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What is Yasak Elma about? (Forbidden Apple or Original Sin)

Original Sin or Forbidden Apple (Yasak Elma) is a somewhat older Turkish series, but it has been very successful, and even more so today, since it is broadcast on several TV channels, while it was only released in 2018. This Turkish story tells the tale of two sisters who move together to Istanbul, where their lives are changed. Yasak Elma, like the name of the series in Turkey, tells us about the lives of each of them.

This Turkish serie tells the story of two sisters, one of whom is completely different from the other. Zeinep is the beautiful, hardworking and responsible sister, she is an executive assistant, her organisation has been bought by another and as a result she has met a businessman named Alihan with whom she will share this story.

Alihan is arrogant, rich and quite serious, quite, quite rude. He will go through many embarrassing and humiliating situations with Zeinep, and alongside this case Zeinep will have to find love for his story. Will Alihan be a viable candidate?

As you can see, this Turkish serie full of drama and romance looks quite interesting and deep, now comes the role of the other sister, Yildiz.

Yildiz is the crazier sister, although she is quite determined. She pretends to be rich and is lucky enough to meet a rich man while working as a waitress in a fancy restaurant.

Yildiz wants to marry her to solve her financial problems and get what she wants: great prestige and money.

Very slowly, she realises that her boyfriend does not want to marry her and that her dream is over.

However, her story changes completely when the high society queen Ender, wife of the famous businessman Halid, gives him a job.

As you can see, in this Turkish series we were able to find two parallel stories united by the interaction between these two very different sisters.

The relationship between Ender and Halid

Ender is Halid's third lover and lives with his son and two stepdaughters in a gigantic luxury house. They pretend to be a happy couple, but in reality they hate each other and argue endlessly.

Ender wants to divorce her husband, but without losing her status and money. She knows that her husband is so smart that he has already married and divorced without paying alimony or something, and Ender does not want to be in the same situation.

So she gives Yildiz a job and a strategy: Yildiz has to seduce Halid into being unfaithful so that Ender can have her husband indicted in court and receive monetary compensation to maintain his status.

How many episodes are there in the series Forbidden Apple (Yasak Elma or Original Sin)?

The Turkish series Forbidden Fruits officially has 4 seasons and a total of 94 episodes, each episode lasting 90 minutes (1.5 hours).

It has been decorated as the best series in Turkey, and with the third season of Hercai just released, it is now also enjoying success in the West, especially in Spain and Latin America.

In which series does Alihan (Onur Tuna) appear?

Onur Tuna, who plays Alihan in The Forbidden Apple, has acted in other series before this great Turkish series.

His first Turkish soap opera was the former Hayat Devam Ediyor, in which he played the character of Siraç Bakirci.

He also acted in other famous soap operas such as Filinta, in which he played the main role, and "A Tiny September Theme", a production that was not internationalised.

Sign of Original Sin (Yasak Elma)

Zeynep Yilmaz

Zeynep is the representation of comfort and serenity, she will have to face Alihan, her opposite. He is looking for a great love, the question is whether Alihan is this person. You will find yourself identifying with her.

Yildiz Yilmaz

Yildiz is the queen of drama and has a clear goal: to become rich. For this, she is ready for anything, including working with Ender to overthrow her husband Halit and seize some of his wealth and status.

Ender Argun

Ender is Halit's lover, she is not happy in her marriage and you will have the opportunity to find out in the series as they continue to fight and quarrel (although they try to hide it in public).

So she hires Yildiz to plan how to break up this relationship, but to get some of her husband's wealth.

Alihan Tasdemir

Alihan is a hard and cold person who will meet Zeynep when his organisation absorbs Zeynep. From then on, they will work together and get to know each other.

Halit Argun

Halit is a successful millionaire, a businessman who married two of Ender's predecessors, divorced and so capable that he doesn't have to compensate or help those girls who have become entirely dependent on him.

He is now confronted by Ender, his current wife, who, however, does not seem to be as deceived as the others.

As you can see, in this Turkish serie we have everything, and in each chapter we have the opportunity to see these parallel 2 stories, and you know the best thing? These stories will come together very slowly because everything is connected.

Turkish Series like Original Sin (Yasak Elma)

The Turkish novel Yasak Elma is a unique serie, we understand that, however there are other novels that possess the same special points as Forbidden Fruit (Yasak Elma).

Drama, romance, struggles, hatred….

Why don't you look at these Turkish series that are already in English and remain ready, complete and of good quality?

Cennet: It is a Turkish drama series where the protagonist is abandoned as a baby, fighting with courage she was able to grow up and obtain her university degree.

From that moment on, she will meet her mother and other characters that will complicate her life.

Hercai: Learn about the beautiful story of love and revenge between two protagonists of confronting families

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Curious about Yasak Elma (forbidden apple).

Did you know that the actor Onur Tonno who plays Alihan is single?

Yes, she is single, she recently left her ex-partner and now she is single, do you think she will start a romantic relationship with our main character Zeynep?

Who is the most famous character in Yasak Elma?

It's true, Yasak Elma achieved success thanks to actor Onur Tuna, who brought to life Alihan, the young man who accompanies Zeynep in the series.

I think this is because of her excellent acting, but it is true that her looks are very interesting and striking.

He is 35 years old, has blue eyes, his mother is Greek and his father Turkish, and he is quite tall, 1.97 metres.

At the age of 15, Onur played in a basketball team and has a degree in economics. Besides that, he sings, plays the piano and composes his own songs.

Some time later, he gave up acting and worked as a model (thanks to his physical qualities).

This brought him to the big screen, where his success continued to grow and where he became one of the most famous and beautiful Turkish actors.

Where can I watch Forbidden Fruit or Yasak Elma (Original Sin)? Can I watch it for free?

Through our site you can watch Yasak Elma complete with all episodes for free in English!

On Turkish Series TV you can watch all episodes of Yasak Elma in English with good audio quality.

We are releasing new episodes every day, so be aware of the changes and check our website and Facebook page every day for the latest news.

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