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Summary of Innocents (Masumlar Apartmani)

We are talking about a Turkish romantic series with related dramas and a telenovela that talks about diseases and all kinds of ailments.

This is a successful and media Turkish telenovela, which is distinguished by the fact that it speaks quite realistically about diseases that have the opportunity to suffer from any type of person. This shows how difficult it is to cope with your own problems and other problems.

The telenovela Innocents, Almas heridas (Wounded Souls in South america) or Masumlar Apartmani (in Turkey) tells the story of 2 different lives.

Han is an attractive teenager with a lot of money thanks to his well-known profession. He lives with his family because he suffers from a deep addiction thanks to a family in danger, full of problems and problems.

Her sisters do not have the opportunity to live a regular and quiet life, they depend entirely on their brother, and each of them is responsible for the defense of the father from the family unit. The father of the household can not protect himself from himself, because he is much larger.

Thanks to this, Han imposes to forget his happiness and focuses on work and his family, forgetting to socialize. He should face breakups with his friends and increasingly fall into a constant depression.

Inci is a hardworking woman who suffers from a reverse addiction problem. She can not deny anything to anyone, she is not happy and the only person she has next to her is her boyfriend.

Friend Inci is an obsessive alcoholic who does not treat her very well.

As soon as she finally orders to cancel her relationship with him, she is faced with a surprise celebration prepared by him. To make matters worse, Inci's boyfriend demands that she marry him, she doesn't know how to react and runs away with her car.

The fate of the Turkish series Innocents plays a rather fundamental role, because at that time Han also returned from work by car, and his 2 cars collided.

The blow was received by Han, Inci got out of his car and headed to defend Han in the hospital. The first meeting between the protagonists was quite beautiful and apparently fell in love with the naked eye.

The relationship between Inci and Han

In the novel Innocents ( Wounded Souls / Masumlar Apartmani), it is mostly in the Chronicle of love between Inci and Han, from the moment their 2 cars collided, they began to focus on their cordial journey.

As I said before, fate plays a rather important role in this series. Once Inci fled his home, he made the decision to move his family to an apartment, and this property is also home to the apartment where Han and his family live.

Since then, they will not stop dating, they will have uncomfortable dates, meetings and fights. Many fights are caused by other people's families and will interfere with their own interests.

Han's family, his sisters, will try to wipe out Inci's morale and attempt to flee the site to leave Han alone.

Inci's family will forbid the protagonist to meet Han because his grandfather does not want him to suffer as his children suffered because he made a bad decision for his future husband.

And not only that, Inci's boyfriend will look for her and find Inci dating Han. This will make him crazy, obsessive and try to do everything to eliminate this romantic relationship between Inci and Han.

As you can see, in this serie nothing will be simple, even if the genre is romantic and the result is beautiful, the road will be quite difficult. The series deals with diseases, complicated interrelationships and complicity between 2 people with similar disadvantages.

For this reason, in turkishseriestv.org we suggest you see this novel in English on our website.

Diseases of Hans Family

The two older Han sisters suffer from 2 different ailments due to the trauma they experienced as children. They are never divided from each other, they are always united, they are antisocial, and they depend entirely on the reality of their brother Han.

Safiye has extreme obsessive-compulsive disorders that prevent him from leading an ordinary and quiet life. He spends the whole day cleaning his house and constantly bathing, suffering from bruises and inconveniences in the dermis.

Gulben still has childish problems at the time of action, attitude and behaves in everyday life in a way that does not correspond to his age. He suffers from constant depression due to his dedication to defending his sister Safiye, which makes him more vulnerable.

The dermis is quite sensitive and ordinary, because it is inappropriate in the dermis, and the dermis is quite sensitive, because it is released from the skin.

Han's grandfather also provides life in this house by being diabetic, careless and much taller to look after himself.

It is for all this that Han is an incredibly strong, educated and rational man, but in his private history he lives a test. It is a vertraut drama that prevents him from being himself and ends up being a slave to his own family.

