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What is the Turkish serie The Girl in the Window (Camdaki Kiz) about?

Here you have The recap of The Girl in the Glass (Camdaki Kiz):

Nalan is a young and beautiful girl who grew up in a wealthy family where nothing was missing.

She has attended the best schools and college and has a lot of luxuries on hand.

Nevertheless, Nalan has a charming personality, She is a simple, good and loving girl.

The story begins long after everything happened when Nalan tells the story of his life to a psychiatrist.

She tells that she is because of her lover Hayri. is in this mental health facility with whom he has a 7 year relationship.

Every session with your psychiatrist Nalan tells a chapter in his life and tells us about Hayri and her deep fear that he will leave her.

From that moment on we go back many years to watch how the story of The Girl Through Glass came about.

Nalan's story

Our story begins with a compromise between Nalan and Sedat, Son of a wealthy businessman.

Nalan and Sedat met at the company they both work for, she works as an interior designer.

Let's remember that Nalan attended one of the best universities and graduated with good grades.

She has a very good relationship with the Koroglu family, the family of her fiancé Sedat.

But with it comes problems and emotional emptiness.

Sedat is a cold, superficial man who is only interested in appearance and luxury, He loves expensive clothes in the latest fashion, buys cars, plays games of chance ...

She shows no affection for Nalan, who has been an affection deficit child since childhood.

Despite a good life his relationship with his parents was cold and distant, and Nalan never had emotional support nor has he watchn any signs of affection.

Here we can already watch one of the psychological problems that our protagonist has been dragging around with her since childhood.

Nalan Ipekoglu is pregnant

Nalan becomes Sedat Koroglu with her husband. pregnant and after a while of pregnancy, she loses her baby.

Almost at the same time he loses his mother and father, to remain alone in the world even more.

She is devastated diagnosed with severe depression, and decides not to go back to work.

After a while without wanting anything, he returns to work thanks to his brother-in-law and tries to regain his life from before.

This is where he gets to know Hayri.

The love story of Nalan and Hayri

Hayri is a simple and tough man, he grew up in the country and has neither studies nor much culture.

Hayri begins to work as a driver in the same company as our protagonist, Nalan Ipekoglu.

They start a very close friendship in which Hayri gives him what she has never had: Attention and affection.

Hayri is very aware of Nalan, is there for her and takes care of her. take advantage of the girl's bad mood a little.

She who feels lonely and wants to feel loved is impressed by Hayri.

Nalan, who is too good and honest to betray her husband. She decided to leave before falling into love with Hayri.

This love or relationship between Hayri and Nalan will last for seven years, until the moment she tells her story in the mental hospital.

Secondly, Hayri is married and has 3 children with another woman.

Nalan asks Hayri not to get a divorce for her so that she doesn't have to leave her children and they don't go without their father.

Hayri's wife, Turkan, meets Nalan and thinks she is a good girl (with good manners) who can help her children.

Nalan's childhood

In another session, Nalan tells of many trauma that she has had since childhood.

The first thing revealed is that in reality the people she calls father and mother are her grandparents.

His mother got pregnant by his younger uncle when he was in high school, and too died in childbirth.

Nalan can't hold back the tears and the guilt when she said her mother died because she had it.

His grandparents did not hesitate in giving him a life of luxury because they came from a wealthy family but were not loving because they still felt the pain and shame of what had happened.

Nalan learned of all of this well when his father died, shortly after his marriage to Sedat Koroglu.

She was so attached to Hayri that he had given her all the love she had never received from her husband or family.

For her part, Hayri is of the opinion that she can and can love many women So while they are in a relationship with Nalan, something starts with Laz as well.

Who is laz

Laz is the daughter of a great businessman who is now being expelled from society.

Laz was raped by her father when she was younger.

When she meets Hayri, she creates all the illusions he creates and hopes to marry him soon.

The reality is that Hayri doesn't want to divorce Turkan and is threatened by Laz's daughter.

At the same time, he continues his dark business that will one day lead him to the worst end: Hayri dies.

