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Summary of Turkish Novel Sila

Sila is a girl who has been very unlucky since birth.his family was struggling financially and his father Celil decided to sell it to a couple of billionaires.

She was born in Mardina small town southeast of Istanbul, and when she was sold she had to move to the big city of Istanbul.

After 16 years, Celil travels to Istanbul in search of Sila and asks her to return to Mardin with him because his biological mother is dying, which is not true, just an excuse.

Sila agrees to return to her birth family, not knowing what would happen.

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When he arrives in Mardin attends his brother Azad's weddingwho had married Narin, the sister of the tribal patriarch. This created a problem that Sila had to fix.

Azad threatened his sister with a gun that he is getting married Boran, the patriarchand so he freed himself from the death he would cause by running away with his little sister.

Sila is caught in love

Now that she has agreed to marry Boran, will live captive in love and his life will take a turn, he will know the meaning of the word firsthand Tradition.

Sila, a strong and combative woman, will not give up despite her life convicted in a house that follows the tradition of the T√ľrkiye the literal. She will try to run away from this house.

The dread begins when, despite having to deal with his evil mother-in-law, he also witnesses and remembers murders They are not subject to laws, but traditions.

Boran rapes Sila

One night it watchmed that Sila and her husband were starting to get along Boran, the rape The girl arouses even more the desire to run away. In the end, he manages to escape with the help of his brother and sister-in-law.

Azad finds out about this and ends up hitting Boran for hitting his sister Sila and Emre's adoptive parents arrive in Mardin to get the girl back.

Sila is afraid to leave her brother and Narin there, so she doesn't want to go.

In the meantime Sija, Boran's cousin who hates him because he stole his beloved turns the whole tribe against Sulla And they try to kill her. Boran, not wanting his wife killed, has his brother Azad shot and not her.

Sila, Azad and Narin run away together In cooperation with Emre they go to the city of Istanbul.

This plot may watchm familiar to you from the famous Turkish serie Fatmagul

Sila is in danger

watch turkish serie sila sub english

When our girl is free, she realizes that Emre is just a friend to her and that she really fell in love with Boran.

Now Sila is in dangerher husband's tribe is looking for her to kill her, but something unthinkable will happen: Syla is pregnant.

She had fled to Istanbul unaware that she was expecting Boran's child and this will be her escape route lest the tribe that is pursuing her to fulfill tradition kill her.

Sila had returned to Istanbul to take up Erkan's inheritance., his adoptive father, and prevent Borjan, Erkn's nephew, from taking everything. Although Boran thinks she left him because she doesn't love him.

Boran finds out he's going to be a father

Narin, who lives with Sila, finds out she's pregnant and calls her brother Boran to tell him he's going to be a father.. Narin urges her brother not to kill the girl.

Now Boran must find the assassin his tribe has entrusted to Sila to save his wife's life. He finally finds him and saves his life.

Sila and Boran manage to reconcile and this time they live together as a real couple, they remarry and form a beautiful big family.

How many chapters and seasons does Sila have?

There are 3 seasons and 79 episodes in total.. Each chapter has an average duration of 90 minutes. This was the original amount and duration in T√ľrkiye.

The first season has 38 episodes, the second season has 37 episodes and the last season has only 4 episodes.

This Turkish series aired between 2006 and 2008. It's a serie based on drama and romance but a lot of emphasis is placed on it The tradition.

If you want to watch Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 17, Chapter 18, Chapter 19, Chapter 20, Chapter 21, Chapter 22, Chapter 23, Chapter 24, Chapter 25, Chapter 26, Chapter 27, Chapter 28, Chapter 29, Chapter 30, Chapter 31, Chapter 32 , Chapter 39 (last chapter) of Sila (Prisoner of Love) in English, click here and enjoy!

Official Sila Trailer

The Turkish serie Sila (Caught in Love) has been a hit in more than 60 countries and has been dubbed into English in several countries. It's a dramatic romantic serie.

In the trailer of Sila in English We can watch a small synopsis of the characters, the moment Sila learns that she is adopted and that Celil is her real father.

for me personally I was very sorry to watch the moment his own brother pointed a gun at his head to save himself from the mess he got himself into.

It's normal that after watching the official trailer of Sila, you want to watch the teleseriea a lot more and Enjoy the love story between Sila and Boran, their kisses, their first meeting, their wedding...

So enjoy the trailer and then click the button above watch Chapter to watch all episodes.

Where can I watch Turkish serie Sila?

As usual in Turkish series, it was originally broadcast by the ATV channel. But we are not interested in watching it in Turkish watch Sila dubbed into English.

In Spain there are several payment platforms who has the series Movistar+ and Atresplayer, the chain Antenna3. At that time it was broadcast daily on television DO NOT GO.

On our website you can Watch all the chapters online and in English for free. We use videos uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, etc.

in the buttonn WATCH FREE CHAPTERS Below you can enjoy all the full chapters of SILA in English.

Characters from the Turkish serie Sila

Sila (Cansu Dere)

A woman strong, lively and stubborn. She was sold to a wealthy couple by her birth father. Until he was 18, he lived a life of luxury and affection.

Her biological father made her return to Mardinher hometown, where her brother forced her to marry a head of the family.

Boran Genco (Mehmet Akif Alakurt)

He is the head of his family and will do everything to protect them. Faith in tradition and honor. His sister runs away with Azad and he must kill him to restore his honor.

Since his sister is in love, Boran agrees to marry Sila, Azad's sister, to fulfill the translation Clean the honor of the Genco family.

This serious and handsome man still can't get over his ex-wife's suicide.


A man who thinks he is an immature child. He is the eldest of the brothers, but he continues to act as if there were no consequences for his actions.

His biggest mistake is a secret relationship with Narin, the patriarch's daughter.


An unknown and selfish man. He decided to sell his daughter Sila to escape poverty and after 16 years he brought her back due to lies.


The sister of the patriarchbreaks tradition by falling in love with Azad, a poor boy who doesn't have her status. They also run away together.

Boran, her older brother, will intercede for her and the family to save her from death and purify her honor.

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