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Watch Turkish Serie Kiralik Ask (I Rent You My Love) Sub in English

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Synopsis of Turkish TV show Kiralik Ask?

This is the summary of the Turkish serie Kiralik Ask (I rent you my love):

The protagonist of this story is Defne, an orphan who lives with her grandfather and brother in a humble neighborhood. Defne works as a waitress in a luxurious restaurant in Istanbul, but she needs more money to solve the financial problems caused by her brother's debts.

But there's Ömer, a young, workaholic millionaire who runs a shoe design company. Ömer is a busy man who believes he has no time for love.

Ömer's grandfather is concerned that his grandson is only focused on his work and does not want to get married or fall in love. He asks Neriman, Ömer's aunt, to help him find a daughter for his grandson in exchange for a large villa.

How does Defne and Ömer's love story begin?

Ömer has a disastrous date at the restaurant where Defne works. To escape, he pretends Defne is his girlfriend and kisses her out of the blue.

After observing his nephew's kiss and his sudden interest in the waitress, Neriman sets out to find Defne and gives her a large sum of money so that she will fall in love with Omer, marry him, and then divorce him.

Defne is torn between his mind, which urges him to accept the money and help his family pay off their debts, and his heart, which prevents him from marrying a woman he does not love.

Finally, Defne accepts a large amount of money to convince Omer to become his personal assistant and prevent him from suspecting anything about this sad affair.

Defne is madly in love with Sinan Karakaya, Omer's best friend, who regularly visits the restaurant. This leads to various jealousies and annoyances.

Ömer quickly loses his character as a lonely and enigmatic man and falls in love with her. And Defne realizes that Ömer is the man in her story and that he has forgotten Sinan.

Is this a serie with a happy ending?

It's hard to imagine that two people who come from such different worlds can have a happy ending. She is modest, awkward and puritanical. He is obnoxious, enigmatic and rich.

But their paths cross unexpectedly, and their relationship is settled by a deal Omer knows nothing about.

Can Defne decide to fall in love with Omer, and will Omer discover the consensual relationship with his aunt?

If you want to see the love story between Defne and Omer, their kisses, their love, their jealousy and much more, …..

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defne and omer together

Kiralik Ask Trailer

In the trailer of the Turkish tv show I lend you my love (Kiralik ask), we see the first kiss of Defne and Ömer in a restaurant where she works as a waitress.

Ömer's grandfather is also shocked and saddened by his grandson's lonely case. The key moment in the trailer is when Neriman gives Defne a chance by offering him a gigantic sum of money.

In the official trailer for I Rent You My Love, fans of this turkish series are particularly impressed by Daphne's transformation from an obliging waitress to the assistant of a young millionaire. And of course, the small dose of love between the main characters.

The TV channel that made this beautiful serie popular in Spain was Divinity.

How many episodes are there in Kiralik Ask?

The first season has 52 episodes and the second season has 17. On our website you will find all the episodes in English dubbed version.

The show first aired in 2015 and ended in 2017. Episodes usually last between 120 and 140 minutes. In Spain, it was broadcast on the spanish television channel Divinity, which is part of Telecinco (Mediaset).

It is a Turkish tv serie with a romantic comedy, a touch of drama and some connections between the characters.

My personal review of Kiralik Ask

This is one of the most recognised Turkish series. What I liked the most is the chemistry between the main characters. They seem to have been born to be quite close.

Secondly, the curiosity and tension of whether Omer will find out about the project between Defne and his aunt at any moment. What happens once it's over, if he's already in love with you? Will he leave her?

It's a novel that fascinated me from start to finish and that I recommended to all my friends, you can watch it too looking for the button above "Watch Episodes" to see Kiralik Ask with english voices

omer and defne wedding

Characters of the Turkish serie I Praise You My Love (Kiralik Ask)

Defne Topal

She is a young woman from a modest neighbourhood, who can be imagined as hard-working, optimistic and determined.

She works in an upscale restaurant and is in love with Sinan.

Ömer Iplikci

He is icy, solitary, demanding and enigmatic. He is dedicated to his trade, a growing and successful shoe organisation. For him, there is nothing but his work.

He considers being in love a waste of time, and doesn't think about it until he meets Defne.

Neriman Iplikci

She is Omer's aunt and has worked out a deal with her father-in-law (Omer's grandfather): if she causes her nephew to fall in love and get married, he will give her a villa.

Neriman is a clever, cunning and ambitious person. He causes Defne to accept his grandson and turns her into a desirable lady developed to suit him.

Sinan Karakaya

He is Ömer's friend and business partner and does not know that Defne is in love with him. He is a regular buyer at the restaurant where he works. One can imagine that he is flamboyant, kind, polite and approachable.

He helps Neriman in his project to bring Defne and Ömer together, as this gives him more time for Yasemin, with whom he is in love. However, everything gets complicated once he is attracted to Defne.

Yasemin Kayalar

She is madly in love with Ömer, the head of the ensemble. And she pays no attention to poor Sinan, who keeps trying to win her over.

Her romantic plans with Omer are interrupted once Defne is added to the organisation.

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8 Curiosities of the Turkish TV show Kiralik Ask:

  • This soap opera was only going to have one season, but once the producers saw the success, they agreed to shoot a second season, but with fewer episodes.
  • This Turkish tv serie won 2 awards, the first one for the best romantic comedy in 2016 and the second one for the best actor couple for Defne and Ömer.
  • Elcin Sangu and Baris Arduc were hired for the filming of "Times of Happiness". The producer could not help but notice the chemistry between the two actors and offered them the role as soon as they finished the film adaptation of the novel.
  • Elcin Sangu (Defne) and Baris Arduc shooting a group video
  • Most of the shoes designed by Omer were actually from the famous Ilvi shoe brand.
  • Our lead actress, Elcin Sangu, turned down the role twice as she had never acted in a play before. Fortunately, the third time she admitted to the final……
  • The actor, who played Sadri Ustra, was forced to leave the show after he was diagnosed with cancer. He passed away from the after-effects of the pathology a day since the last show.
  • The show has changed directors 3 times in a row, and it is suggested that there were several hiccups between the production and the props.

Where can I watch Kiralik Ask? On what platforms is this turkish serie available dubbed in english?

On our website, we offer all chapters in their entirety, without errors and in English.

As we have already mentioned, you can find out about paid platforms such as Divinity, mitele or Mediaset. Even if there are loose chapters on youtube, facebook, dailymotion and telemundo.

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