lives in fear and fear of having to share a house with him.

One day he'll decide It's time to tell your mother, but the woman does not believe a word of him, she refuses to distrust her partner, let alone leave him. So make a drastic decision.

She had to choose between her husband or daughter, and she chose to stick with that man. What is more Eylül refuses by taking her to an orphanage and denies being his legal guardian.

Eylul was angry, sad and frustrated because her mother, her closest confidante, had not believed her and left her, and she kept crying in disbelief.

After signing the custody papers, there Eylül was only 16 years old, He decided to talk and argue with his daughter, but she yelled at him to leave.

Eylül in the orphanage

Everything shouldn't be bad for our little Eylul. When she was in the orphanage, she met some girls who were to become her best friends.

Cemre, Kader, Meral and Songül. These girls were now Eylul's support and confidante. They formed a group, and thank God, the girls who lived in an orphanage were rejected by the other youths.

Problems remained for Eylul as no public school wanted girls with a bad reputation who came from an orphanage in their classes in order to avoid disruption.

then Feride, the social worker at the orphanage, He decided to speak to a private school in the area and managed to convince them to accept his students.

All thanks to the fact that the not long open orphanage had settled in the affluent part of the city.

Eylül and her friends at their new high school

It watchmed that life did not stop preventing poor Eylül from doing this as soon as she arrived at her new school he began to be bullied by the city's wealthy children.

Neither the girls nor the boys of the place did anything to help their new companions and to integrate them, only they made life even more impossible for them. They messed up with his clothes, his condition, his orphanage and myriad things.

The story leaves a very sad aftertaste on us when we think of everything that Eylul and her four friends had to go through who have been in danger many times throughout history.

Although there was a handsome boy, Eylul's classmate, who took an interest in her and tried to be her friend, without much success. She just wanted to be left alone once and for all.

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How many seasons and how many chapters does the Turkish serie have orphans?

It has 3 seasons and a total of 113 chapters. The original duration of the episodes is 120 minutes. It is currently broadcast on TV and on YouTube.

This Turkish series first aired on June 29, 2015 and its last airing in Turkey was on March 12, 2018. It was nominated for Best Drama Series 2016 but he didn't win the award.

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Trailer of the Turkish serie Orphans in English

the Official trailer for the orphan We watch Eylül in the kitchen washing the dishes and the arrival of her stepfather, who takes her in his arms without letting her go.

A heartbroken Eylul tells her mother the reality and cries when she watchs that no one believes her. Then it appears in the trailer when her mother signs the papers to leave them in the orphanage.

So we watch the tears and sorrows of little Eylül with her first problems.

Where can I watch the Turkish serie Orphans? On which platform is the Turkish series Orphans running?

This serie cannot be found in mitele (Mediaset), in ATresplayer or in Amazon Prime. On our page turkishseriestv.org the videos come from Youtube, Dailymotion or Facebook.

In some Latin American countries it was broadcast on Telefe, a very famous serie station, on Latele and on Channel 13.

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Characters from the Turkish series Orphans

Eylül (Biran Damla Yilmaz)

It is the protagonist of the series. Everything starts when you tries to evade his abusive stepfather, and he tells his mother about it in search of support. Although in the end she ends up alone in an orphanage.

During the seasons he goes through many ups and downs: kidnappings, love, losses ... But in the end he finds love and is happy.

Songül (Gökce Akyildiz)

One of the most popular characters among the public. She is a young, combative and courageous girl. She had a difficult childhood, losing her mother when she was very young and her father was murdered.

She is considered to be the bravest and bravest and has a phrase that became famous on the series: "And I will beat you."

He trained with Güney. one of the most beautiful couples in the serie, the boy she lives with and is expecting a child.

Squad (Cagla Irmak)

Our sweet girl was abandoned by her mother as a newborn. When he met her again, he refused her again.

In the end, he managed to get in touch with the rest of his family, who were surprisingly wealthy. He suffered a lot from it too cheated and almost raped.

Cemre (Hazar Motan)

The girl with the most difficulties and with open foreheads. She came from a wealthy family and had great difficulty adjusting to life in the poverty of the orphanage.

She falls in love with Serkan, Eylul's ex-boyfriend and you will suffer greatly if you feel guilty for betraying your friend. And the boy's family will reject them.

Meral (Aleyna Solaker)

The one who was without a doubt the most wrong. Meral was considered an illegitimate daughter and ended up in the orphanage. She had great difficulty adjusting to the circle of friends.

He did something very ugly ... She tried to pretend to be her friend, Cader to keep all the money from his wealthy family. Although he regretted it and focused his life on being a singer and finding love.

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If you liked this Turkish serie because of its plots, entanglements, dramas ... In this list I will leave you the best Turkish series similar to orphans

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Why watch the Turkish serie Orphans?

It is a serie that deals with very diverse and complex subjects. I think any woman will empathize with these girls a lot. The motto of this Tekeseriea is: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

The topics of love and heartbreak have always taken me deeply, there are very nice love stories in this series.

The subject of Rape, kidnapping, harassment, bullying ... These are things that happen in every country today and today and it is appreciated that one becomes more aware of these things.

It has a sad and dark ending for one of my favorite characters. But I'm glad girls find love in the end.

Cast of orphan actors

Biran Damla Yilmaz as Eylül

Gökce Akyildiz as Songul

Ipek Karapinar as Feride (the social worker)

Derya Artemel as Mesude Yilmaz (Eylul's mother)

Hazar Motan as Cemre

Aleyna Solaker as Meral

Arif Diren as Güney Ertürk

Mehmet Aykac as Serkan

Cansu Firinci as Kemal (Eylul's stepfather)

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