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What is Sweet Revenge (Tatli Intikam) about?

The Turkish novel My Sweet Revenge (or Tatli Intikam in Turkish), as the name suggests, is a 2016 revenge series with a super original comedy and a touch of love and romance.

It is about the story and curse of our protagonist named Pelin who gives the impression of living a perfect life full of luxury and comfort, even about to marry the individual of her dreams, a gigantic life.

The problem is that our protagonist Pelin suffers from all kinds of curse, at least it seems so, because at her wedding everything is twisted, her husband leaves her at the altar and from there everything starts to disintegrate and everything is twisted.

A lady warns him that she is suffering from a curse because in the past he treated someone badly and now he is bearing the consequences (I don't know how it is with girls, but this curse is called karma, right? hahaha).

In this way, Pelin recalls that in the past he treated someone badly. This person is called Tankut, a young man from her high school who was in love with her.

She took advantage of him by asking for favors, like homework or gifts, and one day she rejected him in front of the whole planet with a megaphone and mocked him.

The reunion between Pelin and Sinan

Pelin visits Tankut to apologize, but receives a huge surprise.

Tankut is no longer called Tankut, but Sinan, has changed a lot physically and is now a completely different man, handsome, deep, high and leader of his own newly built restaurant.

Sinan is dating Pelin, a spoiled and temperamental woman. He is not interested in talking to her, but she keeps insisting, and Sinan realizes the problem and takes advantage of the whole situation to plan his revenge.

And so begins Sinan and Pelin's great group journey, she to rehabilitate yourself and he to complete his revenge.

How many episodes and seasons has the Turkish Show Sweet Revenge?

The Turkish series Sweet Revenge has officially one season 1 and a total of 31 chapters dubbed in english, all of them lasting 120 min (hours 2).

If chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4, chapter 5, chapter 6, chapter 7, chapter 8, chapter 9, chapter 10, chapter 11, chapter 12, chapter 13, chapter 14, chapter 15, chapter 16, chapter 17, chapter 18, chapter 19, chapter 20, chapter 21, chapter 22, chapter 23, chapter 24, chapter 25, chapter 26, chapter 27, chapter 28, chapter 29, chapter 30, chapter 31, Sweet revenge in English, click here and enjoy.

To illustrate the status of chapters, our page suggests whether the tv show is complete or not.

Trailer of Sweet Revenge (Tatli Intikam)

First of all, we have the possibility to see how Pelin is fired at her wedding, the news even comes out in the newspaper and she suffers.

Then we get to see how a lady (witch or shaman) tells Pelin that he is suffering from a curse for stabbing someone in the heart in the past.

Then Pelin starts to think about who might have done wrong, and remembers Tankut.

Pelin has the opportunity to dialogue with Tankut and is complete that his name is Sinan.

Pelin explains her situation and explains the curse she is suffering from, but Sinan does not want to hear from her and does not apologize to her.

So Pelin begins to seek him out and harass him to do her job.

We already suspect that Sinan will eventually want to apologize to her to carry out his "sweet revenge", hehehehe.

Characters of Sweet Revenge

Pelin Seyhan

She is the protagonist of this beautiful Turkish serie, she is a spoiled, rich and selfish girl, the worst of all, but very slowly we get to know her better and realize that she is not such a bad person at all.

He lived in the past and should now face the aftermath of his karma and apologize to Sinan, the boy he produced the evil.

Pelin in sweet revenge or tatli intikam

Sinan Y─▒lmaz

He is a man who in the past was called Tankut, he was in love with Pelin, humiliated him and teased him again and again in school.

He became a handsome, good and successful cook, and Pelin will pursue him again and again to get his forgiveness, and he will take the opportunity to carry out his sweet revenge.

Sinan in sweet revenge

Tolga Tan─▒k

He is Pelin's husband, who leaves her at the altar once they wanted to get married. In the Turkish series My Sweet Revenge, you will have the opportunity to know more details.

tolga tanik tatli intikam

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Where can I watch Sweet Revenge (Tatli Intikam)? On which platform can I watch it for free?

In our website turkishseriestv.org you can watch all the episodes of Tatli Intikam for free in English.

My Sweet Revenge belongs to the platform MiTele, has been broadcast in Spain on Divinity and Nova, but in Latin America on different channels.

As you can see, it is, among other things, a Turkish hit episode that has been seen by many people.

Full cast of characters Sweet Revenge

Leyla Lydia Tu─čutlu is Pelin Seyhan.

Furkan And─▒├ž: Sinan Y─▒lmaz / Tankut.

Can Nergis: Tolga Tan─▒k.

├ça─čr─▒ ├ç─▒tanak for B├╝lent.

Hazal T├╝resan as Ba┼čak.

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