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What is the Turkish serie Yesilcam (Turkish Cinema) about?

Yesilcam (Green Pine) is a Turkish serie set in Turkey between the 1950s and 1970s.

At that time, Turkey lived its cultural power through the Turkish cinema which was at its peak at the time.

As you have watchn, Turkish cinema has lost its quality and potential over the years.

The term Yesilcam (Green Pine) is the name that refers to Turkish cinema, just as there is Hollywood in the US.

What's more The term Yesilcam comes from a street that was lined with locations in the Beyoglu district of the beautiful city of Istanbul.

Film productions made between these decades have been widely recognized in Europe, Turkey and Asia.

In the 1960s and 1970s, they made 200 or 300 productions a year, the fourth country in the world in the presence of cinema.

Below US, India and UK only.

It was very nice to watch the stunt performers and actresses walking through these streets and watching the glamor that Turkey has adopted.

The golden age of Turkish cinema is what BluTv wants to portray in this serie and tells the beautiful story of a person who lived there.

Series that were censored in the Yesilcam era

When did it happen the 1980 coup, Yesilcam's era in Turkey was in decline.

These consequences have been adjusted to this day where we watch that many Turkish series continue to have censorship among their characters.

Also the Yesilcam (Green Pine) era and This huge success of Turkish cinema could be the basis for Turkish series to become the best series in 2021.

Turkish film producer Semih Ates

The Turkish serie tells the life of the Turkish film producer Semih Ates lives in Turkey (Istanbul) at the time of Yesilcam.

Semih Ates is one of the most famous film directors of the present day and is most adored by his fans.

The Turkish serie begins with the premiere of a film by Semih Ates and actress Mine Cansu.

Not only is Mine Cansu a fit actress for the Yesilcam (Green Pine) decade, she was also a singer and model.

Of what little we could watch in the first few chapters, the story focuses heavily on Mine Cansu and Semih Ates, the Turkish couple.

Semih Ates and Tulin Saygi love story

Even though we talked about actress Mine Cansu, The story of love and filled soil revolves around Tulin Saygi.

Tulin is a young, beautiful and charming girl who dreams of becoming a Yesilcam actress.

One of her first appearances is the premiere of the film The Great Semih Ates, where she watchs him in person for the first time.

The Turkish actress Mine Cansu also takes part in this premiere, a measure of what Tulin wants to be.

Our protagonist comes from a humble family and doesn't have a lot of experience as an actress, but she has a lot of passion.

Because, Tulin Saygi turns to producer Semih Ates as best she can for a job as an actress.

This is the first meeting between Tulin and Semih at Yesilcam (Pino Verde), the Turkish cinema.

Turkish series Yesilcam (Pino Verde) Turkish cinema in English

For lovers of the 60s and 70s, this new Turkish is a beautiful story full of memories.

What our audience liked best is the sets, the costumes, the music and of course the two actors who play the main characters.

Don't miss a chapter and find out whether there will be a nice love story with a happy ending between Semih and Tulin.

Do we get our first kiss from Tulin and Semih? Will Semih Ates Mine trade Cansu for Tulin?

Immerse yourself in the adventure of Yesilcam with all complete chapters in English!

How many chapters does Yesilcam (Turkish Cinema) have in a Turkish serie?

We do not yet know exactly how many chapters Yesilcam (Turkish cinema) will have but when we realize it's gonna be a miniseries

The producer BluTv always makes Turkish mini-series with an average length of 8 chapters.

At the moment we have 6 chapters of Yesilcam (Turkish Cinema) with English subtitles and we will update them as soon as they are aired.

The premiere was on April 22, 2021 and right now it keeps emitting and we don't know when it will end.

What we know is that the recordings of the Turkish series Yesilcam (Turkish cinema) only lasted 2 months, from January to March of this year.

If you want to watch Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 17, Chapter 18, Chapter 19, Chapter 20, Chapter 21, Chapter 22, Chapter 23, Chapter 24, Chapter 25, Chapter 26, Chapter 27 .... last chapter of Yesilcam (Turkish cinema) with English subtitles click here and enjoy!

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B√∂l√ľm 1, b√∂l√ľm 2, b√∂l√ľm 3, b√∂l√ľm 4, b√∂l√ľm 5, b√∂l√ľm 6, b√∂l√ľm 7 ... final b√∂l√ľm 8 of Yesilcam (Turkish cinema) with English subtitles click here and enjoy!

