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What is the Turkish serie Kuzgun (The Raven) about?

Here you have the summary of Kuzgun (The Raven) You are not alone:

this Turkish serie and revenge It is one of the few Turkish series with a police diploma that exists.

The story begins 20 years ago from the present of the series, as two police officers Yusuf and Rifat receive an offer to work illegally.

Yusuf is a family man with great values ‚Äč‚Äčand passion for his work.

Yusuf is an honest cop and declines the offer, while his best friend Rifat accepts the bribe. and do these jobs.

These illegal jobs are for a big mafia and Rifat is the right hand man of a big drug dealer.

The problems start when Rifat, the corrupt police officer, decides to hold his friend Yusuf responsible for the illegal jobs.

Yusuf manages to free his family from Istanbul, but is sentenced to prison, where he eventually dies.

Little Kuzgun

Yusuf's family is devastated, his wife (Meryem) and their three children fail to get over the fact that they wrongly condemned their father, who was a good man.

The oldest son is called Kuzgun and is only 8 years old when everything happens.

Some of the drug lord's thugs, who want evidence that Yusuf incriminated them, take little Kuzgun away.

Thanks to his intelligence, Kuzgun manages to escape the criminals sent by the mafia and returns home to look for his mother.

After the tragedy, his family decided to go elsewhere for safetywithout knowing that her captive son would run away and return.

From that moment on, Kuzgun must learn to live on the streets and defend himself against all the obstacles that life alone presents to him.

Kuzgun's revenge

20 years have passed since the tragedy and now Kuzgun is a man determined to return to Istanbul to watchk revenge on those guilty of Yusuf's murder.

Kuzgun's plan is to infiltrate and defeat the drug mafia, the Erifetri gang, in order to become the most powerful man in Istanbul.

Rifat, his father's friend and a corrupt police officer, had already become a criminal with his son Ali by then.

Secondly, his mother Meryem keeps going to the cemetery to visit Yusuf and tell him that she still has not found her son Kuzgun.

She remembers the moment when she went to watch him in prison to tell him that the thugs had kidnapped her son and poor Yusuf told her to give the traitor Rifat the evidence that could save him.

The love story of Kuzgun and Dila Bilgin

In every Turkish serie, although it looks more like a Turkish crime series, there is a beautiful love story between the protagonists.

In this case we have Dila Bilgin, the daughter of the criminal Rifat. Dila is a beautiful woman who works as a lawyer in London. where she was sent when her mother died.

His personality is strong, independent and very determined.

Dila and Kuzgun knew each other as children and were together before he disappeared.

Since then, Dila Bilgin can no longer forgive herself for the disappearance of her first love because of her family.

It has nothing to do with her father's illegal business and driving his brother, although he knows they do, he prefers not to interfere.

Dila and Kuzgun meet again without her really knowing that he is Kuzgun.

Kuzgun takes over the job as the girl's bodyguard and chauffeur when she returns to Istanbul from London.

There you can watch that she has become a beautiful woman with a very strong personality. Kuzgun is impressed from the start.

He had lived under a different identity and a different name So they couldn't find him, so he introduces himself as Akca.

Kuzgun the raven dila turkish

Dila discovers the truth of Kuzgun

From the first moment she watchs her bodyguard's sentences and expressions that she remembers from Kuzgun when they were little.

In this way he recognizes who the person at his side really is and what real intentions he has.

In the meantime, Kuzgun or Akca falls in love with her and how good he is with the children of the orphanage he is helping.

She tells her mother about planting flowers, and on the day she dies, the orphanage takes the children to plant trees.

It's a show for Kuzgun, but when she clarifies the truth to him, she is speechless and she remembers how they messed with them at school and promised they would be together forever.

The relationship of Dila and her father Rifat

Dila never wanted to know about the illegal deals that made her father the entrepreneur he is.

She has to accept that her family is not doing well and lives in fear of the trauma she experienced 20 years ago.

Dila had to lie to the police and run away he will never forgive you for this because of his family's affairs.

When she realizes that she cannot endure everything in Istanbul that has to do with being Rifat Bilgin's daughter, she asks her to go again.

Her father doesn't want her to go away so he promises not to include her in his affairs and to keep her out of all the darkness that surrounds him.

But she knows that if she stays there, she will become another criminal and he just wants to go back to London and get on with his life without reliving the damage of the past.

Kuzgun and Dila first kiss

Kuzgun visits his father in the cemetery and receives a note from a tailor who owed his father and who had been looking for him.

So talk to the man that gives him a suit and identification with his real name rather than the false name Akca.

