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Watch turkish serie Uc Kiz Kardes (Three Sisters) in English

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What is the turkish serie Uc Kiz Kardes (Three Sisters) about?

Uc Kiz Kardes is a Turkish series that premiered in 2022 and it was very successful, as was the book on which it is based.

It is a Turkish serie about brotherly bonds, love, adventure, secrets and romance.

Here is the synopsis of Uc Kiz Kardes (Three Sisters) in English:

The story tells about three sisters named Turkan, Donus and Deria. They are very young girls, different but the same age.

They live with their parents Sadik and Nesrin in a house by the sea and they are a perfect and ideal family.

Deryan is the youngest daughter, she is a bit rebellious and wants to be an architect when she grows up.

She spends a lot of time in the fields surrounded by her animals and She was a good girl until she met Hakan.

In addition to having a complicated character, he is also very passionate and falls in love with Hakan, a rebellious, irreverent young man who only knows the wrong way.

Deryan's life changes for the worse, he becomes a complicated person.Oh, that completely conditions your family.

uc kiz kardes sub english

The Turkan sisters Donus and Deria

Donus was a happy girl with a passion for literature, but she couldn't go to university because of his health problems.

Besides, his parents, Sadik and Nesrin, couldn't afford it either.

she met Serdar, a boy from the village with whom she will fall completely in love, although she does not have her father's approval.

She was the one who had lived in the family home the longest since her older sister had married at a very young age and left home.

And when the little girl wanted to go to college, unlike Donus, she could, and she went early, too.

Finally, the story also focuses on Turkan, the older sister and probably the unhappiest.

She was a very beautiful girl, she was always smiling and all the boys in town had a crush on her.

Nesrin, the sisters' mother, has always had a special bond with her first daughter, Turkan.

But even though I'm a mother girl she was not spared from marrying a man she did not love, following a tradition.

Turkan does not support her husband or their married life outside of their home. Her sisters don't know how much longer she will endure this.

The story of three united sisters

Each with their problems and all united, or at least they kept it that way during their childhood and part of their youth.

As an older sister, Turkan has to set an example and tries to fake their marital bliss, although it continues to show.

Derya goes very wrong early in college and Her sisters will try to help her, although it will be completely in vain.

Donus discovers a secret from his past that will change his life forever and completely change his personality.

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How many episodes does the turkish serie Uc kiz kardes (Three Sisters) has?

The Turkish serie Uc Kiz Kardes It has one season with 16 chapters and is waiting for its second season to start.

At the moment it is not known whether it will be a long free Turkish series with many episodes or a mini-series.

We also don't know if a chain of another English-speaking country will want to buy the rights as it's too early to know its viewership data.

While we can watch Uc Kiz Kardes (Three Sisters) series with English subs for free and online.

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Trailer for the Turkish series Uc Kiz Kardes

The official trailer of the Turkish serie Uc Kiz Kardes (Three Sisters) tells the story of 3 sisters who experienced a perfect childhood and youth.

At least that's what one of the sisters tells her son after many years when he comes home.

There she remembers all the moments lived, the happiness, the fights between sisters, the dreams to be fulfilled...

For her, her life in this house was a fairy tale, but everything has changed since the sisters left.

The trailer for the Turkish serie Three Sisters tells the story of a happy family that eventually separated.

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Where can I watch the turkish serie Three Sisters (Uc kiz kardes)?

Turkish series Uc Kiz Kardes is broadcast weekly on Turkish Channel D.

Since there is only one episode, other production companies have not bought their rights and the Turkish serie Uc Kiz Kardes with English subtitles is the only one we have.

As soon as there are full chapters of Uc Kiz Kardes in English we will upload them to the site.

Meanwhile, all we can do is wait and watch the Turkish serie Three Sisters in English subtitles.

Producer of the serie is Surec Kilm, who already had great success with the Turkish serie Kalp Yarasi (Heart Wound).

And if you want to know how the idea for this Turkish serie came about... Uc Kiz Kardes is based on a book available in Turkish on Amazon.

So the book was a success The serie's producer took notice of the story and released a free series.

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Characters of the turkish series Uc Kiz Kardes (Three Sisters).

characters of uc kiz kardes

Next we will talk about all the characters of the Turkish series Uc Kiz Kardes and their story.

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Donus was the sister who spent most of her time with her parents and at home to a relative because he could not go to university for reasons of money and health.

She was a very cheerful girl, a lover of books and literature, a profession she would have liked to study.

His life begins to spiral out of control when he discovers a secret from the past that he can't handle.


Derya was a good girl, very beautiful, who changed completely when she went to college.

Over there met Hakan, an irresponsible boy with bad intentions and carefree about everything in life.

Her sisters and parents tried to help her, but it was too late. Derya had taken a bad turn.


Turkan is the older sister, she lived in her house until she was young She was soon forced into marriage to preserve honor and tradition.

She was the prettiest girl in the county, and that's why all the men noticed her.

Despite her mother's support, she had no choice but to marry and live with a man who neither loved her nor made her happy.

He gradually deteriorated and even hid from his family that he was very unhappy.

Curiosities of the Three Sisters turkish serie

In this section we will talk about the details of the Turkish actors and actresses taking part in the series, as well as the sets, the music ...

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Turkish serie based on the book Uc Kiz Kardes

This Turkish serie published in 2022 It is based on a book called Uc Kiz Kardes and written by the famous Iclal Aydin.

The bestseller √ú√ß KńĪz KardeŇü was published in 2018 and tells the story of Donus, Derya and Turkan.

The synopsis tells of three sisters who are not many years apart and live with their parents in an ideal world.

Also out of curiosity In addition to being a writer, Iclal is also an actress and will therefore be the sisters' mother in the adaptation of the book.

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