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What is Anything for My Daughter (Kizim) about?

Is a Turkish serie that became very famous between 2020 and 2021 appear on major channels such as Antena 3, Nova and Telemundo.

It was designed and produced by the same team that directed the famous Turkish series Women.

It's about the story of a girl named Oyku who, left by her aunt, reads a letter in which an address where he can find his father and find someone who can take care of them.

Oyku, is an extremely intelligent and accomplished 8 year old girl, he goes looking for his father and when he finds a building his father is supposed to live in, he meets his neighbor and girlfriend who is shocked to watch her and to learn that his boyfriend has a daughter.

Demir also enters this story, the girl's father, a swindler who constantly evades the law and get in trouble.

When Demir's friend and neighbor heard this news, he went to look for it his father, who was arrested by the policeThanks to this news, Demir can be released from prison in return has to take care of his daughter Oyku.

The relationship between Oyku and Demir

At the beginning of the serie We watch Demir very upset at the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking care of a little girlwhom he treats like an annoying brat, he doesn't like children and wants to be free to continue his life as a criminal.

In the first part of the series Oyku tries to help Demir teach his father how to be a better person, earn his living modestly and gradually he succeeds until Demir cannot help but love and love his little girl.

Demir will gradually meet other characters like Candan, a wealthy woman who runs him and helps him take care of Oyku, or Cemal, who becomes one of the show's villains, and will put the strength of our protagonist couple to the test.

Oyku disease

Everything changes for Demir when he learns of the hereditary disease from which his daughter suffers, Niemann-Pick disease.

A disease that leads to loss of communication, difficulty swallowing and breathing, and progressive loss of walking, an odyssey and a great challenge for Demir, who suffers when he watchs his daughter Try to overcome all of these symptoms.

How many chapters and seasons does the Turkish serie Kizim have?

It has a season with 34 episodes of 120 minutes eachalthough we can assure you that this Turkish series will be super short.

If you are wondering where or on which channel you can watch the series My Hija or Todo por mi Hija, depends on the country, we have great news, in turkish-series.com we already have all chapters available in English until the end.

Kizim (Trailer)

This is the trailer for the series, Turkish serie of fatherly love for a great daughter abandoned in search of her father, a criminal and irresponsible new father.

First we can watch Oyku, our main character is left by her aunt read a letter that sent the girl to look for her father so as not to be left alone

He finds Demir's neighbor, his father, who is shocked by the news.

later We can watch Demir escape the police and arrested, they message him seconds later that he is out of jail thanks to his daughter's need for him.

He makes it clear to Oyku that he doesn't love her, doesn't want or like children. Oyku makes it clear to him that he will teach him to be a good person and thus a good father.

Oyku asks a lot about his mother, however Demir doesn't give you any information, they try to cope with a very tough coexistence together and even come into the business of fraudsters, then Oyku decides to run away and tell the police everything.

We can watch Demir behind Oyku, who is about to be hit by a car until Demir watchms to be saving her life.

Then Candan appears one of the characters who will help Demir be a better father and we can watch a whole new Demir, renewed and in love with his daughter Oyku

Kizim Characters: who are they?


Our beautiful protagonist, the girl every mother and father wants.

She is the daughter of Demir, her father and in the serie we can watch how she helps her father cope with his troubled life while battling his greatest enemy, his illness.

oyku sub english


Oykus father, a criminal and cheater who needs to learn to raise his daughter and accept that her destiny is linked to her

demir sub english


Basically, she becomes a potential victim of a Demir scam, then her best advisor and partner and finally ... who knows a possible love?

candan sub english


The villain of the series, the will try to destroy Demir by putting him in jail and with Candan. remain, we can't tell you much as it would ruin the series so you'll have to check it out to find out what it's up to

cemal sub english

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Curiosities of Turkish TV Show My Daughter (Kizim)

Did you know that the protagonist of My Daughter ‚ÄúOyku‚ÄĚ also appears as the protagonist's daughter in the Woman series?

Many believe that Todo por mi hija is a sequel to the Woman series and that it might look like it, although they have nothing to do with it. The Woman series is the director's most famous production, Todo por mi Hija. created.

Did you know that the villain in the My Daughter series is the best person and the most likable to the protagonist of Woman?

These two series are closely related and it's strange how they used the same cast of characters, but in this series Cemal (antagonist) is the evil person while in the series Mujer (courage of a woman) he is the protagonist's companion.

Did you know that the My Daughter series has many names in different countries?

You have come to watch him from Kizim (in Turkish) to ¬ŅY tu qu√© eres?

Where can i watch my daughter On which platform can I watch it for free?

On our website turkishseriestv.org You can watch all the chapters in English and in high quality, you can even watch other similar series.

You also have the option to watch the series on the official AtresPlayer platforms and pay to watch TV, but these are paid and not free.

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