Masumlar Apartmani Trailer

Hi girls, here I bring you the long-awaited trailer of the Turkish telenovela Innocents or also called Wounded Souls in Latin America (or Masumlar Apartamanti in Turkish).

We are talking about a video summary of the Turkish series Innocents, which will be broadcasted soon on TV. You can watch it for free, in its entirety and in English at this place by clicking on the Watch Episodes button above.

At the beginning of the novel, we have the chance to see Han in a dialogue with his friend, who tells him that he has been bitter, depressed and sad for a long time, that he is not happy right now and demands explanations from him.

Han's friend knows that his family is making his life impossible, however, he does not know everything, and Han asks him that he is happy and that he should not insist.

In this way Han evades his friends and swallows his problems. In this Turkish series, the friends of the main characters turn away when they observe that they have no way to support them and don't know what to do for them, since no one understands them.

Then you see that the whole family has eaten together, and Grandpa says that it has been a long time since everyone had dinner together, because right now they have no way to meet each other, since everyone has their own inconveniences and it is bad for them to be connected.

Han tells his friend that he is happy, however we get to see that he cries in private and is in a lot of pain because he doesn't have the freedom that his whole story has been looking for.

Then Inci emerges, surprised by a surprise party structured by her boyfriend. She wanted to get rid of him, she wanted to break up with him because her boyfriend is a drunk and he treated her badly, she wasn't happy with him.

Not knowing how to react, she runs away and escapes in her car. Then we see that Han gets a call from Safiye, his older sister, the two sisters insist on calling and become quite nervous.

Unable to properly handle the phone, Han and Inci collide with their vehicles, causing misfortune in the middle of the night.

Here we get a chance to see the first love scene between Han and Inci in the Turkish Innocents series. She takes him to the clinic and stays with him because Han doesn't have any friends or relatives who can take care of him.

They look at each other and end up staring at each other until she gets another call, this time from Neriman, her younger sister, who is surprised to see her older sisters 2 so nervous. She realizes that Han has suffered a calamity, but she reassures him and confides that she is the only one of the sisters who has not yet suffered a mental problem.

And yes, Innocent or Wounded Souls is a love story but full of truth, full of drama in which each chapter of the Internet becomes more and more complex as we look at the daily lives of individuals with mental disabilities.

Neriman then appears in a scene with his father, who asks him not to end up like his older sisters, who have mental disorders thanks to unmanaged childhood trauma.

Eventually, Inci reappears on screen once he arrives at the same apartment building where Han also lives.

From then on, they will live next door and live with their difficult families.

We get to see Inci's grandfather react rather badly once he sees that Inci and Han stay together.

Because of this, he forbids her and the whole family from going out late at night during the series, even once Inci is older.

However, Inci continues with Han until the friend who left Inci finds her in her interaction and starts harassing her.

Finally, Han Inci makes her a marriage initiative and states that he will not limit his feelings for her if she forgets her boyfriend and gives him a chance; Han is in love with her.

Watch the Turkish serie Innocents on TV complete and free?

You can watch the Turkish series innocents or wounded souls for free and with English entries by clicking on the button below to see the chapters. There you have a list with all the chapters in English and almost without advertising.

It is a successful telenovela that is going to be very successful in Spain after the end of the novela Woman y love is in the air.

It is broadcasted on television with a preview and various programs are commissioned to the dialogue about the actors and actresses who work in the series

This Turkish novel is available on famous platforms such as Dailymotion, TokyVideo or blogspots with English voices. We will change the chapters from Turkish to English when they are uploaded.

How many chapters and seasons does the Turkish series Masumlar Apartmani have?

The Turkish series Innocents has a total of 37 episodes of 150 min, this novel has only one season.

Innocent is a short romantic drama succession that you can watch in a week.

We are sure it will captivate you, it is one of the fullest Turkish stories, with a quite real atmosphere, scenes of jealousy, romance and various awkward relatives.