Official trailer of the Turkish series Yesilcam (Turkish cinema)

The Yesilcam trailer is a summary of the love story that will arise between the film producer Semih Ates and Tulin Saygi.

From the first teaser that BluTv aired, we can watch the girl Tulin Saygi looking at the great film producer with dreamy eyes.

To watch all of the full chapters of this Turkish serie in English, click the button watch chapter above.

Where can I watch the Turkish serie Yesilcam (Turkish Cinema)?

The Turkish series Yesilcam (Turkish Cinema) has not yet been broadcast in speaking-english countries still in a English-speaking country.

Obviously, the serie appeared in Turkey just a month ago and has not had time to get famous and achieve success.

AtresPlayer and Mediaset are the English broadcasters responsible for paying for the image rights to Turkish series in English.

You have to wait to watch the viewer data of Yesilcam (Turkish Cinema), its actors and its fans to know if they should be broadcast in English.

To watch all the chapters in English in good quality, just press the button watch chapter above.

The duration of the chapters is approx. 45 minutes.

Some chapters of our site belong to youtube, optimovision, dailymotion and tokyvideo.

It is likely that in the future we will change the entire chapters from Yesilcam (Turkish cinema) to English (English or Castilian audio) and to a better quality page.

Characters from the Turkish serie Yesilcam (Turkish Cinema)

Semih Ates (played by Cagatay Ulusoy)

He is the protagonist of this Turkish serie. Semih is a successful producer in Turkey's golden age of cinema.

Semih has just released his film with the wonderful actress Mine Cansu, with whom he achieved great potential.

This powerful man, famous in Turkey for his films, meets Tulin for the first time, a young girl who casts a spell over him.

Tulin is a girl who just wants a chance in the world of cinema and it's up to Semih Ates whether or not to give her that chance.

My cansu

She is an actress, singer and model from Turkey who casts a spell over all fans of Turkish cinema.

This woman is the protagonist of the films of the famous producer Semih Ates, with whom she has a special relationship.

Although their relationship and their position are in jeopardy, Tulin appears, a beautiful and young girl who wants to fulfill a dream.

Tulin's enthusiasm and desire to become a famous Yesilcam (Pino Verde) actress can turn Mine Cansu into a hateful person.

Tulin Saygi

It is our protagonist. A young, enthusiastic and beautiful girl who dreams of becoming an actress in the Turkish cinema Yesilcam (Pino Verde).

Tulin goes to the premiere of the Turkish film with Mine Cansu, which was directed by producer Semih Ates.

Turin watchs Semih as the perfect opportunity to start her career as a Turkish actress as it is a difficult world to step into.

Semih has a first meeting with Tulin where she tries to convince him and show him that she can be an actress that will lead him to success.

The situation gets complicated when Semih finds himself in the predicament of being between Tulin and Mine Cansu.

Curiosities from Yesilcam (Turkish Cinema) Turkish serie

The new Turkish serie by the actor Cagatay Ulusoy

The protagonist of our serie, Semih Ates is played by the famous Turkish actor and model Cagatay Ulusoy.

Many fans of Turkish series, reading this, know that this actor is as well known for series Medcezir, Icerde or Feriha's secret.

Though many of us fell in love with the actor Cagatay, for being a handsome 23 year old and for being a good actorHe has been turning down Turkish serie roles for some time.

Actor Cagatay had a role as the main character in El Protector is a successful series broadcast by the Netflix platform.

This series aired in 2018 and ended in 2020.

Since then, actor Cagatay has rejected Turkish serie roles until he found the one that suits him very well.

New Turkish serie by the actress Afra Saracoglu

Afra Saracoglu is a beautiful and very young Turkish actress, only 23 years old who already has a lot of experience in Turkish cinema.

We could watch Afra Saracoglu in the Turkish serie Mrs. Fazilet and her daughtersto play a fantastic role.

This actress too was named best supporting actress.

Problems recording the Turkish serie

Shooting of the Turkish serie Yesilcam (Turkish Cinema) started in January 2020 in order to be able to offer all full chapters with subtitles before summer.

Although everything went well, there was a problem with one of the recordings they had in a location outside of the rehearsal set.

The actor Cagatay, who plays the character Semih Ates, and the actress Afra Saracoglu, who plays the character Tulin, had a terrible horror.

In full recordings of the Turkish serie Yesilcam (Turkish cinema), they experienced a bomb warning inside the building.

In the end everything was in horror with a false alarm that did not go away.

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