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What is the Turkish serie The Boy (Cocuk) about?

The Boy (Cocuk) is a dramatic Turkish serie with a bit of mystery.

Here is the synopsis of Child (Cocuk) in English:

The story begins with the Karasu family, a powerful and wealthy family living in Istanbul.

The matriarch of the family is Asiye Karasu, an intelligent woman who cares deeply for her children.

His eldest son and heir to the Karasu fortune is Ali Kemal, an honest, good and family man.

The youngest son, named Baruk is more impulsive, direct, and a little less responsible.

They are both entrepreneurs and have family businesses to support.

Ali Kemal is married to Sulea beautiful woman who did not manage to give him a son.

It is important that Ali Kemal, heir to the Karasu fortune, has a descendant.

Akca leaves her son

Secondly, Akca is the daughter of a prostitute who does not live in decent circumstances Start a family.

She has a relationship with Hasan, a troubled man who just went to jail.

What Akcan doesn't know is that she has been pregnant for several months with a child that she cannot support.

Hence, through a humble friend, decides to give his newborn son to wife Asiye.

The woman promises that the child will live with every comfort and will take care of him.

Asiye gives the child to Sule, her daughter-in-law, so she can pretend it's her son without saying anything to Ali Kemal.

So the child named Efe becomes the son of Ali Kemal Karasu and Sule's Karasu marriage.

When the story begins, the boy is already five years old and everything watchms to be going well...

Ali Kemal and Sule have a son

After trying to adopt Efe for many years because she thought she couldn't have children, Sule becomes pregnant.

By having her own baby son of Ali Kemal, He begins to disown Efe and treat him poorly.

She cannot stand Efe's presence as she truly knows that he is not her son.

Nevertheless, Ali Kemal, who doesn't know the truth, doesn't understand why his wife no longer loves their first child.

This leads to Ali Kemal confronting Sule, who is looking for an excuse to mistreat Efe and take her away from them.

Asiye, Sule's accomplice, tells him that he must overcome the situation and hold on.

Sule eventually, on her husband's recommendation, makes an appointment to watch a psychiatrist to deal with the situation.

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Efe meets her real mother

Asiye's maid was responsible for picking up Efe when she was a baby because she knew her birth mother, Akca.

The maid promised him that the boy would never go through bad situations.

This woman feels bad when she watchs how Sule treats the poor child badly.

That's why, She decides to talk to her boss, Mrs. Asiye, to return the child to his mother.

Asiye refuses and threatens her, but that doesn't stop the maid from secretly taking Efe to her mother.

Akca meets Efe half-deceived and still wants nothing to do with him after five years without watching him.

Although she comes home, she can't stop crying, remembering everything that happened and regretting it.

Sule secretly tries to get rid of Efe

Sule pretends for a day that she loves Efe and that she is doing very well with the medication at the psychiatrist's.

But the reality is he takes the pill in front of everyone and then throws it up.

Sule plans to go to a park with many people and loses the child Efe there on purpose.

She then returns to the mansion crying, leading everyone to believe that she is sorry.

but Melek, the maid, who knew Sule's intentions, hid a paper with Akca's address in the pocket of Eph.

So Efe ends up in Akca's house, who has to defend him from a stranger.

She takes him back to her house herself and warns Sule to take better care of the boy in front of everyone.

Melek, the maid, tells Asiye that her daughter-in-law is cheating on her and made everything up.

Asiye threatens Sule not to harm her grandsonbecause if not tell the secret.

How many chapters does the Turkish serie The Boy (Cocuk) have?

It has a season with 59 chapters. The average length of each chapter is 2 hours (120 minutes).

In the English translation, the chapters can be shorter and that's why there are more episodes.

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Official trailer of the Turkish series The Boy (Cocuk)

Çocuk (He is my son) is a Turkish serie about a boy who is put up for adoption by the Karasu family.

His mother, Akca cannot take care of him because of the bad situation he is living in.

Asiye, the matriarch of the Karasu family, gives this child to Sule, her daughter-in-law, who cannot conceive.

Sule has no choice but to raise Efe as her son. and unbeknownst to her husband, Ali Kemal Karasu.

