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What is Siyah Beyaz Ask about?

Here you have the abstract or synopsis of the Turkish serie Siyah Beyaz Ask:

On the one hand we have Ferhat Aslan, a cold and ruthless man who works as a hit man for his uncle Namik.

This businessman is the head of a respected and wealthy family, the Emirhams.

On the other hand is Asli Cinar, a beautiful young woman who works as a neurosurgeon and she's in love with her job.

For Asli Cinar, being able to save lives is her greatest pride and passion.

How and when do Ferhat Aslan and Asli Cinar meet?

For a capricious mistake of fate, Asli is kidnapped by Ferhat.

Ferhat needed a doctor to operate on a man in serious condition whom he had shot.

Asli has no choice but to Ferhat and his uncle Namik. to help, and ends up operating on that poor man.

Finally, She witnesses a crime and recognizes Namik Emirham, a man who donated in the hospital where she worked.

At that moment he learns that Namik is a very dangerous assassin. The situation turns against Asli when Namik orders Ferhat to kill her.

She tries to escape through the forest from the house where she operated on the man, but Ferhat catches up with her, who is running in front of her.

Since Ferhat was attracted to her from the first moment, he doesn't want to kill her and offers her a deal Asli can't refuse: Either die or marry him.

Asli, who hates him and does not want to marry him, has no choice but to accept to save her life. By becoming his wife, she becomes part of Ferhat's family and Namik cannot harm her.

In this story we also have Cem CInar, Asli's brother, a police officer who has dedicated himself to investigating corruption cases.

When his sister Asli got engaged to Ferhat, his brother Cem begins working with a famous prosecutor who is against Ferhat. determined and his family for smuggling and crime.

Cem Cinar doesn't understand the sudden change in her sister's life and how she deals with this dangerous family.

Ferhat and Asli's wedding

Asli lives pursued and guarded by Ferhat to avoid any kind of mistake or problem.

She doesn't want to get married and as she gets closer to the wedding she feels very overwhelmed and very uncomfortable.

In a moment of rapture after getting mad and fighting with Ferhat like they always do, Asli destroys her wedding dress.

A wedding, which is always a wonderful celebration, in this case becomes hell for her.

When Asli and Ferhat are at the altar and it is time to say "Yes, I do", it is natural for him, but she says it with tears in her eyes.

Since the forced marriage Asli's brother targets Ferhat and Namik as prime suspects.

Thanks to Cem's suspicions and his investigations, Patriarch Namik will watch Asli as a threat.

Namik, who doesn't want to do anything directly with the young woman because of his nephew's interest in herHe will choose to do it behind his back and in front of his nephew.

Although Namik appears to be a serious and fearless man, he doesn't know how Ferhat would react if he found out that he was going to kill his wife.

That is why Namik works secretly from his nephew Ferhat, whom he fears even if he does not say so.

Asli will try to run away and convince Ferhat again and again to let her go, she will always keep her dignity and her thoughts about everything else.

While she will continue to pretend she is a happy woman with Ferhat in her brother's eyes, she will hide the real reasons for their sudden wedding.

How was Asli and Ferhat's first kiss? Ferhat falls in love with Asli?

The truth is that the love story between Asli and Ferhat is beautiful, but very difficult for both of them..

Their first kiss doesn't change their relationship, and they don't get along at all, but there is a little pull.

In one chapter, Asli stabs Ferhat in the side with a knife, although she later acts as a doctor to heal him.

In the background, she doesn't want to kill him, she just wants to be free and back to the hospital.

Ferhat forbids her to interact, think and speak herself, she has to get his permission for everything and he takes her into his house.

Asli keeps dreaming of going back to the hospital, where she works to save lives.

He lets her go too, but has to save her when he learns that she is in dangerto take a shot for it. Asli will stay with him and be the doctor who will operate on him.

Ferhat and Asli have a son?

One of the most beautiful and painful moments in this love story is when Asli finds out she is pregnant and tells Ferhat..