The crow gives the feeling that this humble tailor is hiding things, but in the end he listens to him and decides to find Dila with her true identity.

To do this, he makes signs that have been made since childhood and leaves a note so that they are in a place where no one is.

At first, Dila doesn't think her bodyguard Akca is really her first love, Kuzgunwho has been missing for 20 years.

To make sure that it is really him and not a tasteless joke, he looks at the palm of his hand, where he has an unmistakable scar.

With the emotion of the moment Dila hugs Kuzgun crying and remembers a few moments with him and asks for forgiveness.

Then it's time to ask any questions that will lead our girl to find out Kuzgun's true plans.

Will Dila help Kuzgun (you are not alone) in his revenge? Will Dila be able to protect her father and the illegal business that left her trauma?

You can solve all of these questions by reading all of the Kuzgun chapters in English with subtitles.

You will also find out if Kuzgun (The Raven) is taking revenge, if Dila becomes pregnant and what ultimately happens to her beautiful romantic story.

How many chapters does the Turkish serie Kuzgun have?

It has two seasons with a total of 21 episodes. The average duration is 2 hours.

The first season had 16 chapters, but the second season only had 5 full episodes.

It was first broadcast on February 13, 2019 on the Star TV network and the last broadcast was broadcast on October 16, 2019.

If you want to watch Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, chapter 17, chapter 18, chapter 19, chapter 20, last chapter 21 of Kuzgun in English click here and enjoy!

B√∂l√ľm 1, B√∂l√ľm 2, B√∂l√ľm 3, B√∂l√ľm 4, B√∂l√ľm 5, B√∂l√ľm 6, B√∂l√ľm 7 to watch ... final B√∂l√ľm 21 of Kuzgun¬† with audio in English click above and enjoy!

Official trailer of the Turkish series Kuzgun (The Raven)

The trailer is a recap of the Turkish serie Kuzgun (El Cuervo) You are not alone where we can watch all the actors and actresses taking part in this serie.

Count all the traumas from Kuzgun's past his first meeting with Dila, the love of his childhood.

He also talks about the death of his father Yusuf, his hatred of Rifat's traitor and his desire for revenge.

The official trailer for Kuzgun (The Raven) arouses curiosity as to whether there will be a happy endingIf there will be a wedding between Kuzgun and Dila, if Dila stays pregnant ...

To find out about this and much more, don't hesitate to hit the button Watch Chapter Above.

All of our full, subtitled English chapters are free and online (they cannot be downloaded).

Kuzgun is not available on Netflix, Amazon, Mitele, or any other payment platform.

Where can I watch the Turkish serie Kuzgun (The Raven)?

On www.turkishseriestv.org we have all full chapters in English by Kuzgun (The Raven).

Kuzgun is a Turkish series that originally aired on Star Tv, a channel in Turkey that many of us are already familiar with.

Lots of people searched Kuzgun (The Raven) on Netflix, but that platform doesn't have this beautiful Turkish series.

For now no English chain like Atresplayer or Mitele wanted to buy the rights to the Turkish serie You are not alone (Kuzgun).

The subtitled chapters of Kuzgun (El Cuervo) are not available on Netflix, Optimovision, mitele, atresplayer, dailymotion, tokyvideo ...

Characters from the Turkish series Kuzgun (The Raven)

Kuzgun Cebeli (The Raven) or Akca

He was a happy boy from a very honest family. At school, he was harassed by his classmates, but relied on his girlfriend: Tell Bilgin.

When his father was falsely accused, he and his family had to flee Istanbul. where he was captured by mob thugs.

He was always a very smart kid and they managed to escape.

From then on, he had to build a life for himself, learn to fight and fight to fulfill his vengeance.

Returning to Istanbul, he infiltrated the family of his enemy Rifat. thanks to the help of his daughter Dila, who was his first love.

Say bilgin

A beautiful, combative and hardworking young woman. She lives in London and is a lawyer.

When she was little she suffered a lot from being laughed at at school, but she always had Kuzgun, the son of her father's best friend, to support her.

When his father got into illegal chaos and his mother died decided to go to London to study and overcome his past.

After 20 years, he returned to Istanbul, where he realized he was dealing with his father's illegal property, Rifat. couldn't live but its fate changes when it is reunited with Kuzgun.

Yusuf cebeli

He's an honest, humble cop who puts his values ‚Äč‚Äčabove everything.

One day he receives an offer for illegal business from a drug lord, but rejects it on moral grounds.

His best friend Rifat accepts the offer and After all, she blames him.

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