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What is the Turkish serie Kadin (Force of Woman) about?

Here you have the summary of Kadin (Woman) in the form of a short summary:

The name of the series, A woman's strength or a woman's courage is perfect for the plot of the story.

This Turkish serie is about Bahar, a woman who has to use all her will to move forward despite the problems and adversities.

Bahar was married to Sarp, but her husband died in an accident four years ago leaving her alone with her two children, 8-year-old Nisan and 3-year-old Doruk.

Although it was a long time since he died, neither his wife Bahar nor his children Nisan and Doruk were able to overcome his absence.

Throughout the serie we can watch the various memories of beautiful and romantic moments that Bahar and Sarp had when he was still alive.

Overcoming the death of her husband Sarp is just one of the problems Bahar faces Your biggest concern is financial problems.

Bahar has two jobs: one as a waitress and another as an ironing machine in a hotel, however Even that is not enough to pay for the house and all expenses.

For financial reasons, Bahar moves to a humble and dangerous neighborhood with his children.

Bahar has the help of her neighbor, a young woman and single mother who has a very bad reputation for her condition, and her colleague who has been rejected by her husband.

Bahar dies?

The painful moment of the serie is when Bahar becomes seriously ill and diagnosed with an incurable disease.

The girl looks very shabby and it is normal for us to think of her end with her illness, financial problems and constant memories of her previous life with Sarp.

The reality is that she draws a woman's courage, or a woman's strength, that is necessary to move forward as it is and without their children suffering too much.

Bahar tries to sweeten Nisan and Doruk's childhood, with games, stories and activities that keep children away from their problems.

For a mother (and woman) like Bahar, her children are her mainstay, and she will be given enough strength to keep her children happy.

Bahar looks desperate and overwhelmed when her illness is diagnosed and eventually calls her mother Hatice, who she left at the age of 8.

Bahar has still not forgiven this abandonment, but when they meet again he meets Sirin, his stepsister.

Sirin is a ruthless, cold and unbearable woman who goes mad against Bahar for wanting to be an only child.

Bahar and Sarp meet again

What begins with a secret calls everything into question ...

Bahar discovers that her stepsister was her husband's mistress and that he was on the boat with him on the night he died, or rather disappeared ...

Sirin had hidden this story from us so as not to look bad and get caught up in the mess.

One of the most anticipated moments It is the reunion of Sarp and Bahar to know whether they will reconcile or whether they will end up together.

Though for is then Bahar had lived in the humble neighborhood and knew Arif, his landlord's son.

Arif is a good man and has tried to have something with her, although romantic relationships are not the main argument of this Turkish series.

We all thought so Arif and Bahar married but the surprise comes now when We don't know whether Bahar will stay with Arif or Sarp.

Bahar and Sarp face Sirin

I couldn't leave this round-up without mentioning some of the best moments from the Turkish serie Kadin.

Among these is my favorite, though Sarp and Bahar face the evil Sirin, that he just wanted to hurt them from the start.

There are many beautiful moments in this serie, such as when Sarp and Bahar kiss or make love ... even their moment in the hospital or in the animal shelter.

Bahar and Sarp or Bahar and Arif Finale

This is the great doubt of all viewers who have watchn the complete English chapters of Courage of Woman (Kadin).

When you've come this far You will know that Bahar and Sarp were somehow back together and the fact is that she still doesn't fully trust him.

This distrust is normal, after all, Bahar had believed for more than four years that her ideal husband was dead and that she would never watch him again.

Are Bahar and Sarp getting together? Are Bahar and Arif getting together?

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How many chapters does the Turkish serie Woman (Kadin) have?

It has 3 seasons and a total of 81 episodes. The first season has 32 chapters, the second season also 32 episodes and the third 17 chapters.

This Turkish series was first broadcast in Turkey on October 24, 2017. and the last was on February 4, 2020.

The average length of the chapters is 2 hours (120 minutes).

If you want to watch Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 17, Chapter 18, Chapter 19, Chapter 20, Chapter 21, Chapter 22, Chapter 23, Chapter 24, Chapter 25, Chapter 26, Chapter 27 .... Chapter 80, last Chapter 81 of Woman power (Kadin) in English click here and enjoy!

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Official trailer for the Turkish serie Kadin (Force of Woman)

In this wonderful trailer we watch the romantic moments Bahar and Sarp had before the boat crash in which he allegedly died.

We watch a preview of Sirin realizes who Sarp really is, the man she's obsessed with, and not only that...

If not the moment when Hatice discovers that Sirin was on the ship and that she already knew Sarp, her other daughter's husband, and is trying to cover for her.

One detail that the trailer for Mujer (the official Atresmedia) leaves us with is that the Turkish series It has been viewed by more than 100 million people.

bahir kadin together

Where can you watch the Turkish serie Woman (Courage of Woman)?

As we already know The original series is called Kadin (Woman) and premiered on Fox Turkeyis known to all of us.

The Turkish serie Woman was broadcast by the English broadcaster Antena 3 as an audience guide in many of its chapters.

Antena 3 has a payment platform called Atresplayer where the serie is, but not everyone can afford to spend that money.

So if you missed this live broadcast, you skipped a chapter or if you do not want to pay for the subscription, do not hesitate to watch all the chapters of Woman in English Castilian here!

To watch all the chapters in English in good quality, just press the button watch episodes above.