As a result, Nalan and Hayri's family is devastated.

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How many chapters does the Turkish serie The Girl in the Window (Camdaki Kiz) have?

It has a season of 9 chapters and a second season on the air.

This Turkish serie (The Girl in the Glass) premiered on April 8, 2021 in Turkey so we won't know anything until the serie advances.

The average length of the chapters is 120 minutes (2 hours).

As it has only aired in Turkey, the serie will only be available in Turkish or with subtitles in English.

The chapters will be uploaded one by one as you will have to wait for the transfer and then translate into English.

In short, this Turkish serie is only available in Turkish or English with subtitles and it is not known how many chapters it will have.

If you want to watch Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 17, Chapter 18, Chapter 19, Chapter 20, Chapter 21, Chapter 22, Chapter 23, Chapter 24, Chapter 25, Chapter 26, Chapter 27 .... last chapter of The girl in the window with English subtitles click here and enjoy!

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Official trailer for the Turkish serie The Girl in the Window (Camdaki Kiz)?

In the official trailer, we review the cast of Turkish actors and actresses selected for this beautiful serie.

We have a short summary of the Turkish serie The Crystal Girl this explains the life of Nalan: that he grew up in a luxurious house, studied architecture and is getting married.

In the trailer of The Girl in the Window, they let us watch the serie because they confess it Nalan begins to have doubts after her wedding to Sedat.

Besides that, so much Nalan and Sedat have trauma and a dark past that haunt them and that they want to leave behind.

Where can I watch the Turkish serie The Girl in the Window (Camdaki Kiz)?

This Turkish serie (The Girl in the Window) broadcast on Channel D or Channel D of Turkey, already an old friend.

As it is a premiere serie from 2021, it has not yet aired in Turkey and only lasts two chapters. although it already looks very good.

It didn't reach Latin America (It's not on Telefe) or to countries near Turkey waiting for viewer data.

In short, this Turkish serie is only available in Turkish or English with subtitles.

The Girl in a Glass (Camdaki Kiz) characters

Nalan Ipekoglu

She is the protagonist of the serie. A young, pretty and sweet girl who has the noblest and most honest heart.

You have suffered a lot of trauma in your life but what's worse is the lack of affection.

He attended the best schools, studied interior design and eventually married Sedat, one of the company's bosses.

but neither he nor his family knew how to treat her well and give her the love she needed.

It appeared Hayri, the man who would give her everything and with whom she would fall so much in love that she could no longer live without him.

Sedat Koroglu

He is the son of a very wealthy businessman who employs him as the boss in one of his companies.

You meet there Nalan, the woman who will become his wife.

Sedat also has a dark past with many secrets that he would like to leave behind with the beginning of this new married life.

Even though The most important thing for him is luxury, gambling with his friends, expensive brand clothes, luxury cars and travel.

It's not loving at all it also has a masochistic and cruel point.


He grew up in the field from a modest family and no studies.

He joins the company where Nalan works as a driver and begins a relationship with her that will last for 7 years.

He has a wife and three children, not getting divorced because considers himself a man who can love many women (although that's reserved for him).

His wife, T√ľrkan, accepts Nalan as a good girl with very good manners, she even brings her children to watch and enjoy.

Hayri falls in love with Laz, a girl who has suffered a lot and just wants to be safe. It creates a lot of false illusions for them.

Although its end is tragic, there ends dead in some illegal trouble he got himself intowhat leaves Nalan and his family in ruins.

Curiosities of the Turkish serie The Girl in a Glass (Camdaki Kiz)

The crystal girl is based on the serie Camdaki Kiz

The girl in the window is a book adaptation with the same title written by those already known G√ľlseren BudaycńĪońülu in 2019.

He is a Turkish psychiatrist, writer and presenter who He has written several psychotherapeutic series based on real experiences from his patients.

One of those series is The Crystal Girl (Camdaki Kiz), who tells the story of two girls, and it's a serie that it has served for two serial adaptations.

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