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What is the Turkish series Yeni Hayat about?

Yeni Hayat (New Life) is a Turkish serie that will be broadcast in Turkey on September 3, 2020, thanks to their Such a different subject full of action and love has managed to become a successful Turkish series.

Yeni Hayat tells that difficult story of a retired soldier, was one of the special forces that received dozens of medals for his great services.

In this Turkish serie, you can watch an attractive protagonist named AdemYou have to try to get used to a new life by being a civilian and working in a normal craft.

After an accident with a civilian on the street They revoke his gun license and this way Adem has to get used to a normal life.

That costs him a lot at first, as he has fought and fought like a professional soldier all his life.

At one point in this exciting Turkish series, we'll watch a friend of Adem, a former military partner on his platoon, who offers him a job that will help him live a better life.

Adem starts working as a bodyguard thanks to his former partner protects Timur's wife, an important businessman with a lot of money.

Timur's wife is the second protagonist of New Life or Yeni Hayat in Turkey, she is a beautiful actress who plays the role of Yasemin, Timur's current wife.

Yasemin doesn't live a happy life with Timur, besides Yasemin tries to run away from him all the time, but it is impossiblebecause her husband is a huge influence on her.

Timur dominates Yasemin and soothes fear and all its power, He doesn't care about her love but is still obsessed with her staying by his side.

Bodyguard Adem's relationship with Yasemin

Adem has an important mission, and it is to Yasemin. to protect every possible attack from Timur's enemies.

Timur's ex-wife was murdered of people who wanted to hurt him and used his wife to hurt him, it is Therefore, she became obsessed with her safety by hiring Adem to take care of her.

Adem also has a wife and daughter, but he doesn't have a very good relationship with them, he hardly goes home and practically lets them leave.

Slow We are going to watch Adem fall in love with Yasemin in this beautiful love story.

Adem doesn't want to fall in love with her as this is a job for him and he knows it is against his moral norms.

However, little by little you will watch various injustices and question your work. he knows that Timur is not a good person and on many occasions he thinks of quitting the job.

Adem can't leave work because he eventually falls in love with Yasemin and together they plan a short vacation to escape Timur.

When they both decide to face Timur, a whole story of action and drama begins here, where This pair of protagonists must use the ingenuity and military skills of Adem to face the full power of Timur.

Adem's current wife, feels abandoned by her husband Adem, Decides to take action against him and Yasemin.

Something normal, since Adem was not feeling well leaving his family either.

As you can watch, it is a very different Turkish story from the others and Promises to be a huge hit in Spain, Italy and Latin America once they start dubbing in English and Latin.

Yeni Hayat (New Life) trailer

yasemin from yeni hayat

Here I present to all of you the trailer for Yeni Hayat, it is not the official trailer as no previous promo has aired, but It's a perfect montage to watch what this beautiful Turkish series in English is about.

In the New Life trailer we can watch Yasemin blowing some candles at a birthday party celebrated and ridden by her current husband named Timur.

Then we watch Adem lead a humble life where We found out it's a red beret, that is, a decorated special forces soldier,

Timur wants to ensure Yasemin's safety and hires Adem to take care of Yasemin.

Nevertheless, Yasemin doesn't want to have someone behind them all the timebecause she is planning an escape from Timur.

She tries everything, she even hits herself to tell Timur that Adem was the one who hit her, but nothing works and Adem continues to work with her as her bodyguard.

Slow They look at each other and you can watch the spark of love and attraction between them.

Later, Yasemin learns from her stepdaughter that Timur wants to protect her because Timur's ex-wife was killed by her enemies in the past.

She has been scared and insecure ever since, so we can watch that in Yeni Hayat English trailer she suffers various attacks from Timur's enemies, and Adem protects her from all of them.

With the protection Adem offers you, the unique care and attraction they have between them, a love between them begins to awaken and they decide to start a new life together.

How many chapters and seasons does the Turkish series Yeni Hayat (New Life) have?

The Turkish serie Yeni Hayat with voices in English It has a single season with 9 episodes of 120 minutes each.

It's pretty short there it was canceled before the end during the broadcast.

If you want to watch Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8 and the final Chapter 9 of New Life in English, click here and enjoy!

Characters from the Turkish serie New Life (Yeni Hayat)

Summary of the roles of the main characters and actresses in the Turkish serie Yeni Hayat:

Adem Sahin

adem from yeni hayat

He is the main protagonist of this beautiful Turkish love and action series.

He is a former red beret military soldier with whom has a lot of fighting skillsAfter retiring, he has to get used to a boring civilian life.

It costs you so much that it affects you psychologically until youA friend of his gives him a job as a bodyguard, something like what he did during the war.

Work as a bodyguard for Yasemin, the wife of a prominent businessman He has to face their enemies and even fall in love with them in order to face the evil businessman Timur together.

Nevin sawin

She is the current wife of Adem, has a little daughter with our protagonist and she suffers from an obsession with it.

Little by little he realizes that Adem is in love with another woman and will do everything possible to find out what happens while he works as a bodyguard for Yasemin.

Yasemin Karatan

Yasemin Karatan is the name of the second protagonist, do that current young and beautiful woman from Timur.

She's not happy living with him since then Timur is an entrepreneur who deals with a lot of dark things and uses fear and its strength to completely master Yasemin.

Little by little she gets to know Adem better, her bodyguard forms a relationship and a team between the two in order to face her husband Timur.

Timur Karatan

He is an important businessman of various companies with a lot of influence and power so he has various enemies who took his ex-wife's life and tried to kill Yasemin.

Timur is obsessed with being with Yasemin so much so that he uses fear and abuse to keep her from running away from him.

He hires our protagonist Adem to take care of her, but he doesn't know that Adem falls in love with Yasemin and helps her escape from him.

Curiosities from the Turkish series New Life (Yeni Hayat)

We found some interesting curiosities about the Turkish serie New Life in English. Here we are going to list them to make you want to watch them in full, for free, and without ads.

New Life was canceled prior to its date

The Turkish serie New Life or Yeni Hayat in Turkish was canceled in Chapter 9. The TV station in charge of broadcasting this series is Channel D in Turkey and it has never made any statements.

It may be that the protagonists and other actors were uncomfortable shooting this serie, or they may not have reached a minimum audience to keep production going.

Actress Instagram with Yasemin

The actress who plays Yasemin has an Instagram full of photos that, if you're curious, can help you learn a little more about her life.

Instagram of Melisa Asli, the actress who plays Yasemin in Yeni Hayat: melisapamuk

To get photos of the. to display Leading actor in New Life in Spain Visit his Instagram: serkancayoglu

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