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What is the Turkish serie Sevmek Zamani about?

Sevmek Zamani, directed by Y─▒ld─▒z H├╝lya Bilban, tells the story of Firuze and Ka─čan, whose life completely changes in one day and dramatically changes each other's life.

In the Turkish series Sevmen Zamani, ─░lhan ┼×en plays the role of Ka─čan, while Deniz I┼č─▒n will appear as Firuze.

Determined and successful university student Firuze's life changes suddenly when she meets a mysterious man on the ferry.

Watch sevmek zamani sub english

When Firuze becomes the heroine of a full blown love story, Years later, his family's past resurfaces.

Although the pure and passionate love she experienced was her only refuge from the truth that angered her, Firuze is unaware of the great secret of the man she has fallen in love with.

When the secret of Ka─čan comes to light, life will never be the same for anyone. Only then does the Firuze test begin.

Without knowing that Ka─čan is married, Firuze surrenders to love more every day. Time is running out for Ka─čan, who feels like a prisoner in his life.

As the relationship between Feryat (Firuze's brother), who is trying to protect his family, takes an irreversible turn, he is haunted by the nightmares of the past.

On the other hand, Mehmet, who is in love with Firuze, faces a difficult decision. ├çi─čdem's life is getting more and more complicated, but ├ľmer won't leave her alone

Leyla, becoming suspicious of Ka─čan's actions, He prepares to start a major war against him and sabotage his plans.

The truth comes out

Firuze, who faces the truth after Leyla's attempt to expose Ka─čan, experiences the biggest disappointment of his life.

Not knowing that his secret has been revealed, Ka─čan prepares a surprise for Firuze.

Nevertheless, Firuze can't get her partner's deception out of her head and the only thing that motivates them to keep going is the idea of ÔÇőÔÇőpassing the exam to get a scholarship to live in London.

Meanwhile, Mehmet makes a decision that will completely change his destiny, and Taner, frustrated at not getting the love he desires, sets in motion an elaborate plan to defeat Ka─čan and Zeynep.

Things get more and more complicated for Firuze and Ka─čan as she has to face him and tell him she knows everything.

This happens because Feryat finds out and reacts badly that Firuze is dating a married man.

Later, Firuze ends up in jail for something she thinks is related to Ka─čan. But the reality looks different. Still, Feryat will face Ka─čan because he feels he has harmed his family.

When Firuze is finally released from prison, it is Ka─čan who helps her. Pressured to let Leyla speak and cause him more trouble, he finally reveals shocking facts.

When everything is finally revealed Firuze and Ka─čan can make things right with each other and promise to always be by each other's side.

But Mehmet still has something to say and it will leave Ka─čan faced with the decision of whether to fulfill his promise to Firuze or prevent his mother Zeynep from going to jail for an old crime that was thought to be forgotten.

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How many chapters does the Turkish serie Sevmek Zamani have?

The Turkish serie Time to love There is one season and a total of 5 episodes.

It is a dramatic and romantic Turkish miniseries that will not be renewed for a second season as it has a closed ending.

It's a serie style serie with lots of love and drama.

The duration of the chapters is about an hour.

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Sevmek Zamani official trailer in English

In the Sevmek Zamani trailer we meet the two main characters: Ferize and Kagan, two young people who fall in love.

Ferize and Kagan's love story begins on a ferry where they meet and become attracted to each other.

Over time, Ferize, a university student, will completely surrender to love while reliving the memories of her past.

Kagan, who has a big secret and is married, knows that time is running out and he must make decisions that will harm him.

Meanwhile, Feryat will try to protect his family and will not accept Kagan's betrayal of his sister.

If you want to know more about this Turkish serie Sevmek Zamani in English, you can watch all full chapters.

Where can I watch the Turkish serie Time to Love?

The Turkish serie Time to love was broadcast in Turkey via ATV under the name Sevmek Zamani.

Since it was released in June 2022, there was no talk of an adaptation into English.

It means that You can only watch the Turkish serie Sevmek Zamani in English Complete chapters.

To be able to enjoy Tiempo de amar in Castilian English we have to wait for a chain that adapts it.

At turkishseriestv we want you to be able to watch Sevmek Zamani in English, so we will be careful to upload it.

Characters from the Turkish series Time to Love (Sevmek Zamani).

In this section we will talk about the main characters of the Turkish serie Sevmek Zamani and their stories.


He leads a double life, trapped in a marriage he wants out of. He falls in love with Firuze but doesn't have the courage to tell her everything until he is cornered by Leyla's games.


She is a brilliant student with a great future. She falls in love with Ka─čan but doesn't really know who she is with. Despite experiencing great disappointment, he is able to forgive and love again.


He is Firuze's brother. His family is very important to him, apart from how important his work is to him. He can confront Ka─čan when he feels he is misbehaving towards his brothers.


You are not satisfied with what you have and you want to make those around you unhappy. He is a somewhat calculating character whose ideas focus on sabotaging Ka─čan and Firuze's relationship.

Curiosities of the Turkish serie Time to Love (Sevmek Zamani)

In this section, we will talk about the details of the Turkish serie Sevmek Zamani as well as its awards, soundtrack, Turkish actors, etc.

A Turkish series with many changes

The Turkish serie 'Sevmek Zamani' ('A Time to Love') was not originally intended to be called that, as it changed its name earlier this year.

His first name was Ah Canim Hayat Which would translate to English as "oh dear, life".

That wasn't the only change this Turkish series underwent, as its premiere was scheduled for May 12, 2022.

Due to production problems, production eventually had to be pushed back to June.

Together with Seversin and Gizli Sakli It became one of the Turkish short series of the summer.

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