The duration of the Kadin chapters on our site is shorter compared to the original, Don't be surprised if instead of 81 you have even more chapters!

Some chapters of our site belong to youtube, optimovision, dailymotion and tokyvideo.

Characters from the Turkish serie Kadin

Bahar Cesmeli

She is the protagonist of this serie, she gives the serie her name with her strength as a woman, always looking for your happiness.

Her husband died in a boating accident, leaves them alone with their children and their financial problems.

Begins a love affair with Arif and right after finds out that her husband cheated on her with her stepsister, and that's not dead either.

He has two jobs and is still unable to overcome his financial problems but he tries to avoid all of his children and always wants them to be happy.

You have been diagnosed with a serious illness What drives her to despair and leads to the fact that after 20 she meets her mother again, who left her as a child.

Sarp Cesmeli

He was Bahr's husband and allegedly died in a boating accident caused by the evil Sirin.

He has changed a lot over time, now he has a new girlfriend named Piril, the woman who saved him from the sea and with whom he had two more children.

He could have returned after being rescued, but a series of calamities resulted in his killing Mert, Piril's ex-fiancé.

Arif Kara

He is the son of Yusuf Kara, the landlord from the new house in the Tarlabasi district, where Bahar is moving in with her two children.

Arif is the owner of the cafeteria next to Bahar's house, the woman with whom a good friendship begins and ends as a great love.

Arif has an opponent: Sarp. First because Bahar cannot overcome her late husband, and then because Sarp reappears in Bahar's life.

Sirin Sarikadi

She is Bahar's stepsister and a very moody woman. Sirin is studying fine arts in college, but her greatest obsession is with a man.

Sirin was infatuated with Sarp, He didn't care that he was married and he didn't stop bothering him until he got what he wanted.

Your problem got worse than She found out that Sarp was her stepsister's husband and her solution was to cause an accident to get Sarp out of the way.

Sirin is a bad person, especially with her stepsister Bahar, to whom she would not even donate her bone marrow when she was ill.


She is Bahar's mother and left her when she was very young to start her new life. Now she lives very happily with her second husband Enver and their second daughter Sirin.

When Bahar reappears in his life, he has to deal with the jealousy of his favorite daughter Sirin, whom he always protects.

Over time, he strengthens relationships with Bahar, even Enver behaves like a father to them, although the real motive is his grandchildren Doruk and Nisan.

This woman's life is in danger when Bahar passes out and is on his way to the hospital. The car driver Arif has an accident in which Hatice is seriously injured.


He is the noblest-hearted person in the entire series. He met Hatice and fell in love with her, with a daughter: Sirin.

The relationship with Sirin becomes complicated because her daughter doesn't stop giving her problems and hardships.

Things change when he meets Bahar the daughter from his wife's previous marriage, who is a good and spirited girl whom he does not hesitate to support.

He also maintains a close relationship with Bahar's children Doruk and Sinan, whom he treats like his real grandchildren.


She is the lady who saves Sarp's life after he perceives the ship. She is hopelessly in love with him and they have had two children.

However, it is all a lie as Alp, the name Sarp adapted, is still in love with Bahar and only wants to thank Piril for saving him.

Once Bahar and Sarp are reunited, Piril longs to separate them but is unable to do so.

bahar nisan and doruk in the turkish novel the strength of the lady kadin the courage of the lady all chapters are complete in english with her sons Nisan and Dokur

Curiosities of the Turkish novel Kadin

Woman, head of the audience in Spain

As I said before, the Turkish series Dama was broadcast on Antena 3 (a Spanish open channel).

The first broadcast took place in the summer of 2020 with a screen share of 12.7%. Then it had a higher peak with 23.7% and a minimum peak of 10.5%.

Although I didn't give you dates, I can say that the audience has grown, it started with a million and a bit viewers and now reaches almost 3 million!

It is worth mentioning that not only did it achieve record ratings in Spain, but it managed to win several awards at the Tokyo Drama Awards and the Altin Kelebek awards.

Each of the nominees won a particular award for the novel, the best actress award for Ozge Ozpirinci and the best child actor award for Kubra Suzgun and Ali Semi.

Kadin is an adaptation of the famous serie Woman

Yes! We are facing another Turkish novel adapted from a Japanese drama. Woman, My Life for My Children is a habituation of the Japanese novel Woman, written by Japanese Yuji Sakamoto.

The Turkish producer saw potential in the chronicle of this drama and wanted to bring it to her screen by buying the rights to this wonderful telenovela.

Although small changes were made, the plot tells the story of a single mother who lost her husband and has 2 children to protect.

The economic case is quite bad and ends up trying to find help from a social worker.

As if these problems were rare, the lady finds an unsolvable pathology and the real reason for her husband's death.

What does this story look like to you?

Kadin, a different turkish tv show

If you have already observed many Turkish novels as it is the situation of many of us, you will know that almost every one of them is a romantic novel.

In this situation, romance is not the primary plot, Bahar, our brave lady, puts her children above everything else, including romantic relationships.

Bahar almost escapes romantic relationships after Sarp's death, but she is still involved in various romantic relationships.

To a romantic degree, Bahar meets Arif with whom he has some kind of interaction.

bahar dies in kadin lady courage Turkish novel 2021 new first third season second season all chapters in english however continuously suffers from his lady courage

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