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What is Hayat about: Aşk Laftan Anlamaz?

Hayat: Love Without Words or in Turkish Ashk Laftan Anlamaz is a Turkish tv show about love and romance. She is perhaps one of the few turkish series in english that focuses entirely on love, affection and tenderness between two lovers.

At the beginning of the turkish show we have the opportunity to see several disagreements and conflicts between our protagonists, and all because of a taxi that they both desperately want to use as soon as they meet, and the funniest of all is that they meet again some time later, in the course of the organization.

They are both in a hurry to get to the textile company where they work, yes, they both go to the same place and do not even know it yet.

Our protagonist, Murat Sarsilmaz, is the heir and head of the organization.

Hayat is our second protagonist. In addition, she must be on time at the organization, as she will work as a personal assistant to her boss Murat.

A surprising mix-up and a surprising coincidence: they meet in the taxi, argue about who takes the taxi, and then realize that they are going in the same direction and working together.

This story is amazing, they argue a bit at first, but they realize that they are created for each other, they slowly overcome the difficult moments together, until it turns into a beautiful relationship.

The relationship between Murat and Hayat is full of passion, love and kisses and is perhaps the healthiest and most beautiful relationship in a Turkish soap opera.

How many episodes does the series Hayat: Love without Words include?

The Turkish series Hayat Love without Words has 31 episodes and only 1 season, each episode lasts 2 hours, so you will be entertained for a while.

Trailer for Hayat: Love Without Words

This is the trailer for Hayat: Love Without Words.

First, we see our protagonist Hayat getting angry at Murat, her leader, for being her personal assistant and leaving her workmate (and Murat's brother) Doruk on the left.

Then we see her chatting with her girlfriends about her boss, who is pretty good looking, a little awkward and mysterious, and drives our Hayat crazy (in every way).

Hayat wants to complete her task by informing him of everything, bringing him coffee and everything he needs, but Murat reacts rudely and uninterested, which greatly upsets Hayat.

Murat's brother Doruk seems to be an ideal girl for Murat, because Hayat has no filter, does not hide anything and talks about everything, while Murat is an emotional, responsible and calm man.

Only slowly does Hayat realize that he has fallen in love. At first they hate each other, but soon their hatred and anger turn into affection, tenderness and love.

Characters of Hayat (Ask Laftan Anlamaz)

Hayat Uzun Sarsılmaz

She is a girl from a poor neighborhood who is supposed to work as an assistant. She can not stand her leader and considers him a terrible person, although she loves him very much inside.

hayat from ask laftan anlamaz sub english

Murat Sarsılmaz

He is the boss and managing director of the Sarsilmaz textile company, as his last name suggests.

He is Hayat's boss, her personal assistant, a calm, responsible and persistent person, a little stiff and unfriendly to Hayat, but eventually he falls madly in love with her.

murat from ask laftan analamaz sub english

Doruk Sarsılmaz

He is Murat's irresponsible brother, but he counsels Hayat and Murat wisely, repeatedly stressing that the two must be together, he is something of a fairy godmother to our protagonists.

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Curiosities of love without words

Did you know that in real life, the protagonists have a little romance?

Yes, our protagonists Murat and Hayat had a little romance in real life throughout and after the series, and it's only natural that so much passion and greatness throughout the shoot made them fall in love.

We don't know if they will still be together in 2021, but we hope so, because they are a beautiful couple.

How to watch the Turkish TV Show Hayat: Forbidden Love for free?

You can watch Turkish serie Hayat (Ask Laftan Anlamaz) on our platform, we download all episodes in full English, the audio quality is perfect and we check episode by episode to give the best possible english subs AND WITHOUT ADS.

Join us! And if you are already triumphant to watch the most successful Turkish series of 2019, go initially, click the "Watch Episodes" button above.

The cast of the Turkish series Hayat: Love Without Words (Aşk Laftan Anlamaz)

Burak Deni as Murat Sarsılmaz.

Hande Erçel in the role of Hayat Uzun Sarsılmaz.

Oğuzhan Karbi as Doruk Sarsılmaz.

Özcan Tekdemir as Aslı.

Merve Çağıran as Ipek.

Bülent Emrah Parlak as Cemil Uzun.

Demet Gül as Tuval Yanıkoğlu.

Suleyman Felek as Kerem.

Ismail Ege Şaşmaz in the role of Ibrahim.

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