It began production in Turkey in September 2020 and has been so well known that American and now English networks have decided to acquire it for production in English-speaking areas.

In Spain at present it is a novel, new and current publication, because its version will start quite fast and you can't miss it.

List and description of characters of Masumlar Apartmani (Innocents / Wounded Souls)

Do you want to know what role the main characters and actors and actresses play in the Turkish novel Innocent play, which is about to be published? Here we tell you


He is the protagonist of this beautiful Turkish love story, this role is played by Birkan Sokullu.

He plays a rich man who suffers because of his private history, a life in which he should defend his family.

His family is not regular, he has 2 older sisters with serious psychological health drawbacks and a younger sister who suffers from depression, asthma and trauma.

His friends withdraw from him and he falls into a depression where he lives towards and away from his family until he meets the beautiful Inci.

Inci will show him that there is another life away from his family, and thanks to love he will heal and be able to live his own romance.

It is going to be full of inconveniences thanks to individuals who do not want and possess fear to see them connected and happy.


She is the protagonist along with Han, starring Farah Zeynep, who gives birth to a traumatized lady once she was small.

She suffers from addiction to individuals so much that she can't leave her boyfriend, whom she doesn't desire at this time. She falls madly in love with Han, a man with some disadvantages in his private history, however who appears to be a wealthy and happy man.

The two will experience their journey, their love story full of family dramas, mental pathologies and addictions, and it will be Inci's job to overcome all these problems.


She is Han's older sister, a traumatized lady suffering from severe extreme obsessive-compulsive disorder.

This disease damages her mentally by cleaning the house all day long and constantly washing himself, causing bruises on his skin.

He prevents at all costs that you have remade his story, as he feels he cannot live without you.

He suspects that if he meets Inci and falls in love with her, he may leave her and Gulben.


She is Han's other older sister, a woman who behaves like a child.

She cannot do any work on her own and is dependent on Safiye constantly.

Behave like a girl who can't do anything, wets the bed, cries and suffers from constant depression.


She is Han's younger sister, one of the few healthy people in the nuclear family who suffers from depression and asthma, due to the fact that she is the youngest in the household and cannot control anything or anyone.

She is also dependent on Han, as she cannot do anything without her brother.

However, she listens to Han and helps him deal with all the burden of the nuclear family.

And here you have all the important characters of the series. It is also worth noting Inci's family unit, which manages that both protagonists do not manage to see each other over a period until our protagonist is unmasked.

It is a family a little more regular, even if the problem comes from Inci.

She is a girl who does not want to disappoint or be abandoned, so it is very difficult for her to break the rules that her grandfather orders her to do at home.

Turkish Series like Innocents (Masumlar Apartmani)

It is one of the most unique Turkish serie we could know and watch. Since Turkey is a censored country, as soon as we talk about certain sensitive topics, this Turkish series was aired and everyone fell in love with it.

The Innocents or masumlart apartmani series is a romance novel full of love, kisses and a lot of family drama.

But as in many soap operas, they also have the opportunity to take a close look at the annoyances of everyday life and the most common illnesses.

This Turkish series has won several awards for this, and almost all of the visibility on television has gone to this tv show.

Innocents will be the next episode of TV

Wounded Souls is a bit short, so turkishseriestv.org has made a list of the Turkish series most similar to this incredible turkish tv show named Masumlart Apartmani:

Hercai: Beautiful Turkish series of love and revenge where the heir of a family wants to take revenge on another family trying to marry the heir of one with the other to meddle in the internal affairs of the saglodu family and carry out his mission.

In the end the protagonist ends falling in love with the woman he had to betray and will have to take a path: revenge, or love

Yasak Elma: Story of love, humor, revenge and hope for two young people with different missions, one of them wants to be a successful student on her own merits and the other pretends to be rich at the expense of others

Cennet: Turkish series where the protagonist is abandoned as a baby by her mother. She grows strong and intelligent and after graduating she must face her past by getting to know her biological family little by little.

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