Neverthelesswhen Efe turns 5, she becomes pregnant and begins to disown him.

This causes her many problems with her husband and his family because they don't understand her behavior.

Meanwhile, Melech, the domestic worker brings Efe closer to her real mother again.

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Where can I watch the Turkish serie Cocuk?

He is my son or Boy are the names translated into English by the Turkish serie Cocuk.

Although there was no official broadcast in Spain via Antena 3 or Telencinco, it has also become famous.

Yes indeedto many Turkish series broadcast on television in Spain either in prime time or in side chains like Divinity or Nova.

Producers of Turkish series in Spain did not trust the small audience for The Boy (Cocuk), preferring not to buy the rights.

Nevertheless, in Latin America when they broadcast Boy (Cocuk) in Latin-English with no subtitles.

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Characters of the Turkish serie Boy (Cocuk).

In this section we will talk about the characters of the Turkish series He is my son (Cocuk) and his relations.

This way you will have no problem knowing their names, who they are and what kind of relationship they have.


Akca is a young beautiful girl who had a relationship with Hasana dangerous man.

She becomes pregnant with a baby she cannot support and eventually puts it up for adoption.

After five years without knowing anything about her son, the servant she gave him to returns with him.

Akca tries to pretend that watching her son doesn't affect her and that she doesn't feel anything because she doesn't know him, but that's not true.

Circumstances won't let me stop meeting himstarting to have a closer relationship.

Meanwhile, he works for his family and hides from Hasan, who has just been released from prison.


She is the matriarch of the Karasu family. An intelligent, trusting woman with a lot of power.

She is responsible for managing her family, especially her children: Ali Kemar and Burat.

Thanks to Melek, her servant, she got a newborn baby for Sule, her daughter-in-law.

Sule had no children with Ali Kemal, and that meant leaving the Karasu family heirless.

Asiye solved the problem by taking the child up for adoption with Sule, but without informing her son Ali Kemal.


She is the wife of Ali Kemal, daughter-in-law of Asiye and another member of the Karasu family.

Sule cannot give Ali Kemal children and they need an heir.

Thus, Ms. Asiye appears with a newborn baby who happens to be her son.

after 5 years Sule manages to get pregnant and this generates resentment from Efe, who isn't really her son.

He begins to treat him very badly, although the child is not to blame, and this causes him problems with the Karasu.

There comes a time when His relationship with Ali Kemal is almost broken and Sule plans to leave Efe in the middle of the street and pretend you're lost

Ali Kemal Karasu

Ali Kemal is the eldest son of the Karasu family and his son will be the heir to the fortune.

His mother, Asiye gets a baby for adoption for Sule, his wife, but Ali finds nothing out.

When Sule gives her another son, she changes her behavior towards Efe, her first son.

Ali Kemal doesn't understand what's going on with her and asks him to please go to a psychiatrist to solve his problem.

Meanwhile, Akca, Efe's birth mother, happens to appear in Ali Kemal's life, but in reality it isn't.

Thanks to Melek, the servant who introduces Efe to her real mother, she and Kemal get to know each other.


watch the boy cocuk sub english

He is the son of Akca, a girl who had to leave him because she couldn't take care of him.

He believes his mother is Sule and his father is Ali Kemal.

He has a very good relationship with his father, grandmother and uncle, but his "mother" begins to treat him badly.

Thanks to Melek, the maid, he meets Akca and immediately falls in love with him without knowing that she is his real mother.


She is the servant of the Karasu family and Accomplice of Asiye and Sule in fake pregnancy of Efe.

When he watchs Sule starting to mistreat Efe, he makes contact with Akca, the boy's real mother.

Likewise, He realizes that Sule is planning something against him and jumps ahead of events.

However, Asiye watchs her as a traitor and He throws her out of the house and makes her unemployed

Curiosities of the Turkish serie The Boy (Cocuk)

In this section we will talk about it the details of the Turkish series He is my son, its Turkish protagonists and its secrets.

The Boy (Cocuk) canceled the Turkish series

He Is My Son was a Turkish serie with little success in Turkey.

Although a longer airing was planned, they had to wrap up the series with a 59-episode finale.

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