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What is Omer: Stolen Dreams?

This Turkish soap opera is one of the most anticipated and beautiful of 2021. It is a Turkish drama and love sequence in which one of the main characters will be a small Turkish actor in a promising future.

Like any Turkish tv show where the protagonist is a child (with an allusion to Oyku of everything for my daughter or mother), it will be a big hit in EEUU and in Latin America now, when the time comes.

Omer Stolen Dreams is a Turkish serie about a child who was kidnapped by criminals as a child and grows up with Meryem, our other protagonist.

Meryem is a teenager from a fairly modest family who works day and night to feed her adopted brother and pay for his medication.

The two men spend a lot of time together and strive for each other above all else. Everything is going so well until it turns out that Meryem's father did not adopt Omer, but is one of those who kidnapped him.

Meryem then has to fight for herself by escaping with Omer, the delinquents and her own father, who wants to sell Omer's ransom for a huge sum.

Omer's true family

Omer's real family is a wealthy Istanbul family, but he certainly doesn't know his family.

Omer's real father is Levent Metehanoglu, a famous 30 year old business man who is widowed and currently has no son or wife because they are still dead.

He mourned the loss of his wife and son for a long time, so this character will be noble but manipulable.

Levent is upset because he has no wife and no child, but his whole story will change when he meets Meryem and his brother Omer (yes, his son, but he knows nothing).

From that moment on it becomes clear that the family unit around Levent will try to keep him away from the child in order to gain not only his attention but also wealth and power.

Meryem doesn't want his money or anything, but he wants the best for his brother.

In this Turkish romance serie, we see how the love between a father and a son slowly becomes a reality as the two realise they are family.

Trailer for Omer Stolen Dreams

In the first, we see a man named Levent who is exhausted by the loss of his wife and the current loss of his son.

Then we get a chance to see Meryem, the protagonist, caring for and protecting Omer. They stay involved and even if they are not blood brothers, they treat each other as if they were.

Then we have the chance to see Meryem's father steal the money that was meant for Omer's medication.

Meryem's father is an evil man who has kidnapped Omer to demand money for his ransom.

This man, Meryem's father, believes only in his interests, and throughout the serie we have the chance to see how he makes Meryem and Omer's lives quite difficult.

All this will change when Meryem and Omer stay with the aim of meeting a rich man with a lot of money and a bad family life.

This rich man is the real father of Omer, who is called Levent, and in a scene shown in the trailer, when Levent comes home, they have to stop for traffic.

Later we see Omer touching the window of his car where Levent is sitting and staring at him, and Meryem comes to pick up his brother.

At this time and place they meet and a story of love and survival begins.

The love between 2 brothers who save each other and run away from their kidnapper in search of a better life.

Of course, Meryem is a girl with no money and no education, but thanks to Levent's support, they have a chance to survive.

But you know, it wouldn't be a tragedy if Levent's nuclear family and other stakeholders didn't try to separate Levent from Omer.

A family drama where his family wants his money and uses Levent's innocence to manipulate him.

We highly recommend you watch this Turkish series in English here.

We are sure you will want to know what will happen to Omer and if Levent will ever know if this child called Omer is his son.

How many chapters and seasons does the Turkish tv show Omer: Stolen Dreams have?

Omer has up to 165 chapters in a single season, and each chapter stiff 50 min, this way it's not as long as it seems, between the hooks and that each chapter is a bit hard, it will be super short!

If you liked chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 3, chapter 3, chapter 4, chapter 5, chapter 6, chapter 6, chapter 7, chapter 8, chapter 9, chapter 10, chapter 11, chapter 12, chapter 13, chapter 14, chapter 15, chapter 16, chapter 17, chapter 18, chapter 19, chapter 20, chapter 21, chapter 22, chapter 23, chapter 24, chapter 25, chapter 26, chapter 27, chapter 28, chapter 29, chapter 30, chapter 31, chapter 32, chapter 33, chapter 34, chapter 35, chapter 36, chapter 37, chapter 38, chapter 39, chapter 40, chapter 41, chapter 42, chapter 43, chapter 44, chapter 45, chapter 46, chapter 47, chapter 48. .. Chapter 165 of Omer Sogni rubati in English click the button above and enjoy!

To describe the subject of the chapters, our site suggests in its listing whether the soap opera is complete or not.

Characters of Omer Sogni rubati

Meryem Çelik

He is the protagonist of this beautiful turkish tv show

Meryem is Omer's stepsister who will take care of her adopted little brother in this Turkish series.

They will suffer the wickedness of their dad and very slowly they will uncover their dirty laundry to find Omer's real dad.


He is a main character, an infant kidnapped for ransom and living with his half-sister Maria.

Omer will have to face the helplessness of his "daddy".

This little boy will suffer through everything until he gets to know his real family.

Levent Metehanoglu

Omer's real dad, this poor man, has recently lost his lady and his son.

Fate leads him to meet Maria, who takes care of Omer, however he does not know that the little one is his son.

He comes from a wealthy family, even though he has a noble and humble heart, he is innocent and certain of his relatives and other interested parties try to take advantage of him and separate him from Omer.

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There are many Turkish love and drama series and even series with robberies, betrayals and overcoming, however not one like Omer.

This Turkish tv show dubbed in english has been one of the pioneers, and it is noticeable that its plot is different from the others. However, here at turkishseriestv.org we leave you several recommendations that we think you will like if you liked Omer.

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Curiosities of Omer Stolen Dreams

Creator at Elif's side

Elif's production is the same as Omer's, which assures us of a high quality Turkish series.

Omer's primary character, her evident age.

Omer Meryem's protagonist, whose real name is Gizen Arikan, is 27 years old, even though she looks much, much younger.

It's a difficult time for me, but it's a difficult time for me and all my friends, for me and all my friends, for me and all my friends, for me and all my friends.

Where can I watch Omer Sogni rubati and on what platform can I watch it for free?

Omer Stolen Dreams is the new Turkish series on Mi Tele, Divinity and Telecinco in Spain, even if in Latin America it was already on Kanal D months ago.

It is a series of paid television programs, and there is also a series of paid television programs.

If you want to watch it for free, complete and in English, you can watch it here on turkishseriestv.org by clicking on the green button above!

Full cast of the Turkish series Omer: Stolen Dreams.

Ali Yasin Özegemen as Levent Metehanoglu

Gizem Arıkan as Meryem Çelik

Emre Mete Sönmez as Ömer Çelik / Efe Metehanoğlu

Ulviye Metehanoglu As AyÅŸen Inci

Özgür Özberk as Tekin Avcı

Melis Cemre Melis Çınar as Sellaio

Hasan Balliktas as Durmus Acciaio

Utku Çorbacı as Bahadir

Elif Erol as Hülya Metehanoglu

Arzu Yanardag as Hülya Metehanoglu

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