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What is the Turkish serie Veda Mektubu about?

The Turkish serie Veda Mektubu will be published in 2023 and has attracted a lot of attention due to its dramatic-romantic plot.

The film was created by Deniz Akcay and directed by Deniz √áelebi DikilitaŇü.

It is currently airing and it is not known when the final chapter will be or if there will be more seasons.

Summary of the Veda Mektubu

In the Turkish serie Veda Mektubu we are transported into the world of Alanur Yildiz, a courageous woman who fights tirelessly for the welfare of her three daughters.

His main goal is to give them a decent life, regardless of the sacrifices he has to make.

Alanur faces a series of complicated and painful challenges in her quest to protect her daughters.

Although motherly love drives her to face any obstacle, her daughter Asli constantly causes sorrows and disappointments.

Alanur does his best to guide Asli on the right path, even when the circumstances are getting worse and worse.

Amidst its many difficulties Alanur meets a man named Ziya.

Ziya is a dignified and courageous person who is willing to risk any challenge Alanur faces.

At first, There is a physical attraction between thembut as the story progresses, it becomes apparent that their connection runs much deeper than just the surface.

However, if you want to be together, Alanur and Ziya face an even more demanding series of tests.

problems and difficulties

Alanur realizes that the struggle for her love will be far more complex than she could have ever imagined.

Ready to face the unknown He takes on his courage and determination to overcome the obstacles that stand in his way.

Through Alanur's experiences, the serie invites us to reflect on the importance of sacrifice and the importance of fulfilling our deepest desires, even when fate presents us with watchmingly insurmountable challenges.

It's a story of love and courage This teaches us that despite the difficulties we face, true love and determination can overcome any obstacle.

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How many chapters does the Turkish serie Veda Mektubu have?

The Turkish serie Farewell Letter is currently being broadcast in one season.

At the moment it is not known if there will be a new season 2 as it is not yet completed and it is not yet known how it will end.

We will wait for it to be broadcast in another language and we can watch the suicide note with audio in English translation and dubbing.

The average length of the episodes is 2 hours.

Veda Mektubu full

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Trailer of the Turkish series Veda mektubu

In this summary they talk about Turkish history, a farewell letter and the love story between these protagonists.

It tells the story of a mother who is struggling Give his three daughters the best life and that he has already lived a love story in his past.

This Turkish serie is full of love, drama and lots of memories.

It's called a suicide note because Alanur had a love affair with a man and had to say goodbye to him.

None of the families accepted this relationship, and each went about their lives, not knowing that fate is capricious.

As time goes by, the path between Alanur and this man becomes ever closer they meet again.

Will there be a happy ending?

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Where can I watch Turkish Roman Farewell Letter in English?

The Veda Mektubu of the Turkish serie is currently broadcasting as Veda Mektubu via Canal D

Season 2 has not been confirmed for the time being as it is a very recent broadcast.

Because now it's a success Certainly there will be a closed end with no cancellations or a new season after the summer.

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Currently we don't have complete chapters of Turkish serie Veda Mektubu with English audio as no country has dubbed the series in English or Latin-English.

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Veda Mektubu figures of the Turkish series

In this section we will talk about the main characters of Turkish serie Farewell Letter and their stories.

Alanur Yildiz

Alanur is a courageous and determined woman which becomes the focus of the story in the Veda Mektubu.

Her main goal in life is to give her three daughters a decent life and she is willing to make any sacrifices necessary to achieve that goal.

Throughout the serie, he demonstrates unwavering strength and unflagging determination to overcome the obstacles that stand in his way.

Alanur is an example of unconditional motherly love and her fight to protect her daughters is touching.


Asli is one of the daughters of Alanur and a character who creates conflict in the plot.

Despite being beautiful and talented, she is also rebellious and prone to making bad decisions.

Your behavior constantly defying her mother's wishes and expectations, become a constant source of pain and worry.

But as the story unfolds, Asli is presented with the possibility of redemption, and her development as a character demonstrates the power of love and maternal influence.


Ziya is the man who enters Alanur's life and plays an important role in their love story.

He is a dignified and courageous man, ready to face any difficulties Alanur might face.

Although there is initially a physical attraction between them, their relationship deepens and a deeper and more meaningful bond is revealed.

ziya He is a character who provides Alanur with stability and support during difficult times. and her presence in the story symbolizes hope and the opportunity to find happiness even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Curiosities of the Turkish serie farewell letter

In this section we will talk about the off-camera details of Turkish serie Veda Mektubu as well as its soundtrack, cast of Turkish actors or awards and nominations.

Good cast of Turkish actors

Turkish actress Nurgul Yesilcay who plays the leading role in Veda Mektubu has participated in other successful Turkish series in English such as: The Sultan, Paramparça or Gulperi.

Something similar happened to the Turkish actor Selim Bayraktar, in which he worked Destan or in Zumruduanka.

watch Veda Mektubu online

Most Turkish actors are very good and the cast of this series is very good.

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