Although Ferhat and Asli are in love, he was not a good man and she married him out of obligation, and Ferhat does not want to be a father.

For all of this and for not wanting to give the child a bad life, Asli ends up in an abortion clinic.

When Ferhat arrives, she berates him that it is too late and that she has already done it because she does not want to have a child with a man like him.

Ferhat is sunk and shattered, decides to go and escape it allEven his brother, a man who has nothing to do with this world or Namik, keeps him from shooting him in the leg.

Asli, who arrives at the last minute, lets her stay, confesses that she cannot do an abortion and tells her that they are going to be parents. So Ferhat has no reason to leave.

Why is this Turkish serie called Siyah Beyaz Ask?

Because the characters are polar opposites, Asli is white and Ferhat is black and has an explanation.

Asli is young and enthusiastic about her work as a doctor: Saving lives and helping people. He's a good person, he believes in love and beautiful things. Let's say she's an angel.

Ferhat is a man conditioned by his uncle, engages in criminal and disruptive business. He is a bad person, although his life changes when he meets the girl. He is the devil.

In the course of the serie, Asli Ferhat has to think twice about what his uncle Namik is sending him, and even dares to challenge him for her.

So Asli, Not only will it change Ferhat's life, but it will also benefit many family memberswho also feel compelled to be there.

How many seasons and how many chapters is there in Siyah Beyaz Ask?

A season with 32 episodes. It's a short Turkish series that closed in season one with no open ending.

This Turkish serie was published in Turkey in 2017 under the name Siyah Beyaz Ask.

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Official trailer for the serie Amor en Blanco y Negro

The trailer for this serie leaves a lot of intrigue and contains a lot of random images like Ferhat points a gun at Asli, she dresses in white and he in black, Ferhat is beaten ...

The trailer for Black and White Love also shows how Ferhat hands her the engagement ring, Asli destroys the wedding dress, Ferah and Asli's wedding ...

Have fun with this trailer that will make you want more!

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Love figures in black and white

Ferhat Aslan (Ibrahim Celikkol)

The black part of our story. He wasn't born a bad person, but when he turned 11 he saw his father murdered, and he remained responsible for his uncle Namik.

He was raised by him, became a ruthless man and without a trace of humanity or love.. He does the dirtiest job as a hit man. Though his mind will change when he meets Asli.

Asli Cinar (Birce Akalay)

She is a young, independent and beautiful girl. Asli is in love with her job, she is a neurosurgeon and works in a hospital that saves lives.

Like Ferhat, her father died when she was little, and maybe that's why she vowed to save as many lives as possible. He believes in love and knows the words effort and devotion very well.

Cem Cinar (Ugur Aslan)

He is Asli's brother and he loves her dearly. He is a famous police superintendent who had to become the head of the family when his father died.

He is suspicious of Ferhat and his family when he attends the sudden wedding of his sister Asli to Ferhat.

He also works with a famous prosecutor who handles drug trafficking and corruption cases and investigates Ferhat's family.

Namik Emirhan (Muhammet Uzuner)

He is the uncle of Ferhat, the patriarch of the distinguished and wealthy Emirhan family. He had a tough childhood where he got caught up in dark business deals in order to be able to support his brothers.

He has become a rejected, ambitious and unscrupulous man. But if he does decide to go into politics, he will delegate all of his business to Ferhat.

It will be his nephew, whom he raised about him, who eventually challenges him out of love for a woman and gives freedom to the rest of the family.

Yeter Aslan (Arzu Gramze Kilinc)

Although we haven't talked much about her, she is Ferhat's mother. She was forced to marry a man she did not want and is not a happy woman.

He paid for all of his frustrations and discomfort with his children especially with Ferhat, who is furthest away from her.

Yigit Aslan (Deniz Celiloglu)

He is Ferhat's brother. He's a good and honest man, the complete opposite of his brother. He studied to become a prosecutor and put an end to the bad guys.

He witnessed his brother fall into the world of crime but decided not to go down that route. We've already talked about how he shot Ferhat to prevent him from leaving town.

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